Identifying Scams

This section offers some helpful hints or clues which can be used in the identification of various types of scams which invade millions of people’s mail boxes every day. Regardless, it should be noted that the best rule will always be if you have any doubt about the legitimacy of any correspondence just delete it. No legitimate financial institution will ever contact a client by email.

You will find a list of helpful sites dealing with the subject here.However, read this first and then take the time to visit this site.


  • Any Email sent to “undisclosed-recipients” offering you employment or funds of any kind, be they an inheritance, loan or Bank Draft. Forget it it’s a scam. Do not respond!
  • Most of these letters are written by people who have a poor command of the English language and numerous spelling or grammatical errors can be found. Often the scammer will type the entire email in uppercase or capital letters.
  • Reply addresses to these scams are usually either to a or or any other public email provider, scammers like to use these free services. Remember if some huge financial institution or legal firm wants you to contact them, well you would think they would at least have the funds to purchase a private domain.
  • You won the lotto but you never bought a ticket? Why do they want your age, marital status, employment information and sex? What does any of this have to due with your “winnings?
  • The often quoted saying “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”
  • If you receive an email which appears to be from a legitimate financial institution, Bank or Ebay among others; if a hyperlink is provided, it more than likely leads to a Spoofed site since most legitimate institutions will not contact you via email if it concerns your personal information.
  • Whether the scam concerns a lottery winning, inheritance, funds from some foreign government or bank, a loan or an employment opportunity; the same rules will always apply.

Now visit Scamcops and see what they have to say.

  1. Sosima Barlolong De Vera says:

    Thank you so much for giving this web of identifying scams.As i got one email from The National Lottery,and even used the Camelot Group lottery.And saying i was one of the winner of that email add worlwide.All the information i have read and detailed by your web,I have understood that the letter i got was absolutelty a scam

    Why cant anyone try to stop this,so that people will stop believing this.Think about us that was so innocent,we dont even realize it really put us into so much trouble.So please help us innocent and more innocent people around the world will get trapped into this scam.

  2. gariell says:

    Thank you for your comment and I hope the post is helpful.

  3. Michael says:

    I have recieved several notifications of inheritance and of lottery winnings for lottery that I know nothing of or even bought . I must say I was tempted by the Church of Christ loan email , and chose to check it out , but the truth is out and its disgraceful to know that people are willing to stoop so low as to use the Lords name to steal , but the Lord will have the last word . Thanks for the alert that I found when I decided to research the Church of Christ loan set up .

  4. gariell says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up and I am always glad to hear that a post may have saved a fellow webber from being scamed.

  5. Mayme Smith says:

    Thank you so much for your identifying scam weblog. Is it possible to learn more about you, how you are able to discover that these are scams, because this is a great service that you are providing.

    We need a way to block these scams from our email. Do you have info on legitimate deals, especially legit work-at-home w/o paying for it, employment.

    Thanks Again,

  6. gariell says:


    It is always nice to get positive feedback from readers and I thank you for yours.
    Curiosity and a certain amount of scepticism are all it takes to identify a scam. Another great friend is “Google”, I imagine that is how you found this site.
    There are a number of anti spam programs available that can block a lot of the scam mail; however, there will always be a few that slip through.
    I do not endorse any type of work- at- home employment, but due diligence is always the best policy. Research the offers, don’t take anything for granted.


  7. Paul says:

    i recieved a scam email from the secretary of the UN
    Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, i checked this and she is the sec gen. Offereing me 9mil to open a research facility somewhere in Africa. It gave the solicitors address and when i checked this site came very intresting and humerous. Needless to say i did not reply
    Cheers paul Liverpool Uk

  8. gariell says:

    Jolly good for you. These idiots will try to sell ice cubes and freezer pacs to Eskimos.

  9. Sir:
    This is the first e-mail i received.

    14Th Floor 51/55 Broad Street,
    P. M.B 12147 Lagos – Nigeria.

    Tel: +2348072495177

    Attn: Winner Jona Lyn G. Serante,

    This letter acknowledges the receipt of your email. We the entire staff of NOKIA ON-LINE PROMOTION BOARD congratulates you once again for being one of our lucky winners in this lottery promotion stake.

    Please be advised that this winning is a measure of universal development,So you are advised to use this winnings for an investment that you know will bring long lasting wealth to you and your family.

    Your winning numbers have been entered into our computer system. It has been determined that you are a true beneficiary of the lottery on-line sweepstakes.

    You are to immediately proceed with the process of collecting of the funds.

    Kindly note that your Winning cheques of £170,000.00 Pounds Sterling (One Hundred and Seventy Thousand Pounds Sterling) has been issued in your name.

    Below you will find a Winner Documentation Form, requesting your required particulars. You are to immediately fill the form and return as soon as possible.

    FULL NAME: _____________________
    LAST NAME: _____________________
    HOUSE ADDRESS: _____________________
    CITY: _____________________
    STATE: _____________________ ZIP: _____________________
    COUNTRY: _____________________
    SEX: _____________________
    AGE: _____________________
    MARITAL STATUS: _____________________
    OCCUPATION: _____________________
    TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________
    E-MAIL ADDRESS: _____________________
    HOW DO YOU FEEL AS OUR WINNER: _____________________

    Upon receipt of this information’s, I will begin the processing of all the documents

    that will facilitate the clearance of your cheque. All information is strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose to which it is been requested.

    Mr. Jack Howard
    Information Department,
    DIRECT TEL: +2348072495177

    The information in this e-mail, and any attachment therein, is confidential and

    for use by the addressee only. If you are not the intended recipient, please

    return the e-mail to the sender and delete it from your computer.


