Mr. Ibrahim Simbo Kunda Farcical Scam

Posted: December 15, 2008 in 419 Nigerian scams, advanced fees scam
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I just had to post this one, since it is just so ridiculous. I hope there is no one who will actually believe this crap.

Subject: This message is respectfully for you
Date: December 14, 2008 3:11:40 PM EST (CA)
To: @eircom

Dear partner,

Good day to you and your family, I know that you will get this message as unsolicited, my name is Mr. ibrahim simbo kunda from Burkina Faso, the first son to the late king simbo kunda who die on his way back from conference of kings men by bullet short of unknown men on 11 may 2007.

Therefore, before his death as the first son of late king simbo kunda, my father told me about his consignment what the sum of four million united state dollars($ which was secure and saved on our family secret place.

After his death I and my little sister contacted you, to help us and have this money transferred to your country, since my late father’s brothers want us death to enable them claim this money, I and my little sister managed to escaped with the consignment and has deposited the consignment on our late father’s friend place pastor Vincent Leonard.

My late father’s friend advice us to leave this country since it is the only way to save our life, I and my little sister will now come to your country to use this money for investment, in respect of this event we wish to inform you if you are ready to help us since 25% shall be for you 5% for the Orphanage around the world while the balance of 70% will be for me and my little sister.

Meanwhile, all the expense to make sure the consignment get to your country shall be taken care by our late father’s friend as he promised to do, in other way to save our life from the evil men of our family, you shall only be responsible when this consignment get to your country.
I and my sister hope to hear from you, for details
Mr. ibrahim simbo
00226 78 11 40 05

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  1. irwin says:

    Eircom are throttling bandwidth of thousands, when will this stop

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