If you receive a SMS text message similar to the one below, do yourself a favour and don’t respond. Should you respond one of two or both of the following will happen.

First of all, often the number you dial may be a recording referring you to another number which happens to be to a premium rate number and you will be charged on a per minute basis for the call and these fees can be quite hefty. In this case the actual call back number is a premium rate number.

Secondly, should you actually furnish the information requested, you could expose yourself to a number of other scams involving identity theft, advance payments fees and other types of fraud. Don’t get baited by these fraudsters.

Graeme Wearden offers some helpful hints on how to detect and avoid SMS scams.

mssage from cel # 09094317035, dated 01-24-08 at 12:58 am, saying congrats!ur cel# had won worth 800,000.00+N70 Celphone/thru electronic raffle draw frm Phil. Charity Foundation>During our 50th annvrsary/last 01>01>08/Send ur Name,Age&add>DTI-NCR PERMIT#4770/SecReg.#A-1970101568/4more info’s how to claim!pls call now Atty. Eduardo C.javier


I guess these idiots can’t read. Check out the comment below from Atty. Venus A. Ayala. There is dumb, dumber and dumbest. Guess where aka Venus A. Ayala falls?


Please remember that 090 numbers are premium numbers. Don’t bother calling them unless you want to waste your money. You will be charged for these calls. Of course, if you want to talk to a bonified scammer go ahead.
Naturally, I am referring to the ones you receive in this type of email.

  1. oliver says:

    the same message:

    Notice From: D’Auditors of the PGMA Charity Foundation inform u dat ur Cp no# Won Php 900,000 last 1.31 2008 Pls. Call me now I;m Atty. Venus A. Ayala – cellphone number of Atty. Ayala is: 09173689397

  2. gariell says:

    Mange de la merde! Take your 09 number and stick it you know where. All our sites are on your case, you’re dead meat A…H..le.

  3. PF says:

    Now they have changed the wording in this fraud to:

    CONGRATS! PGMA FOUNDATION informing that your CELL nos. WON 2ndprize p950,000 drawn last.03-07-2008, CALL ME NOW I’M Ms.RHEA CORTEZ

    And the number is changed also… but still a 0905… number

  4. just some one says:


    attorney william gomez

    d auditor of PGMA charity foundation inform u dat ur cel# won 950000 2nd prize winner draw last march 29 call now im attorney william gomez

    someone should report them to XXX or imbestigador

  5. thug says:

    “d auditor of PGMA charity foundation inform u dat ur cel# won 950000 2nd prize winner draw last march 31 call now im attorney william gomez” — from 09273048963

    these scams must be stopped before more and more people get baited..

  6. rose says:

    this number was by atty.09203284726 sent also mssage from my cel, dated 04-08-08 at 12:58 am, saying congrats!ur cel# had won worth 800,000.00+N70 Celphone/thru electronic raffle draw frm Phil. Charity Foundation>During our 50th annvrsary/last 01>01>08/Send ur Name,Age&add>DTI-NCR PERMIT#4770/SecReg.#A-1970101568/4more info’s how to claim!pls call now Atty. Eduardo C.Javier

  7. RICHARD says:

    D’Auditorsn of the
    PGMA. Charity
    inform u dat ur Cp no# Won
    Php. 950,000 last
    4,10 2008 Pls! call me now
    This no# & name to be promise my win, I REPLY THIS NAME! BUT Im not HAPPY TO RESULT! THIS IS A SCAM!

  8. gariell says:

    Thank you for the input, lets keep the bottom feeders on the run!

  9. reyjavic says:

    i’ve been victimized too.the user name is atty antonio solis.then i was refferred to judge zamora,ken reyes,blu rib com.here are their nos.09069285668.blu rib com.this is a live no.pls track down this number to make this criminals pay.antonio solis dead no is 09212084574.ken reyes09065032225. atty ed javier
    09093565831.judge zamora09187572837.i first got the winning msg last jan 21.i just called blu rib com i’m hearing visayan gibberish.i spent over a thousand pesos of load & calls.hope u can bring this criminals in justice para wala na sila mabiktima.

  10. concerned citizen says:

    When it’s too good to be true do not reply. Received a text message from a so called Atty. Maretes ( a visayan spelling) Gonzale saying that I am a PGMA 2nd prize winner of P950,000.00. The cel #+639207620473.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I got scammed too. I was on roaming as well. Super Annoying and emotionally draining. So I thought Atty. Jerry S. Osmena and Brayan Garcia Tamano are pretty good people but when I gave them fake details and played along with their scam. They were insisting that I should finish the transaction within the end of the day. If you’re a true winner, they shouldn’t be rushing you to claim your price!!

    Text Message as follows:
    Welcome! mabuhay philippines! im atty. Jerry s.osmeña from charity office, ur int’l r0ming no# had won 1st prize 3million php during d 7th anniversary electronic raffles celebration, sponsor by her excellency pres. Gloria macapagal arroyo, exclusive for 0fw-0cw, working abroad. Pls call now ty. (+639193324146)

    Called Atty. Osmeña and was asking for my full name, address, passport number, nature of work and my smart number. Referred to Mr. Brayan Garcia Tamayo, who was a worker in “Malacañang Finance Department” 238 Gate 7, Maharlika Hall, Malacañang Palace Philippines.