  10. Sir:

    This is the second…

    14th Floor 51/55 Broad Street , P. M.B 12147 Lagos –

    Attn: Beneficiary MRS. JONA LYN G. SERANTE,

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of the order from, in respect with the provision OF NOKIA ON-LINE PROMOTION act of decree 114 of the 1999 constitution; I am directed to inform you that your payment verification and confirmations is correct. Therefore, we are happy to inform you that arrangements have been concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible and in our bid to transparency.

    Hence you are therefore cleared, All necessary documents that will facilitate the clearance of your Winning Cheque of £172,000 Pounds Sterlings in your name has been processed. Your parcel contains the following documents:

    1.WINNING CHEQUE VALUED THE SUM OF £170,000 Pounds Sterlings

    Note: These documents has been securely sealed and packed for security reasons which makes it impossible for anyone to view it until its been delivered to you.

    Have it in mind that your parcel with identification number NKA/234/20082 is ready to be delivered to you at your home address:

    Receiver Name: MRS. JONA LYN G. SERANTE
    Receiver Address: VIA GIOVANNI PAISIELLO 40, ROMA, 00198, ITALY
    Tel: +393270822450
    Next Of Kinds: My Father Marlo M. Serante

    We have concluded delivery arrangement with all COURIER SERVICES, In view of this development, you are requested to choose from the options listed below your choice and cost of delivery

    Mailing: ₤50.00 Euro
    Insurance: ₤200.00 Euro
    Handling charges: ₤30.00 Euro
    Vat: ₤20.00 Euro
    TOTAL: ₤300 Euro


    Mailing: ₤100.00 Euro
    Insurance: ₤200..00 Euro
    Handling charges: ₤30.00 Euro
    Vat: ₤20.00 Euro
    TOTAL: ₤350 Euro

    Mailing: ₤150.00 Euro
    Insurance: ₤200.00 Euro
    Handling charges: ₤30.00 Euro
    Vat: ₤20.00 Euro
    TOTAL: ₤400 Euro

    DOCUMENT INSURANCE: ₤ 200 Euro (THIS IS ABSOLUTELY COMPULSORY, AS IT IS TO BE ADDED TO THE FEE OF ANY COURIER OPTION YOU DECIDE TO CHOOSE). Due to the diplomatic content of your parcel, it will be illegal to ship it without being insured.

    Please confirm if you can be able to take this cost so that I can know how to proceed, and please be informed that delivery will be made to your address in 48 hours (2 days) after our confirmation of this payment for delivery, as you know that the delivery fee receipt will be used to attach on your payment delivery documents to avoid being delayed by customs.

    Treat very urgently as we also remind you that your Winning Cheque is ready.

    Thank you.

    Mr. Jack Howard
    Manageing Director Information Department,
    Online Nokia Promotion Nigeria P L C.

    DIRECT TEL: +2347031639072

    The information in this e-mail, and any attachment therein, is confidential and for use by the addressee only. If you are not the intended recipient, please return the e-mail to the sender and delete it from your computer.

  11. Sir:

    This is the last e-mail i received. Hope you will response. Thank you and God bless.

    14th Floor 51/55 Broad Street , P.. M.B 12147 Lagos –

    Attn: Beneficiary Mrs. Jons Lyn G. Serante,

    I thank you for your quick response. Please do know that i have acknowledged your e-mail.

    Be advise that as soon as your Winning Cheque of £170,000 Pounds Sterlings issued in your Name: Mrs. Jons Lyn G. Serante is delivered to you by DHL Delivery Agent, You are to deposit the Cheque with your Bank in ROMA, ITALY to be Cleared.

    Have it in mind that your DHL Delivery Payment of €300 Euro should be paid to our Accountant officer whose details i stated below Via Western Union Money Transfer.

    Name: Mr Uyi James
    Address: 14th Floor 51/55 Broad Street,
    Country: Nigeria

    You are to forward payment details to this office which must include the following.

    1. Full names of sender
    2. Address Of Sender
    3. MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
    4. Amount sent
    5. Text Question
    6. Answer

    Have it in mind that as soon as your payment is received, Your Winning Cheque will be delivered to you by DHL Delivery Agent at your home address.

    Receiver Name: MRS. JONA LYN G. SERANTE
    Receiver Address: VIA GIOVANNI PAISIELLO 40, ROMA, 00198, ITALY
    Tel: +393270822450

    Treat very urgently as we also remind you that your Winning Cheque is ready.

    God Bless You MRS. JONA LYN G. SERANTE.

    Thank you.

    Mr. Jack Howard
    Manageing Director Information Department,
    Online Nokia Promotion Nigeria P L C..

    DIRECT TEL: +2348072495177

    The information in this e-mail, and any attachment therein, is confidential and for use by the addressee only. If you are not the intended recipient, please return the e-mail to the sender and delete it from your computer.

  12. gariell says:

    Jona Lyn,

    Thanks for the fine examples.


  13. Joe Jenkins says:

    Hi i recieved this mail this morning, stupidly i responded!!

    just need some advise as will these scammers be able to do anything with my info?

    REFERENCE #: UKL/478593G9/19EMAIL TICKET #: 112-4540-525-106 This e-mail is to congratulate you as your email address have won you a cash prize of £715,000.00 in our Online Lottery Sweepstakes Promotion held in London July 2008. To file your claims, contact; Agent: Mr. Adams BradfordE-mail: mr.adams.bradford@hotmail.comTel: (+44)703-590-1588 Note: You are required to tender your Full Name(s) & Reference # (same as above) Full Address, Country Of Residence, Occupation, Age, Sex, Telephone Number to the claims agent, via email for a valid response. Congratulations from all members and staffs of this program. Thank you for being a part of this online lottery promotion.

