Stories like this one just break my heart and motivate me to continue this site. If only one person can be forewarned about a scam, it is worth my time and effort. These low life bottom feeders merit nothing less than the worst that life has to offer and then some.
The BBC published the following, take a moment and read the following about a student that committed suicide after falling victim to a scam read here

  1. Amrith = South Africa says:

    Hi. I rcvd a mail from a Micheal Stewart representing a loan co. from India-
    I m aware of these s o b scammers n I play them along for as long as I can. I get to to call me so it does not cost me.
    I replied to his mail n told him that I can’t get into the site he has given me so he needs to call me for us to proceed further.
    I will string him along as I’ve done with the others. The strange part of all of this is that the fone a UK no.
    This is now very obvious so let this s o b call me.
    I m not sure if there is a way that these b*”+)(rds can get caught.
    Pls let me know so we can at least start to put an end to these low life dogs.


    Amrith Sahadeo
    South Africa

  2. Help Others. Stop Scammers. Report Scam, Cheaters, Hoax, Fraud, Ripoffs.

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