Harris Explorations Pump And Dump?

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Pump and Dump, scam, Uncategorized
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I received this this morning and quite frankly it doesn’t look too convincing. Would a promoter spam out a such a poor quality “bulletin”? It looks more like a very unprofessional trying his hand at the old pump and dump scam.

From: mikeatvine@akanthoscapital.com
Subject: Bill Gates dies only weeks atfer retiring from mirocsoft
Date: July 15, 2008 8:14:24 AM EDT (CA)

Were still way up perctage-wise as the closin.g bell rings to announce
the end -of the day
This is one proimsigncompany here make sure not to missout

C o m p a n y: H a r r i s E x p l o r a t i o n s
Pi Nk Sh eets: [H `X `P `N ]
Ask: 0.05
7D_Estim: 0.12
A-vdice: [B U Y]

If you havent jumped on yet now is the time
Get with yuor bbanker imediately!

  1. James says:

    there are so many ponzi scheme operations out there. They’ve found all the loop holes to get around legalities.

    this was a good article on ponzi schemes.

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