  14. gariell says:

    Joe Jenkins,
    You will probably be receiving correspondence from the bottom feeder shortly either by phone or email. Ignore any emails and hang-up the phone. Take a look at the Reporting Scams section on the site for more details.

  15. It is bad if poeple will have to implicate innocent people.May god forgive them.

    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “FREE LOTTO CLAIM OFFICER” Add sender to Contacts To:
    —–Inline Attachment Follows—–

    The notification mail sent to you is to inform you that you emerged as our lucky winner.and this explains how you became a winner,The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 21,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet, no tickets were sold. After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail address emerged as one of two winners in the category \\”B\\” You are therefore been approved to claim the sum of $2,000,000 (Two million United State Dollars Only).
    You are required to make contact with the courier company with all the details written below
    Handling Agent: Mr. Brian Cox
    EliteXpress Courier Services
    Unit 11, Ashford Industrial Estate,
    Shield Road, Ashford, Middx,
    TW15 1AU, london.
    United Kingdom
    E-mail: Tel: +44-703-191-6926
    Tel : + 44- 704- 570 – 4168
    Fax:+44-700-605-3849 =========================================================================================================================================== With this you are required to fill the form below to enable you recieve your cheque at your residence without further delays.
    (1.) FULL NAME
    (8) SEX

    You are to respond to this mail by sending the above informations needed to the Courier company so that your cheque can be delivered to your residence without delays.=========================================================================================================================================== Have it in mind that your winning prize can not be deduct from, this is because the total amount has been insured to the real value . This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the national gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly.
    This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds. Its is imperative that you add your IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS{CPEL/OWN/9876 as the subject of any correspondence with the courier company to ensure they respond in a timely manner.===========================================================================================================================================Yours Faithfully, Richard SmithFiduciary Agent for Free Lotto International Email PromoSweepstakes International Program

  17. durga says:

    i have same like. thanks for infromation.

  18. i have recieved an e-mail from a guy by the name of great elivs chambers saying i had inherited over a million dollars american money and wanted me to send money to help pay for the documents. but i never sent any because i thought that was very funny. he called me twice and i sent several e-mails but haven’t heard anything the last time i heard anything he was still working on getting the money beware of this scam also

  19. gariell says:

    Comment posted by Brat:

    Ha, ha! I beat all of you! I was offered $19.5 million. I think I’ll buy a house and move to Hawaii with some of it.

    Just so everyone knows, one way to spot a scam is the greeting. If it was legitimate, they would greet you by name. Another way is the email carrier. No legitimate person would use a free website like Yahoo!.

    A third thing to look out for is their requirement. No legitimate company or representative would EVER ask you to submit personal info by email or phone. If they want you to verify your info, it’s a scam. Your credit card or bank already has your info, and if they need you to verify, they would ask you to come in to do it in person. Call your credit card company or bank directly rather than “clicking a link” or calling a number they supply you.

    If they have money for you, then say they need some FROM you, think scam. If there were any fees, they would take it out of your “winnings” and send the rest to you.

    If you get a job offer, and they say you will process checks and send it Western Union/MoneyGram, think scam. No legitimate company will use personal bank accounts to conduct business, nor will they use Western Union/MoneyGram. If they need money wired, the company will use their own bank to do the wiring, or have you go to your bank to wire it to their account–they provide the number. They’re worried about fees and waiting time? Tough! If they want to do business, they HAVE to pay fees, and all people have to do is say the payment is on its way, and they will wait for it to clear.

    If you think you’ve been compromised, call the bank, the Social Security office and the three major credit reporting agencies. Two are Experian and Equifax. I forgot the name of the third. Tell them your info may have been compromised, and they should put an alert on your identity, so if someone tries to open a credit card or something, the company will see the alert and will need to contact you directly befor proceeding further.

  20. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for advice and i will be grade if you email everybody about this it will help more people

  21. douglas yaw says:

    I recieved a mail in my yahoo account inviting me for a conference.
    whats really happening,how do you invite people for such conferences?
    Thanks Douglas

  22. gariell says:


    Very simple, it is a scam. They send you some bogus invitation to some conference, sometimes an actual conference. They will then perhaps ask for some advanced fees to cover the paperwork or various other costs. Send a penny to the bottom feeder and you just lost your penny. The unfortunate thing is that that penny is usually in the hundreds and I know of cases where it is thousands.
    Glad you visited the site and hope you take the time, as everyone should to do a little research before they answer these invitations.


  23. peggy says:

    hey on these scams mention the banks. police. and F.B.I. or tell them to type there names and they will see it for there selves peggy

  24. Paul Pablo says:

    Look at the one i got these guys are just too smart if one is neto very careful then you might end up in the trap. Please let us stop these crooks. Thanks for this website it helps alot and let us inform our friends as well atleast if we can copy this Url to them it will help

    Shell Home Office.

    We have been waiting for you to contact us
    for your Confirmable Bank Draft of $250,000.00
    United States Dollars Won at the Shell Promo Sept. 2008
    but we did not hear from you for claims. Then we
    went and deposited the Cheque with FEDEX
    COURIER SERVICE, West Africa.

    What you have to do now is to contact the
    FEDEX COURIER SERVICE as soon as possible
    to know when they will deliver your package to
    you because of the expiring date. For your
    information, We have paid for the delivering
    Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance
    Certificate Fee of the Cheque showing that it is
    Legitimate and not meant to sponsor Terrorist
    attack in your Country or Drugs.

