Phone Call Lands “Free” Vacation Scam

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Identity theft, Land line scams, scam
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Lately the bottom feeders have turned back to their good old ways and are again using our land lines to scam us. I have received several phone calls congratulating me for having been chosen as the lucky winner of a “free” vacation. Funny thing though, I don’t recall having entered any draw or lotto offering a free vacation?
Poor Nicole fell for this scam, read her story here. This is a very slimmy type of scam and unfortunately it is quite effective at sucking the unsuspected into their devious web. If they manage to get your credit card number, your identity is now at risk. refuse the vacation; doesn’t matter, as they say they got your number.
Do yourself a favour and slam that receiver down the minute the word “free” is spoken.

UPDATE …OCT. 10, 2008

It seems that a number of readers are associating this post with a similar type of “fuzzy” advertisement masking as a “free” vacation to Las Vegas. The one in question is actually a way of selling timeshares. They will give you those free stays, but there is a catch! You put down a deposit which will be refunded if you agree to attend a presentation. In other words once you go for your “free” vacation you will be hounded into buying a timeshare and these presentations could take up most of your “vacation” time. If you do not attend, you may very well lose your deposit.
This is not an uncommon practise in the timeshare business. What makes this one particularly annoying and rather “unethical” is the fact they are passing it off as a contest when in fact anyone who bothers to call will get the same offer.
As far as we know this is not illegal, but let’s just say rather “scammy”. Remember as they say “Free is Free But..”

  1. Jordan Polasek says:

    I recently called in a radio show, of all things, and won a scam vacation. Sad thing is sence it was a radio station i love to listen to I beleived it to be true. Until reading websites like this and goverment sites warning me of all the things listed in this contract. They just wanted my 100 bucks for the “reservation fee” than bam. The lady on the radio said she was going to give the first 10 callers free tickets and cab ride to her las vegas show along with 3 nights all expenses payed, comped food dream vacation. I’m about to turn 21 and cant afford vegas yet. So I got exremely excited. And have already submitted along with there phone numbers to a goverment agency that handles these frauds. Its sad I called in so fast and got so happy when i won, and the lady who answered didnt seem excited at all, as if she hands out this gold all day. Sounded to good to be true, and sure enuff was. Glad i didnt send them a check with my bank account number on it. Makes me sick. I called the phone number 100 times , everytime i was a instant winner lol. Scum of the earth Destinations Unlimited, LCC . Hope someone gets you hard in court. I wish I had a case.

  2. gariell says:

    Jordanand ,

    Sorry to hear about your mishap. I hope you complained to the radio station about the scam.
    They sold air time to these bottom feeders and if they are a reputable station, they should at least pull the ad and apologize to their listeners. Not very good for their image!
    Thank you for letting our readers know about this.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard about the same vegas trip throw a radio station that I love to listen to.

  4. mary mc says:

    why would people do things like that. It’s a good thing that when you go to that website you find out that it is a scam, otherwise!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Im glad i found out that this was a scam i was about to make plans to take off my job. Who ever came up with this idea is the dumbest person

  6. anonymous 2 says:

    can someone help me i called the number they gave and they called me back twice. Is my identity at risk now??

  7. gariell says:

    anonymous 2,

    If you didn’t divulge any of your personal information you should be Ok. Should they try to contact you again, do not respond just hang up!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I also was led to believe I was going to win a free Vegas vacation from listening to a local station I love, and hearing RoseAnn say she is giving the vacations away. I knew it was a scam when the man (Justin Parker) ask for a credit card number, and when I told him I don’t have a credit card, he ask then for a debit card, and I told him I don’t have a debit card either. He was quite shocked, and said you don’t have a credit card or a debit card. Thank God I had sense enough not to give him any information.He does have my cell number, full name and address, and my Husbands first name. Do you think I am in any danger?


  9. pat s. says:

    i want to thank GOD i wasnt stupid enough to give out my personal info.i got so excited that i got through. i should have known it was a scam. people theres nothing free in life

  10. gariell says:


    Not much one can do with only your name and address, it is all public knowledge anyway. Glad you caught on before you got pulled into their scam web.


  11. Samantha says:

    I just heard about the scam today, and what’s so funny about it, it was suppose to be the comedian Rosanne giving away the vacations.

  12. louise kelley says:

    I just called into the radio station and they told me that i won a free trip is it true or is a scam? I would be really discussed if it is a scam!

  13. gariell says:


    Having read the last few comments and the above post, what does your gut tell you? Did they require you to furnish a credit card number? If they did would you simply give it away just like that without further explanations? I sure hope not. Scam?


