An open letter to “Angela Busco”,

Dear Angela,

What a sad story, I think that I will send my life time savings to you in Nigeria, well you say South Africa, doesn’t matter. Sad, sad story. If I sent a few thousand dollars; do you think that it would help get things straight? I am always looking to help the poor and impoverished. Personally, I could not comprehend how frustrating it must be to know that all that money is available and poor Angela can not access it. Would a few thousands help Ang?

If you can send me just 100 USD’s to cover the costs of my transferring you a few thousand dollars, do you think you can handle it? I know that the situation is desperate and when my uncle Tim tried to transfer 156 million, it was very, very difficult. We managed to do it but it took the efforts of many good willed individuals. Trust me Angela, I am one. One hundred bucks USD’s and all will be arranged, passports and all. Just send the money by Western Union and welcome to the free world. Tell willy-mama at hotmail not to worry either; when we settle all those millions, she will have a new home too.

Subject: From Mrs. Angela Buso
Date: May 4, 2009 8:38:35 PM EDT (CA)

Address:126 Purs Str Jhb South Africa

Dear Friend,

I know you will be surprised to read from me, but please consider this letter as request from a family in dares need for your assistance.

Firstly, I must introduce myself, I am Mr. WILLIAM BUSO FROM ZIMBABWE, I am the first and only son of Mr. Anthony Buso. I am presently residing in South Africa. I got your contact from the South Africa Information Exchange (S.A.I.E) in Johannesburg and on behalf of my mother who is Widow Mrs. Angela Buso. I decided to solicit for your assistance to transfer the sum of US$21.5M (Twenty One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in your personal or company account.

Before my fathers death he was among the few black Zimbabwean rich farmers and he was poisoned by the agent of the ruling government Robert Mugabe for his alleged support and sympathy for the Zimbabwe opposition party controlled by the white minority. Before his death he had taken me to Johannesburg to deposit this money to security and finance company. This money was deposited in a box as a gemstone to avoid much demurrage from the Security Company. This money was earmark for purchase of new machinery and chemicals for the farms and establishes new farms in Lesotho and Swaziland. In this will he specially drew my attention to this sum US$21.5M (Twenty One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) that he deposited in safe box of private security and finance company here in Johannesburg, South Africa.


My beloved son, I wish to draw your attention to this money, which I deposited in your name in a box with a security and finance company in Johannesburg, South Africa. In case of my absence on earth caused by death, you should solicit for a reliable foreign partner to assist you to transfer this money out of South Africa for investment purpose.

From the above, you will understand that the live of my family and I depends on this money as much. I will be very grateful if you can assist us. We are now living in South Africa as Asylum seekers and financial laws of South Africa does not allow Asylum seeker certain right to such huge amount of money.

In view of this, I cannot invest this money in South Africa, hence I am asking you to assist me to transfer this money out of South Africa for investment purpose. For your efforts, I am prepared to offer you 25% of the total fund. While 5% will be set aside for local and international expenses and 70% will be kept by my family and me.

Finally modalities of how the transfer will be done and conveyed to you once we establish trust and confidence between ourselves.

Looking forwards to your reply and please treats as very urgent and if you are willing to help us contact my son on

Best Regards


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