    The only money you will send to the FEDEX
    COURIER SERVICE to deliver your Draft direct to
    your postal Address in your country is ($250.00
    US) Dollars only being Security Keeping Fee of
    the Courier Company so far. Again, don’t be
    deceived by anybody to pay any other money
    except $250.00US Dollars.

    Our company would have paid that but they said
    no because they don’t know when you will contact
    them and in case of demurrage.You have to contact
    the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE now for the delivery of
    your Draft with this information below and
    reconfirm your Delivery address;

    Contact Person: Mr. Allen Davidson
    Email Address:
    Office Telephone: +2347039797619

    Your Full Name:
    Delivery Address:

    Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your
    Postal address() and Direct telephone number
    to them again to avoid any mistake on the
    Delivery and ask them to give you the tracking
    number to enable you track your package over
    there and know when it will get to your address.

    Let me repeat again, try to contact them as
    soon as you receive this mail to avoid any
    further delay and remember to pay them their
    Security Keeping fee of $250.00 US Dollars for
    their immediate Dispatch/shipment. You should
    also let me know through email as soon as you
    receive your Draft.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Mr. Terry Charles.
    Office Tel: +447024046760
    Shell Oil and Petroleum United Kingdom.
    Public Relations Officer. (P.R.O)

  25. Alexandr Nikolaev says:

    DATE: 16th November 2008
    ATTN: Alexander Nikolaev,

    This is to inform you that you have been officially cleared for payment by the Verifications Dept. at the headquarters of the Freelotto National Lottery.The original copy of this certificate, together with a covering document (Money Laundering protection and Letter of Affidavit for Claims) from the British Government stating that the money was obtained legally through their National Lotto will be sent to you as soon as you meet with any of the option selected and your winnings will be couriered to you, now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the delivery of your cash prize to you. You are to please confirm your alternative mailing address to enable us dispatch your parcel immediately. Note that the parcel will not be delivered to P.O.Box address or street corners but to your residence With regards to this, there are three options open to you, you are required to select the most convenient of the three. The options, together with their associated conditions are presented below:

    Receiver’s Names:
    Receiver’s Address:

    Receiver’s Phone Number

    Note:In our company we do not deliver before payment,and we don’t deduct, you are to make payment before delivery.
    Below are our mandatory charges. You are required to choose one of our three specified shipment options to enable us courier your certified bank cheque to you. Kindly note that we rate our postage charge depending on the high sensitivity of the package to be delivered.



    Courier Charges £100. 00 00.00
    Administrative £280. 00 00.00
    Insurance £400. 00 00.00
    TOTAL £780. 00 00.00

    Courier Charges £80. 00 00.00
    Administrative £190. 00 00.00
    Insurance £340. 00 00.00
    TOTAL £610. 00 00.00

    Courier Charges £60. 00 00.00
    Administrative £140. 00 00.00
    Insurance £320. 00 00.00
    TOTAL £520. 00 00.00

    IMPORTANT: You are to choose from the options above the most suitable for you, once this payment is made, you will be given a tracking number to track your consignment.We have undertaken a Hardcover Insurance Policy incase of loss, damage or theft of your highly sensitive document. We assume all responsibilities incase of any eventualities.

    As soon as we receive confirmation and evidence of payment of the above charges, we will dispatch your parcel immediately. The date and time of departure and expected date of delivery will be sent to you. It will depend on the type of delivery you choose. You will be required to sign for the parcel and to do this, you will need either your international passport as identification or your driver’s license.

    All orders not delivered within Seven (7) working days from this communication will be returned. Please ensure that you confirm your delivery address.

    Note: That your prize is protected by a Hardcover Insurance Policy, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the money before it has been remitted to you. This means that the above charges cannot be deducted from the prize and hence must be provided by you before your package deliver to you.

    Thanks for your anticipated coorporation.

    Tel: +44-703-191-6926
    Tel : + 44- 704- 570 – 4168
    Fax:+44- 707- 505-5189


    Domestic roadfreight service
    International Courier
    Seafreight and European.

  26. gariell says:


    Thanks for your addition to the site.


  27. claudia says:

    what is the end of this, the scamers take some money from your accounts o what

  28. gariell says:

    The scammers will not only take a few bucks from your account. Many victims of identity theft have their credit records ruined. There are cases of scammers making huge purchases on victims credit cards; draining victims credit margins and leaving the victims with bounced checks in their name and huge headaches trying to prove that they are not the ones who made all the purchases.
    In many cases it can take years to clear one’s name! Just a few bucks? So what?


  29. Marc says:

    I have posted the above two letters. unfortunately I have already given them some info. name age address etc. what can happen? I have not made any financial commitments nor given any financial info.

  30. gariell says:

    You will probably start receiving all kinds of scap. Just be vigilant and don’t reply to the bottom feeders. If you gave personnel information such as banking info, contact your financial institution as soon as possible and let them know.
    Sorry for the delay in responding.


  31. julie says:

    > Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 09:29:21 -0400
    > Attention: Beneficiary
    > This is to officially inform you that we have verified your lottery file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation and not fulfilling the obligations giving to you in respect to your state lottery award winnings of Ј 14,000,000.00 Million Pounds.
    > Secondly, you are hereby advice to stop dealing with some non-officials in the bank as this is an illegal act and will have to stop if you so wish to receive your payment immediately. After the board meeting held at our headquarters, we have resolved in finding a solution to your problem, and as you may know, we have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America and Asia Pacific Amsterdam, So if you are dealing with any of the official forward all details that you have been used in reply them to further investigation of the release of your fund.
    > This card centre will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in an ATM MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum is (Ј7,500.00) Seven Thousand Five hundred per transaction. So, if you like to receive your fund this way,Ј 7,500.00 Pounds for you to withdraw for a day and each transaction is Ј 2,500 Pounds minimum which you have to withdraw Ј7,000.00 Pounds for one working day also be informed that the total amount in the SWIFT ATM CARD is Ј 14 Million Pounds.
    > Your payment will be release to you by the Offshore Financial Clearing House in United Kingdom Uk.
    > Fill out this details to enable payment to be confirm with your information for easy payment.
    > (1)Your Full Name :
    > (2)Your Address where you want the payment centre to send your ATM CARD.:
    > (3)Phone And Fax Number :
    > (4)Age :
    > (5)Occupation :
    > (6)Your Nearest International Air Port in your City of residence:
    > (7)Company Name:
    > (8)Country :
    > We shall be expecting to receive your informations from you to verify and commence delivery of your awarded ATM card, you have stop any further communication with anybody or office. On this regards, do not hesitate to contact me for more details and direction, and also please do update me with any new development.
    > Thanks for your co-operation.
    > Best Regards,
    > © 2008 National State Lottery Company (Offshore Financial Clearing House. All rights reserved

  32. julie says:

    I received this (above)today, sounds to good to be true what can happen if I sent the info and why would they what to no airport ect.
    Thanks julie

  33. Nandkumar says:

    Your Website is really a service to humanity in these days of Fraud Masters roaming down every where.

  34. gariell says:


    Ignore the email it is simply another way that the bottom feeders try to hook innocent people into there web of deception. They want to make sure that should you send them any funds that these funds cann’t be traced afterwards.


  35. gariell says:


    Thanks for your comment and let all your friends know about these bottom feeder’s scams.


  36. Sruthi John says:

    Hey Guys,

    Received the following mail today and thought i’ll share it:

    Shell Petroleum Development Company of England.
    Shell Center, London, DN3 5UG – United Kingdom Tel:+447031858878

    Your Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds (GBP-250,000.00) has been deposited in our bank here for security, and you are to fill and forward this application below to the paying bank with this e-mail;
    This is to make your claims totally legal also to enable the bank release the fund and this process will not be acceptable after eight banking days.

    (Contact: Mr. Johnbosco Emegine)
    124 London Road
    GB – Liverpool l3 5nl.
    Tel: +447031899579
    Fax: +447031899510

    I write to lay claims over my winnings as was announced by the SPDC Mobile Center. I was made to understand that this fund was deposited in a temporary account at your Bank by the above mentioned Organization.

    Below are my Personal Information;

    My full name………………………………….
    My Address……………………………………
    My Mobile Telephone #………………….
    My Work Telephone #……………………
    My E-mail address………………………..
    My Date of birth……………………………..
    Marital Status………………………………..

    Payment Option/Preferred mode of payment:

    1. Courier Delivery System of Payment…………………………
    2. Bank Telegraphic Wire Transfer………………………………..

    For option 1. [Courier Delivery of Payment], Provide your full home/office address below;
    Receiver Name…………………………………..
    Postal Code……………………………………….

    For option 2. [Bank Telegraphic Wire Transfer], Provide your Banking details below with the bank
    Your bank name……………………………………………….
    Your bank address……………………………………………
    Your bank account #…………………………………………
    Your swift code; ………………………………………………..
    Amount to be transferred……………………………….

    I hope my application will be favorable granted by your reputable office.

    Try to call the director of the bank as soon as you have submitted your application with them for quick guideline on your payment.

    Note: Any unclaimed prize will be returned to the treasury of SPDC Mobile Lottery Services. You are advised to keep your winning details strictly to yourself and not share it with any individual or firm to avoid confiscation of your prize.

    Yours Faithfully,

    National Lottery.
    (a subsidiary of British-lottery Services)
    Signature of Robert S. Mueller, III

    Yours in service,

  37. Nandkumar says:

    I have during last six months received n number of mails from unidentified sites. It is really a headache. Cannot help for the time being as advantages with the system of Email communication is more than the disadvantages. What do u say?

  38. gariell says:


    You got that right. Sometimes we have to ignore the bad and take advantage of the good.


  39. el gordo says:

    You helped me to Identifying Scams. Thank you very much.

  40. doreen says:

    can you tell me if maurice tyson loan firm is a scam company or not

  41. sandy says:

    hi got such scam emai

  42. steve says:

    I recieved a message from the fbi with the name of the chiefs name Robbert Mueller from something of terrorists and they said for me to make a 500 payment so that way it can be delievered to me or transfered to an account by Bank of America what do you think about that??? Is this another scam its for 800,000so i can get it as soon as i make some payment of 500 bucks for the fees that are being charged in order for me to get the check…. Is this another scam??

  43. gariell says:

    Run for cover before you get scammed! Reread the identifying scams and I am sure you will come to the same conclusion.


  44. diuxsy says:

    l7HgpJ qwswftdplxvv, [url=]wkpnhswzhibp[/url], [link=]fwguhuxomsnn[/link],

  45. Lavaughn says:


    I received an email from MR.AHMED KURU, the Remittance Manager from Platinum Habib Bank Plc Of Nigeria saying that I received an inheritance. See letter below.

    Attention: Beneficiary

    This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract inheritance file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation and not fulfilling the obligations giving to you in respect to your state lottery award winnings of $15 Million United State of America dollars.

    Secondly, you are hereby advice to stop dealing with some non-officials in the bank as this is an illegal act and will have to stop if you so wish to receive your payment immediately. After the board meeting held at our headquarters, we have resolved in finding a solution to your problem, and as you may know, we have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America and Asia Pacific Amsterdam, which is then instruction given by our president, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar Adua (GCFR) Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    This card centre will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in an ATM MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum is ($15,000.00) Five Thousand Us Dollars per transaction. So, if you like to receive your fund this way, $15,000 usd for you to withdraw for a day and each transaction is $ 5,000 usd minimum which you have to withdraw $15,000 usd for one working day also be informed that the total amount in the SWIFT ATM CARD is $15,000,000.00 Million United State of America Dollars.