  14. Kellyrose says:

    I just heard Rosanne on the radio promoting her show in vegas and i was wicked excited so i called right way.. got right through to the station and they had said i was a winner ..until the man on the other end of the phone started asking me all these questions , if i was married, had children, etc..and told me to go to this website in about an hour so i couldnt wait and thats when i saw all these blogs about it being a scam on the radio..boooo to you mix 98.5

  15. TRACY says:


  16. Karyn says:

    I heard the Roseanne Ad on the big 98 WSIX in Nashville, TN. the number was 1-888-834-6669. She was promoting a show in Las Vegas. The deejay was talking to her and I thought well maybe it is legit. So I called and the woman who answered the phone told me she would call me back in 10 minutes only asked for my name and if I was single. I waited 30 minutes and no call so my friend said “Maybe she meant to ask for your number so you should call back and make sure”. I called back and Roseanne’s voice was no longer on there and I explained to the woman that nobody had asked for my number. She called her self ‘Katrina’ and had a spanish accent. I gave her my name and phone number she then asked if I was single I told her I had a boyfriend and no he didn’t live with me. She sent me to and told me within 1-2 hours I should be able to print off my voucher and redeem my free stay…It has not yet been an hour but I will try it and let you know what happens….

  17. Missy says:

    I was so excited when i won and was already starting to save money for my trip. looks like you guys just saved me money and embarrassment. thank you so much and seriously these radio stations that we have trusted and loved all these years should really be doing more research that was a horrible hoax.

  18. Jenni says:

    Thank you for sharing this info. Apparently this is still going on. It was on the Mix, Chicago’s station as of tonight. If not for this site, a lot of us would not know better and would really get ourselves into some serious trouble.

  19. Bruce says:

    Heard Rosanne Barr on 101.9 The Mix in Chicago today and called the number. I was told immediately that I was a winner and got transfer to someone else. They ask for my name and phone number and told me to check back at I did and got the certificate, but instead of asking for a credit card number, they’re asking for a “refundable check” of $129. Luckily for this blog, if not I wouldn’t have known that this scam was going on.

  20. gariell says:

    Thanks Folks for your comments, It helps others identify scams
    Cheers to all

  21. Jessica says:

    I know this thing is a scam now, but here’s what happened to me:

    I called 877-52-VEGAS
    A man answered, said I had won
    He took my phone number, area code, my name, my boyfriends name, asked if he lived at the same address and then said “congratulations”
    I then asked if there were any hidden fees…he said that I had to pay a fully refundable deposit on a hotel, that I would get back after my stay.
    He then told me to go to
    So I did, filled out the sheet (just my address) and I got a printable confirmation page.

    I now have 21 days to fill this thing out with my deposit…but there’s no fine print to say if I’m going to get a bill for anything yet.

    Can anyone help?

  22. gariell says:


    I guess they aren’t being very forth right with people. Anyone who visits the site you mentioned gets the same “congratulations” page even if you don’t call in. So much for the ten first callers or hundred callers.


  23. sandy says:

    My sister( 22 years old and i’m 25) heard from radio station 98.5 in Boston,Mass where we live, that RoseAnn was giving away a trip to Vegas. So she called me excited as all hell, she’a going to see RoseAnn in Vegas and I’m going with her. So i come to this website the dj told her to go too and find this bullshit! It’s disgusting to come to this site and realize it’s a joke. People are in hardtimes now a days, and others shouldnt be preying on others just to make a buck. This is ridiculas and the federal goverment should do something about it asap. They censored Howard Stern for swearing, wtf? why?shouldnt they do something about this shit? i think so,there just scumbags preying on hardworking people. thats all they are and the dj’s that are part of it arent dj’s either there scumbags too!

  24. gariell says:


    Here’s the hick; take the “free” trip and expect to get a huge sales pitch from the people down there trying to sell you a timeshare. This is often the approach that is used by sales people trying to pawn off timeshares. They give you a “free” vacation but you must attend their presentations and that will take up most of your “vacation” time. Should you not attend, that is when your refund may not be returned to you.
    I must admit that the practise is legal; however, I would not consider it ethical to say the least.


  25. Justin says:

    I just heard about this scam on 94.9 the Bull in Atlanta Georgia. I urge all of you to email the radio stations to let them know that this is a scam.

    Can’t believe Rozanne is participating in this…

  26. christie Lassandrello says:

    This is such Bullshit!!! I heard that Roseanne was giving away a trip too so I called all excited and they said I was a winner!! And every other time I called they said I was a winner and to print out a certificate. I immediatly found this site and was sooo pissed!!! me and my boyfriend were sooo excited and now were fuckin pissed! and he told me it was a scam the whole time. damn i shoulda listened to him!

