This is a newer approach to a good old scam. It it could involve advanced fees or perhaps some money laundering.
Save yourself the grief and do not respond to this email.

To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
Received-On: 03/10/08 9:54 AM
Subject: PROPOSAL…
I wish to introduce you to this highly prospective crude oil sale venture. What do I mean? I propose that we become partners in a crude oil sales project under the umbrella of the National Petroleum Agency of Sao Tome and Principe. I am presently in Sao Tome and Principe Liaison in South Africa .

In this project, we will register either your company or a joint company with the local Corporate Affairs Commission of Sao Tome and Principe ; re-assign an already allocated crude oil sale license to the company and act as representative of the Petroleum Agency in selling of crude oil to the end buyers.

I have assisted a company based in Oman , Middle East to secure a crude oil sale license allocation in 2005. The director of this company, Mr. Ahmed Syed could not actualize his dream in this project as he; the sole owner of the company was unfortunately struck by stroke therefore incapable of involving in active business.

I will package you as the crude oil sale license beneficiary if you are interested. We would re-assign the sale license earlier given to Mr. Ahmed to your/our company. This will give your company/our joint company the legal authority to act as crude oil sales agent/representative for the petroleum agency.

The assignment of the crude oil sale license allocation to our company gives us the privilege to operate as first lifters of crude oil from the block. This attracts US$2.00 discount per barrel to the lifter. The US$2.00 is our (lifter) entitlement from the local petroleum agency (national petroleum agency), also been able to get final buyers entitles us also to a US$1.00 discount from the discount given to the end buyer as “mandates”. As we are going to be lifting 2 million barrels per month from the block, US$2.00 discount from local petroleum agency sums up to US$4 million per month. And US$1.00 discount from the end buyer comes to US$2 million per month.

This totals to US$6 million gross coming to our group per transaction/per month. On equity sharing ration, both of us will be netting in a cool US$6 Million as profits monthly. This proceeds known as commissions will be shared equally on equity between the both of us at the end of every sales operation month. This implies that shall both go home with US$3 Million each.

This project is highly prospective and presently the most legitimate money making machinery someone can set up. What is so interesting about the project is that our both presence is not much needed, rather after the registration of your/our company and obtaining the crude oil sales license, we would connect buyers to the Petroleum Agency by any means we choose and our commissions will be directed instantly to our nominated company bank co-ordinates.

I will gladly appreciate your understanding and keen interest to be part of this moving train called CRUDE OIL SALES VENTURE.

Get back urgently.

  1. Dear Mr. Jonathan Pears

    I read your article and I am interesred in joining in tje crude oil sale venture. I work for a reputable group that interested to join in the oil sale coordination business.

    Please advise what can we do ? I am ready to meet you when ever you like.

  2. gariell says:

    Nice touch but not a good idea to respond to the scammers.

  3. mohamed says:


    but we need more details

  4. D.A.L says:

    Dear Mr Johnattan Pears

    We deal in physical lifting of crude oil.We are being told that this is a scamm..Hum ..well does sound like it..We have heard worse from NNPC.Contact us IMMEDIATELY Please

  5. gariell says:

    What more do you need to know? If this is a legit offer, let them sent you a few hundred bucks. Unless your name is “undisclosed-recipients” I imagine they will not respond. Check around the site and make up your mind, Scam?

  6. gariell says:

    It would be a shame if you hurt your back lifting all that crude oil, do you use a bucket? If you are will these bottom feeders are offering ” the most legitimate money making machinery someone can set up. ” Must be amazing, real high tech straight from yours truly in Nigeria, the home of modern innovation and advancements in petroleum extraction.

  7. Ebi says:

    What are u into?

  8. Manoj pandey says:

    Mr jonathan good evening can you tell me about Natinal petroleum agency NPA ,SAO TOME AND PRINCEPE > because they are informing me again and again for join that venture.

    I don “t have more Idea and nothing for invest ment if you are rich men please can you help me

    I am awaiting for your reply thanking you .

    Manoj Pandey.

  9. Eke Ikechukwu C. says:

    i have about 4 million barrels of crude oil and i am seeking for a REAL buyer.If you are serious,hit me on my email.Thanks

  10. Modo Oil says:

    Modo Oil is a crude oil company which offer facilitation service to both sellers and buyers of crude oil. We have on our database genuine sellers and buyers of crude oil. See more about our service at

    We make buying and selling of crude oil an easy process.

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