    (1)Your Full Name:
    (2)Your Address where you want the payment centre to send your ATM CARD.:
    (3)Phone and Fax Number
    (6)Your Nearest International Air Port in your City of residence:
    (7)Company Name:

    We shall be expecting to receive your information’s from you to verify and commence delivery of your awarded ATM card, you have stop any further communication with anybody or office. On this regards, do not hesitate to contact me for more details and direction, and also please do update me with any new development.

    Thanks for your co-operation.

    Best Regards,

    Remittance Manager
    Platinum Habib Bank Plc of Nigeria.
    PHONE NUMBER: +2348071313691

    (Trade Syndication, Resources Management & Payment Verification)

    The arrangement have been placed and also your funds have been transfered to the Offshore Financial Clearing House (Commercial private banking )

    Our Bank have resolved to conclude your transaction through our Correspondent Bankers in United Kingdom – COMMERCIAL PRIVATE BANK PLC and the transaction is to be co-ordinated by OFFSHORE FINANCIAL CLEARING HOUSE for documentation reasons.

    You are advised to on receipt of this message to contact Offshore Financial Clearing House for receipt of your payment clearance in your country.
    Name of Company: Offshore Financial Clearing House (Commercial private banking )
    Address: Oakhill House 130, Tonbridge Road, Hilden borough, Tonbridge,
    Kent TN11 9DZ London, United Kingdom.
    London Branch : +447024018504
    Fax Number: +442076813109
    E-mail Address : E-mail Address :
    Web Site :
    Manager Name : Mr.Morgan Hills

  46. Sandi says:

    So, now that we’ve identified them as scams, how do I get them to STOP sending them? I get a letter every day, even after I label it as spam. I’m sick of them.

  47. gariell says:

    As long as we can identify these scams and not fall for them, there is not much else we can do. The bottom feeders are always finding new ways to pollute our mail.
    Unfortunately, for all the good the internet has to offer, there will always be the criminal element present. Personally, I have been on the net since 1982 and spam is simply something we have had to live with.


  48. Yousaf says:

    I have received this email. I want to confirm to the Bank. But how i can please help me sending me email. I ll be thankfull.

    > Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 14:15:11 -0700
    > From:
    > To:
    > Subject: Attn : Beneficiary:Goodnews on Your Unpaid Funds!!
    > Attn : Beneficiary,
    > I have received instructions to remit your funds to you
    > immediately,but without
    > wasting time, I want you to know that the easiest and fastest way for you to
    > receive your funds is to open an ON-LINE/DOMICILIARY BANK ACCOUNT with our
    > corresponding bank here in Nigeria which is Zenith Bank Plc. This online
    > account will enable you transfer this funds yourself.
    > Is that not great?All I need is your full name, contact address, company’s
    > name,occupation, telephone and fax numbers with a scanned copy of your
    > identity. Provide a valid phone number for we shall call you.
    > We await your response as soon as possible.
    > Mr. Babatunde Oni
    > Foreign Operations Manager
    > Zenith Bank Plc
    > +234-1-820-7165

  49. concerned says:

    I sent my resume to a job posting on craigslist (ITT Systems) for overseas work. I then recieved an email telling me the company is interested and I should then send them a scanned copy of my DMV record and date of birth. The email also directed me to a link to obtain a credit report for acquiring a security clearance. The email came from a gmail account. Look below an tell me if this is legit.

    Re: Resume for job posted on craigs list
    Monday, September 21, 2009 6:45:01 AMFrom: ITTsystems View Contact
    To: joseph gregory


    Dear Applicant:

    You applied to our ad regarding Overseas Deployment to Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bahrain and the UAE. You are receiving this e-mail because our company is interested in your services and are looking to obtain more information from you within the next few weeks.

    As a leader in its industry, ITT systems has a proven track record of excellence for over fourteen years providing specialized expertise and multi-tiered support on-site at various Government locations throughout the country and overseas deployment.

    The job requisition you applied for is for a contract that is currently being finalized. Once activated, we will contact you immediately for processing.

    We expect this in the next couple of weeks, but could be as soon as the end of this week.

    All applicants must be able to obtain a security clearance.

    To expedite this process we ask you email the following information promptly:

    1. Date of birth:

    2. Current Health Condition:

    3. Scanned copy of 10 year MVR (motor vehicle record):

    4. Scanned copy of your current credit history (mandatory that all

    applicants use our current provider:

    Please let us know if you would be available immediately or how much notice you need before traveling/deploying, one week, two weeks or one month.

    Thank you,

    ITT systems Recruiting Department

    NOTE: This position is salaried, including insurance benefits and overseas transportation and living costs.

  50. gariell says:


    Sorry for the late response to your comment. I would not respond to this inquire! Take the time to check out the real ITT systems site and you will realize that this is not the way they operate! Google “ITT systems Recruiting Department”. Contact them directly, and ask for the reasons why they want to know your MVR record for the last 10 years? You may be suprised at the answer you will receive.
    Craigslist has become a great breeding ground for bottom feeders, but they do their best to keep them away and are prompt at illuminating them in a prompt matter.


  51. shuwu Alex says:

    hey Gariell thank for the wonderful work you are doing to warn us the innocent ones..heads up for you ..
    mean while i was kindly requesting you to start offering recommendations the sites you use, or rather good scam free home based business opportunities

    aim really fed up with a lot of scam garbage that i have personally fallen prey of..

    help me out on this my friend, i want to earn decent income on line!!!

