Guess what? It’s a scam. Just like all the other lottery scams reported on in past posts.

Subject: Reference Number:LSLUK/4034/8161!!!
Date: January 27, 2008 8:58:28 AM EST (CA)

Holland E-Lottery
Reference Number:LSLUK/4034/8161

We are happy to announce to you that your email address has won the
lumpsum pay out of 1,000,000.00 (One Million Euro ) on our draw(Category
B) of 21st of January 2008, credited to Batch Number:11/621/2PDH
/DZRS/NL/07. The draw was done lectronically with several email addresses
provided to this office by Microsoft to enhance the utilization of the

To claim your prize,you are to contact the claims department through your
assigned claims agent with your reference number and the listed details

(1)Full Name:
(3)Country of Residence:
(6)Telephone Number:
(7)Marital Status:
(8)Email Address:
(9)Refrence Number/Batch Number:

Person: Terry Blanks
Phone: +31647275435

Yours Truly,
James P Heller(Online Coordinator).

  1. Anonymous says:

    i receved email that i won 1000.000 euros must pay delivery fee ins. fee two totals dollars and a cheaper for 700 plus wants funds with in 48 hours only 7 days to complete from beeing notifed of winn thank you GM

  2. gariell says:


    I Guess that the bottom feeders figure that they can just outright ask for money and us numbnuts will send it without asking any questions. Amazing!

  3. Oprean Mihaela says:

    I,ve been in tha same situation-I received e-mail
    that I won 1,000,000,000 $ above the similar text

    It was mede an advice to contact the”events agent manager”named CARL +229 97729789-Fax/nr +220 07648925,IN ORDER TO SENT 950$ TO PROCESS THE CURRIER ————-

    The initial mesage was sent form “public relation officer-BRITISH EMBASSY”(Lottery c0-ordinator)

    If there is someone to send detalis about this persons Ill appreciate

    naby thanks

  4. Oprean Mihaela says:


  5. gariell says:


    If you send them the 950 bucks, you would probably receive a bogus certificate stating that you are the official winner and entitled to the jackpot. You can see several examples of these certificates here.
    As far as the names go, well they are not the real names of the scammers.

  6. Helle says:;


    (Lucky No 923516729, Award No 524782376,

    You have won Euro in the Lotto ONLINE INT N.L The Netherlands which was
    held on the 29nd of Mar 2008. Your winning numbers are given above,For
    further Clarification and procedure please Contact

    Mr. Mark Harris
    Tel: 00 31 681 094 539,
    Mrs.Suzan Rusland

  7. Anonymous says:

    same shit, put it into your junkmailfilter and do not answer

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