Mobile Marketer Warns Users About Scam

Posted: March 20, 2009 in SMS text message fraud, Uncategorized
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More problems about mobile phone scams and worth a read; these bottom feeders will stop at nothing and our goal is to stay one step ahead of them. Take a look at this site for a good read
mobile Marketer and pass on the word.

  1. andre says:

    Received text SMS on mobile
    Congratulation You won 500.000(Five Hundred Thousand Pounds)Your number was selected among the winners of the Chevron world wide UK Lottery Bonanza.Ticket NO.0404 Batch 7777.Contact our fiduciary claims Agent on (00447924079921)or call our R.S.A agent on 0719709562 to claim your price.Contact Mr SHEDRACK PETERSON this is not mtn or vodacom promotion.10 percent of winning shall be donated to charity within your country.Call between 8am and 6 am week days.
    Is this a scam ???


  2. Deneys says:

    I have received that same text msg about 2 days ago, and now they want me to pay them 116 pounds for the bank transfer. I would have to say i think its a scam!!!

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