    Uganda East Africa

  52. gariell says:


    Thanks for the thumbs up but this site will never recommend any business opts.
    All I can say is make sure you research any business you are interested in. You would be suprised at how useful a Google search can be. Good luck.


  53. Eva Elizabeth Wood says:

    I almost got scam by a gentle men by the name Juius Baker wanted me to do payroll check business. I answer him by e-mail well to make it short. I receive a check in the mail that was bugus. He wanted me to use money gram to send the money back after it is cash and in my account. Well I ask the credit union to check the check out. She had cash it. Well I gotten a E-mail from Juius Banker to send him some money for shiping my office supply. I went back in to my Credit union about this mailing him money. I took the copy of the e-mail into the credit union. The lady said it is a scam.I took it in to see if it was. I was right. I had $3000.00 in my saving account to be safe. After the notice came back from the federal Bank they said the check was bougas. Since them I gotten ohters like that one but through regualur mail. I took it to the untied state post office and handed in the scam letter. I will be doing segment on scam on youtube in a few days. Be watching for it.


  55. jestin.c says:

    i got an email regarding the fund is it true

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of the requested data and the confirmation of your reliability in this universal programme. You should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of this year’s lucky donation recipient. You have been selected amongst the lucky recipients to receive the award sum of US$850,000.00 (Eight hundred and Fifty thousand United states dollars) as donations aid from the Église Catholique en France, ECOWAS, EU and the UNDP in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament. Your email address was selected randomly from over 100,000 internet websites or a shop’s cash invoice around your area in which you might have purchased something from.

  56. Carla v T says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Be ware of Smith White Loan Company. I made the mistake to pay the fees they requested for a loan to be released… Regardless to say – I am now more in debt than before.
    He works together with a certain mr Bill Lims, who is apparently the bank manager of one or other bank – but I will not be surprised if they are the same person!
    Please, dont be as gullable for any of these guy’s scams!!

  57. ANBARASAN.R says:

    i have received a message from texaco oil company plc.i am send mail for texaco oil company.he is replay for me & fill this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM TO RELIANCE BANK‏,BY ANBARASAN.R FROM send the deposit certificate,deposit number;RB/BAO581380660001,Reference code; RB/118/WB-NL-014-2010,Deposit code; RB/DEPO-2010,Deposit type;BANKERS ACCEPPTANCE,Year of deposit;2010,tunure;long type.he is asking
    245 pounds.i will ready to pay coming monday,that amount 750000gbp sent 48 hr after deposit 245 pound.please i want clear details.

  58. js says:

    i got a mail saying dat i won australian international lottery………..

  59. dattatray Purandare says:

    I am having cheque scan copy.The cheque belongs to citibank
    london where can I verify cheque? Is genuine or not?

  60. Jolene Louden says:

    i received an e-mail saying that there was inheritance money in my name and they had not been able to find any heirs until they came accross my name in an e-mail and that i needed to contact them. I also received a e-mail from from a FBI agent saying it was indeed legal transaction and was not to respond to any other correspondence that did not have a certain code that he gave me. so is this just the latest code or what.

  61. Akpalialuk says:

    I had email from Hameed Al Saed from Iraq
    world second largest proven oil, guess looking for partener wondering if he even know where Nunavut is, even some canadian citizen dont where we are

  62. Tina says:

    Could you tell me if +24381-2517-46 is a scam # The name Reverend Rachael Richards says I have contract/inheritance fund with BLU GLOBAL COURIER, and SKY NET

  63. xxxdating says:

    You’re actually a excellent webmaster. The web site loading velocity is amazing. It seems that you are doing any unique trick. Moreover, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve done a great process on this topic!

  64. angela rivera says:


    Hide Details
    Terrysmith Cole
    Message flagged Wednesday, January 4, 2012 5:16 AMMessage body


    A Requested position of an ( Au pair/Nanny/Housekeeper/Driver) valid for a maximum period of 3 years and above.

    The terms and conditions of the job are as follows:

    Start Date and Period of Employment:

    * You are expected to resume duty as soon as you arrive here.

    *You will be required and expected to work for approximately 40 hours per week (8 hours/day Monday to Friday). Every weekend, will be spent with your family or anywhere as you would have the weekends off.


    AU PAIR/NANNY: £1,200Pounds Per Week (weekly allowance £200)
    DRIVER: £1,500Pounds Per Week (weekly allowance £200)
    HOUSE SITTER: 1000Pounds Per Week (weekly allowance £200)

    Discipline :&a mp;l t;/ span>

    Reasons which could give rise to disciplinary measures are as follows:

    (1 Causing a disruptive influence in the HOME is prohibited.

    (2) Job incompetence is not allowed.

    (3) Conduct during or outside working hours prejudicial to my interests..

    (4) Unreliability in time keeping or attendance.

    (5) Failure to comply with our reasonable instructions or procedures.

    (6) Theft or other dishonest offenses will be dealt with.

    (7) Drunkenness not allowed.

    (8) Illegal drug taking prohibited.

    (9) Child abuse or neglect highly prohibited.

    In the event of a need for disciplinary action, the procedure will be:

    First – a verbal warning..
    Second – a written warning..
    Third – dismissal without need for further notice. Reasons with would give rise to summary dismissal would be:

    NOTE: That any Activities of improper conduct will also be our concern too, you will be highly required to be of your best behavior (in or outside) as you work for us to protect our good name.

    As for your Accommodation and feeding, the Family offered to accommodate you as well as feeding also.

    processing fee:
    You are expected to shoulder the processing for your visa and other necessary legal documents needed for your arrival,But the Employer is willing to bear 50% percent of your travel fee.

