Dr. Simeon Nyachae Real Estate Investment Scam

Posted: May 27, 2008 in 419 Nigerian scams, advanced fees scam, E-Mail fraud, Identity theft, investment scam
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This is a dead give away scam. Old Doc Nyachae wants me to contact him at his “private and personal” email address at yahoo.co.uk. Everyone and their uncle should know that there is nothing private about a free email address that even a four year old can get.
Think about it, big time real estate investor has to spam email inorder to attract a partner. Give me a break!

From: simeonnyachae.private171@yahoo.co.uk
Date: May 21, 2008 1:34:16 AM EDT (CA)
Reply-To: simeonnyachae.private172@yahoo.co.uk

Good day,

I am looking for your cooperation in building a Tourist Hotel or Real Estate in your country. I am sorry if this is not in line with your

I need an experienced person to assist me to set up, develop the project or help me contact someone is capable of controling such a large project. On the resumption of the project, you will be made a Director for the role and the assistance you rendered. You will also be entitled to a percentage agreed upon between me (DR SIMEON NYACHAE) and you before the commencement of the project.

Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated and I shall give you more information on this project. Please contact me at my private.
e-mailaddress : simeonnyachae.private171@yahoo.co.uk
Thanks and God bless.


  1. Lisa says:

    This is a new one . . . at least to me. I am familar with the DHL scam, PAYPAL, amazon, bank account and several others. There are 7 great ways to handle this type of phishing email listed on our site to help people know how to avoid these messages and what to do if they get them.

  2. gariell says:

    Thanks for comment and nice site. Here it is readers http://identitytheftsecrets.com

  3. Natalie Nyachae says:

    Hello my name is Natalie Joy Nyachae and i was born 17 years ago in Stoke-On-Trent. My dad is called David Nyachae from kenya and Im looking for him. As you have the last name as I, I was hopeing that you would know.

    Pleas Pleas right back

  4. gariell says:

    Natalie Nyachae,

    I think ya got this wrong, sounds like a legit email. Maybe you could respond. It won’t cost you anything..


  5. Natalie Nyachae says:

    sorry if i have this all wrong, its just that I thought that someone would know how my father is, as i’v been looking for him for 17 years

    pleas respond

  6. Natalie Nyachae says:

    …. Its just that u had the name nyachae and i have to so i just thought you would know who david nyachae is

  7. gariell says:


    I wish you well in your search for your father, however, the above spam email is a scam and they may just using the Nyachae name as a front for the scam.


  8. Moses Nyachae says:

    not sure if i’m doing this right but this is a message for natalie. Believe it or not, I am your Uncle (david’s brother. Please get in touch. I live in Kent and i have supplied my email address to Gariell. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

    god bless


  9. Moses Nyachae says:

    Gariell, i would be most grateful if you could pass on my contact details to Natalie as I would very much like to get in touch with her. many thanks

  10. Moses Nyachae says:

    By the way, if it was not abundantly obvious, the investment proposal above is a complete scam. i should know as the real Simeon Nyachae(not a doctor by the way) is my dad.

  11. gariell says:


    Here is the email address, musa31@btinternet.com, Contact this person if you wish. It is not our policy to give this type of information on line. However, I am breaking the rules and hope I don’t regret it!

  12. Moses Nyachae says:

    Gariell, sorry for the mix-up. I was hoping you had Natalie’s email address in your database and you could forward on my email address to her rather than post it on your blog site(in case she does not re-visit the site).i realise that from your perspective, this is all over and above the call of duty, but i assure you it is all 100% legit and you would be doing both Natalie and i a great service. your help would be truly appreciated. many thanks in advance.

  13. frank says:

    I also receive this mail from Dr. Nyachae early this year and am still investigating him .Moses do you have a brother named Christopher Nyachae?

  14. OMG says:

    they send me over 10000 mails with a atachment. WHere i can stop this bullshit?

  15. gariell says:


    The only solution is to get an anti-spam program or simply delete the crap as it comes in.


  16. danu says:

    Dear All,
    Two weeks ago i have received this email already. In first time i felt it is not a scam but after i follow their order, i felt this is a scam. In the end of step They ask me some money to be prepared when one of their staff from finance agency arrive in my country and meet me. Also I searched already in the internet for the finance company but there is no data shown regarding this company.
    If all of you now about it please inform me.

  17. gariell says:

    Steer clear of this bottom feeder and yes a little research often tells the tale. Nothing more than some lowlife trying to scam innocent people

  18. Me says:

    any one can see its another stupid scam from africa

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