Miss Karolin Kouassi 419 Demon Scammer

Posted: February 11, 2008 in 419 Nigerian scams, advanced fees scam, E-Mail fraud
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I thought this one was not worth a post, but upon further examination, well here it is. A sick feeling set upon my colon when reading this scam, the nerve of this scammer to use the name of the Almighty God to bait an unsuspecting individual into their web. It is a disgrace. Rare are the occasions where these bottom feeders merit more than a simple post on our sites, but this one is one too many, pull up your socks Kouassi, you’re in for a long ride!

From: kouassi_karolin@yahoo.fr
Subject: Urgent Proposal.
Date: February 11, 2008 4:54:35 AM EST (CA)
To: kouassi_karolin@yahoo.fr
Reply-To: karolin_kouassi@yahoo.fr

Hello Dear.

Miss Miss Karolin Kouassi is my name a citizen of IVORY COAST Africa I belive you are the rightful person to assist me and my brother without any problem or betrayal of trust among each other and I want you to know that it is the spirit of the Almighty God that directed us to you.
This is to introduce you into project of transfering the sum of ($10.million) .,which I needed it to leave here soon regarding the same political problem if not we shall lose it.

However,the fund belonged to my late father Engr.Raymond Konan Kouassi) but he died due to the political problem .please if my proposal accept kindly send your full informations to further you in more details I needed your assistance.

Mean while hope to talk about your percentage in the next mail,,,Enclose your full contact details for more trust.

Best regards

Miss Karolin Kouassi.

  1. mr. black says:

    sum1 mailed me, her name is anik kouassi, asking my name and bank accounts number, who is she by way.. she told me that she needed my account where she can deposit her father’s money for no one can access it due to that money is for foreign partner only and she dont have credentials to have it fully… pls help cause i had already sent my reply with my data there… thank you…

  2. gariell says:

    Mr. Black,
    If you have already sent personal banking information, it would be a good idea to notify your banking institution and follow their recommendations .

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