    Vacation:this is allow after 2 weeks

    We look forward to having you for the job offer and hope that your association will be a long and happy one.and i don’t accept salary deduction okay

    Please sign a copy of this letter as acceptance of its terms and conditions

    I have read and accept the above terms and conditions.

    this is the first email i received when i got interested with the job offer at this website

  65. angela rivera says:

    and here’s the second letter. i replied telling him i want his full name and address and possibly a video interview before i respond to the letter… so what do you thing… is this a scam


    Hide Details
    Terrysmith Cole
    Message flagged Thursday, January 5, 2012 6:32 AMMessage body


    Your CV has been viewed and we have successfully congratulate you for your interested in the job offered ,You are qualified and accepted to work in Our home with a minimum of 3year and above.

    Also,I will like you to contact my travel agents so that you can know all the necessary procedures and the arrangements about your arrival to united kingdom,They are the one who are going to process all the arrangement of your travel papers Which include UK visa,work permit and booking of your flight ticket..As soon as you contact my travel agents they will get back to you with the list of necessary requirements you need to provide for the processing of your travel documents okay?

    Note: as soon as you provide all the needed requirements to them the processing of your travel documents only takes 3 to 5 working days respectively.

    Note:The total cost for the processing of your travel documents is 1000pounds but i am ready to shoulder the sum of 500pounds on your behalf so you are expected to provide the sum of 500pounds . Hope you understand?

    The travel agents contact email address is

    Mr Terry Cole Smith
    Hope to see you soon.

  66. Asim says:

    Dear’s tell us with truly and correctly that i have won a money or nationa fund. tell us is it true or false?

  67. Asim says:

    Kindly send me what is true or false. where i should contact for my prize.

  68. Asim says:

    Please tell me its a true or false.

  69. Asim says:

    CONGRATULATIONS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE JUST WON YOU (GBP1,000,000.00)please tell me its wrong or right.

  70. Asim says:

    ESPN Cricket Award Notice they are saying to me that i am a winner of ESPN Cricket Award.(Dear Respectable sir tell me its a true or false. I shall be verythankful to u. please tell me how can i receive it.

  71. Asim says:

    Dear respectable sir, I have received email. that i have won 4.5M Pounds BBC Lottery. can u tell me its a true or False. Kindly send me mail and just tell me its a right or wrong.
    Or please explain it. what is Pin#.
    i shall Be verythankful to u.

  72. Asad says:

    Dear Sir i have received the mail that i have won Cananda lottery
    Its a true or false kindly send me status and what is my ticket number.

  73. It was 3 individuals involved in this 20 Million. Inhertance scam. The names are probably bogus. Ola Smith the so called recruiter. A mr jones from the Bank. Fina Player was So called atty Barrister Henry Cook. I played there game for a couple of Days i dont have a rich uncle in the United Kingd om. Who left me 20 millón i new it was a matter of time before they pressed me for money they did today. And as soon as they pressed me for 1,050. Dollars. I gave them my attorney “. And they shut down shop like real cowards.

  74. This is really a mess, how are these holy,ungodly, demons. Allowed to prey on honest people Its not right its a crime. Especially when they take your money. But if I go to the nearest store and take something. That does not belong to me. I am going to.jail
    It should be a scammers prison. This has gone beyond good taste

  75. I almost never comment, but i did a few searching and wound up here Gariell’s Weblog | Spam, Scams and Lambs. And I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright.

    Is it simply me or does it look like some of the remarks
    come across like left by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on other
    sites, I’d like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of all of all your social sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  76. gariell says:

    Not sure what you mean by Brain dead folks? Not everyone is internet savvy. However, they have taken the time to “google” and found our site. I only worry about all the others who don’t and end up falling victim to these bottom feeders.

    We are elsewhere on the net, however; these sites are of a commercial nature and in following the WordPress guidelines, we do not provide these links.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  77. erotyka says:

    Asking questions are truly nice thing if you are not understanding something completely, except this piece
    of writing provides pleasant understanding even.

  78. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually a neat as well as useful piece of information. I am delighted you contributed this handy data along with us. You need to continue to be you informed like this. Appreciate your sharing.

  79. phyllis vogelbacher says:

    do you have an email address where i can forward some emails sent to me to let me know if they are a scam?

  80. gariell says:


    Send them here so we all can see them.

  81. Right here is the right blog for everyone who would like to understand this topic.

    You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic that has been written about for many years.
    Wonderful stuff, just wonderful!

  82. Taione Meli says:

    I am so relieved today after google searching Barrister Henry Cook I finally come across this website and there saw the name up here. Thank you for the recording of this he is requesting me
    2000 GBPs to pay the Certificate of ownership of US$20.0Million dollars with North C.
    EMAIL: ncofch@f…….
    Telephone No: +4475…..
    Direct line: +4470…..

    Coming to this website real save me the day and thank you for keeping registering this thing up
    I was just about to raise the funds to send the Barrister Henry Cook when I decided to Google Search the Bank and the Lawyer when I came accorss this webiste.
    Keep up the Good work. thanks.

  83. Taione Meli says:

    I was scammed by Nigerian scammers from Dhaka Senegal and I did send US$400.00 when I Google search I found out to be a scam . Well I will be on careful these days.

  84. gariell says:

    Glad we could help

  85. St Martin says:

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a brand new
    scheme iin our community. Your website provided us with
    useful information tto work on. You have performed an impressive job and our entire neighboirhood shall be thankful to you.

  86. It’s an remarkable piece of writing in support of all the internet users; they
    will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

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