  27. gariell says:

    Justin and Lassandrello,

    Please read the update above. It should shed some light on the situation.



  28. Jacqueline Pena says:

    I heard the commercial on the jazz channel in the Tampa Bay area and called the number 877 go now given on 94.1 Rosanne, your name is being taken and used as a scam! When I went to the website given over the phone, I was given When I enrered that address, I was given another website whose address could not be displayed.
    I trusted your word on the commercial and have been a fan of yours for years.
    J. Pena

  29. Jacqueline Pena says:

    Correction: The Number given was 877 71 go now.
    J. Pena

  30. antoni says:

    I was listening to the radio and I hear about thi vacation

  31. tessa says:

    Thankgod,i’m so glad that i didn’t give ma personal information.But on the other hand i’m upset cuz i was so happy when i won that trip to vegas this mornin through rosan…Man these people are playin with others feelings..

  32. gariell says:


    It is kind of a sleazy marketing approach to say the least!


  33. juanita says:

    my husbad wa listening o big I 107.9 in albuquque, n.m. and he heard the same offer and since he had been wanting us to go to vegas of course he called in. Now that I looked it up on the web I feel so disappointed for him and I wish these people knew how hurt he is going to be when he finds out what they did. How shameful.

  34. fatty says:

    so by this blog. and all these people we can all say roseann is pretty much a liar.. and thanks to all the radio stations that let us believe its true. heard her on 92.5 wofx that she was giving this vegas trip away and then gave out a number. the guy i talked to asked if i was single. for my zip. and my name and number. thats it .. when i tried to ask him something he just hung up the phone .. at the end of his speech . like he was just programed to say everything .. then thats it .. sent me to mdvegas. went there printed out my thing but thats it .. thanks to this site i know its a scam.

  35. greg says:

    i called, and was pretty excited when i got through. i came home to go on the site, and it said my phone number was not in their system. i called again, and it went through again. so i hung up, and called like 3 more times and it kept going through. the radio said the first 3 callers would win the trip. i had called 5 times and got through everytime. i found this site here, and cans ee now how much of a scam it is. i called back and waited for an operator. i acted excited, and said, “oh my god! im one of the first 3 callers?” she said “yes actually your the 2nd caller” so i said “really? because ive called 5 times now and got thorugh everytime” and she said “oh really?” and then i started yelling at her about how much of a scam it is. now ive been calling on 2 seperate phones and swearing and yelling at them harassing them. ive probably called to harass them about 15 times now. i encourage everyone else to do the same. 877-528-3427. They try and rush you into telling you your name and phone number right away. I always start of pretending to be excited and asking them what number caller I am. i always get a different response. So everyone please call and harass them for trying to scam everyone!

  36. gariell says:


    I can see why you are upset but I don’t think that the poor girl answering the phone can do much to eliminate the scammy practises of her superiors. We prefer to report these operations to the authorities and hassle the organizers of these campaigns.
    We at Gariell are not appreciated by these bottom feeders and that is the way we like it.


  37. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness i saw this before i went on the website i heard the commercial on the radio for this..i got excited so i called the number and they told me to go on the website…i went to go look it up and i found this!!

  38. gariell says:


    Glad the site and fellow readers could be of help


  39. thr says:

    I went to a spanish station and they said caller 7 was goin to win a free vacation so I called n they answered the phone and said I was caller 7 and that I had won a free vacation but it was live and every body that was lisening to the radio station was hearing me that I had won those trip tickets later they asked for my moms credit card so we gave it to them are adress. Are names and are cell phone numbers was this a scam it was the station 9 la ranchers 930 they are located in florida orlando

  40. gariell says:


    I cann’t answer that one for you. One question for you, if the trip is free why do they need a credit card?


  41. Anonymous says:

    I received a postcard in the mail stating that I won a free cruise and 2 airline tickets. It also stated that they were unable to reach me to let me know of my winnings. I called the toll free number and spoke to a scam artist call, Justin, after answering certain questions and made an appointment for the presntation. I knew this was some sort of scam. I looked in the phone book for a listing for Destination Unlimited in Manalapan NJ. No listing. I viewed possible scam sights on my computer and was not at all surprised to read about these slims. I only gave them my phone number nothing else. Call the scammers and cxld my appointment. I asked them if they were able to close their eyes and sleep with an honest mind.

    Marianne/ January 12, 2010

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