This one is quit obviously a scam. All the telltale signs. The first and for most being that it originates in Nigeria the world capital of scams. It has been estimated that close to 90% of scams originate in this West African country.
Again, the email is addresed to “undisclosed-recipients” , usually a sure fire sign that it is nothing more than spam polluting our mailboxes. You can safely trash this one if you receive it.
See other examples of inheritance scams here.

Date: August 11, 2008 8:25:22 PM EDT (CA)
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


From The Desk of Mr James Okuku
Director Foreign Operation Unit
Central Bank Federal Republic of Nigeria
Office Tel: +234-1-214-4095.


From The Records Of Outstanding Contractors Due For Payment With The Federal Government Of Nigeria Your Name And Company Was Discovered As Next On The List Of Outstanding Contractors Who Have Not Received Their Payments.

I Wish To Inform You That Your Payment Have being processed and will be released To You As Soon As You Respond To This Letter. Also note that From Records in My File Your Outstanding Contract inheritance Payment Is $10.2 Million Dollars ten Million Two Hundred Thousand United States of American Dollars}.

Please Re-Confirm To Me If This Is In Line With What You Have In Your Record And Also Re-Confirm To Me The Followings:

{1} Your Full Name
{2} Your Phone And Fax Numbers
{3} Your Company Address And Position
{4} Your Marital Status, Profession And Age.
{5} Your receiving bank details

As Soon As this Information is Received, your Payment Will Be Made To You through Wire transfer To Your Bank Account Directly From The Central Bank Of Nigeria And A Copy Of The Payment Slip Will Be Given To You For You To Go To Your Bank And Confirm It.

Your urgent answer is needed.

Yours In Service

Mr James Okuku
Director Foreign Operation Unit
Central Bank Federal Republic of Nigeria
Office Tel: +234-1-214-4095.

  1. louise kelley says:


  2. gariell says:

    You know who,

    Take a peek at Identifying Scams for a few helpful hints and feel free to send use examples of any scams that you may receive in the future.


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