Mike David Western Union Payments Scam

Posted: September 6, 2009 in 419 Nigerian scams, advanced fees scam
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Here we go again, send me a hundred and twenty bucks and I will happily arrange for you to receive 750,000 just because you are a nice person. Sure sounds scammy to me.

ttn; Recipient,

Please be informed that the funds are coming directly from the International Monetary Funds headquarters and we are only to
pay beneficiaries once they meet their financial obligations.Also note that Western Union is not allowed to make all payment

at once via western union money transfer due to the way the fund came to our headquarters and for security reasons, upon

receipt of your fees and your International Remittance File purchased, you are receiving a first pay-out of $10,000 which is

made into two halves which will enable you walk into any Western Union office of your choice and pick up your funds. Note

that the remaining fund/payment will be made install mentally in the following order:

1. $10,000 made payable to you from the Western Union
2. $740,000 made payable to you via bank wire transfer from our designated paying bank.

Upon receipt of the fee for the purchasing of your international remittance file, you are receiving your first pay-out of

According to the Section 636(1) of the LPN CAF of the 1999 constitution regarding a contract like you will have to make the
payment of the $125.00usd so as to enable the purchasing of your inheritance file to prevent illegal transfer of your funds
or any form of hindrance.

Here are details of your money transfer of $10,000 made on your behalf but it has no receiver’s name yet until you remit the
$125.00 to us before we can purchase the inheritance file with your name and put your name as the receiver below is the
information you will use to send us the fee $125.00 Via western union.

COUNTRY___________________BENIN REPUBLIC

Then after you send the money you can send the payment information to our email below.

Director; Mr.Amed Bello
E-Mail :(wester.union018@mail.ru)
Direct line: +229-989-38-786

As soon as we receive the payment of the $125.00 from you then we pick it up we well put your name as the receive and you
will go to western union and pick the money.


Amount: $5,000 USD
MTCN: 895-028-3159

Amount: $5,000 USD
MTCN: 235-375-1811

Sender’s First Name: John
Sender’s Last Name: Okechukwu

You can log onto our website http://www.westernunion.com and track your transfer and see that your money is there but needed the
above stated fee to redirect the transfer to you for your easy pick up. Note that within 72hrs if you do not remit the
required $125.00 which has already been made ($10,000) it will be withdrawn back and remember that the money details given to
you do not bear your name as the receiver until you make the payment of the $125.00

Get back to us with our E-Mail:(wester.union018@mail.ru) with the payment information one you made the payment
and you can call on my direct line if you have any question OK.

Call for confirmation of receipt of this message on: +229-989-38-786
Have a good day.

Mike David
Western Union Payments


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