    Mr. Tamayo explained to me the procedures on how to collect the prize; by using Western Union to the said address and person. There’s a 1% Currency Devalue that I have to pay for since they converted the money from 3million Php to $75,000 USD which is $750. They insist that the transaction must be completed today or else they’ll release the winning money for the calamity funds. Ooohkay, it got a bit dodgy at that point. (+639204563187)

    Seriously, these scammers must be stopped as they are using the gov’t for their own selfish agendas.

  12. gariell says:


    Sorry to hear that the bottom feeder got your attention and wasted your precious time. Rest assured that your experience will save another person from falling for the scam. Many thanks and keep smiling, the big guy is on your side.

  13. alex says:

    yes ako din ngayon lang na send ng message na to and their numbers are active and they instruct you to follow their rules so you can get the money…… tama na po ang lokohan sa kapwa GOD BLESS

  14. jayfrte says:

    me 2 are gone in that scam so they must do something about it,,,maybe theymust published it in t.v or papers so yhat more people are aware of this kind of thing which is considered alarming

  15. jayfre says:

    do something about it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  16. gariell says:


    This is what this site is all about, getting the word out and exposing these bottom feeders. Spread the word and let’s make the internet scam free.

  17. scammers! name used dick perez says:

    Got same text msg of having won achuchu!lol!pathetic fools!I wish they get jailed soon..I’ll circulate with friends in canada so they get exposed..the number to block is 63929665668 using may12 ncr dti 0063 and scammers alias is dick v perez..pls. Help stop this by warning fellow filipinos and ofws..*what a shame!

  18. amg07 says:

    i recieved same txt yesterday and i was so innocent when i called the following # then the bla!bla! they recieved some money from me, then i realized that i got fraud from this people but its too late…
    Txt msg: Dated May 11, MABUHAY The CFPhilsPGMA Special Div.<ofc n4mingur roaming# had won 40,000 dollars during our electronic draw PANGKABUHAYAN 2008 PARA SA MGA OFW/OCW.. Sec. HELENA D. REYES. Pls. stop this now

  19. amg07 says:

    friends thier # is still active you can send this people txt msgs 09296596333

  20. jay says:

    if you know d truth the 8 will set us free…

  21. may nagtext din sa akin ng ganyan na nanalo ako ng P950,000 cash at may tatawagan daw. naerase ko n yun pero but want to confirm this through internet.

  22. gariell says:


    I don’t think it is a good idea to call that number unless you have some free money to spend, it is a pay per minute number and expect to receive a bill for your call.

  23. Purita Beedy says:

    I just recieved first time i did not respond second time because of my sister i did call this no.9298537745
    Frm. d auditors of the PGMA Charity foundation the lady that i talked said that i will send my name and address after sending it it came up to my mind that if its true it shows in the website BUT haha how can this pilipinos distroyed this PGMA this is disgusting,corruption pinoy talaga
    thanks for that website now i can consider my self dumb dumber dumest now they just tex me to call them back how can we prevent this scam?

  24. not-easy-to-fool says:

    Got a similar txt today with Atty. Roldan G. Reyes as the man I should call 09097537734. Because I knew that it was a scam, I didn’t call him but txt him back (out of fun) with the query,” Is this a hoax or 4 real?” Until now, no reply – proof enough that it was a swindle.
    So always be careful.

  25. gariell says:


    New name same scheme, however, I do not recommend any contact with these bottom feeders. It only allows them to notice that their scum bag schemes are circulating. Mind you it is fun at times to respond in a sarcastic way, but still not recommended.

  26. gariell says:


    So glad you found the site! If we can save someone from getting scammed by these bottom feeders, well as they say, it is all worth while.
    As for dealing with these scum bags, well silence is the best medicine. Just flush any correspondence you may receive from them and they will soon get the message that you will not be a victim of their deceiving ways.

  27. dmist24 says:

    yes, got this message minutes ago.. and i google for “d’ auditors of charity”… and tada! i found this site.. thanks for being informative enough.. as soon as i get the text message it was instantly put in my mind that its another scam… its just sad that some innocent people (mostly non techy/ non informed people) get scammed..

  28. gariell says:

    Glad to hear that you flushed the bottom feeder, a tip of the hat to you!

  29. Philip says:

    I had the same message saying that my cell number had won P950,000, I did not believe it!! but unfortunately my wife went beserk with excitement, I tried to explain to her but she would not listen, she txt her bank details, name, address and sent him a Smart load number, (he asked for 10!!, Who are these people?? scum as far as I am concerned. the cell no he called from is: 639205735861, he calls himself Atty.Venus A.Ayala (Male answers phone) Regards Philip

  30. Joanna says:

    They are at it again!!!
    I just received this at 2:11pm today… from the number:


    Pres:GMA&PHILS Charity
    Foundt’n GrandAnnivrsary
    Ur WON
    Php/480.000oo DTI-NCR#
    0380 Series2008
    4DTAILS CallmeNow! (Atty.

    It was too good to be true! But I still called the number. I asked “is this true?” hahaha. Of course, the male voice on the other line answered “yes, totoo po ito” and goes on to explain that this is from the President, anniversary promo, electronic raffle thing… it’s the 2nd grand Prize but 10 people won the 2nd grand prize, blah, blah, blah! I should text my full name, address and age to the same text number and call back for more details. Good thing i was able to find your site and confirm that it was a scam.

    I still cant believe that things like these happen. Shame on them!

  31. lois says:

    hay naku my fathers recieve these kind of txt and i told him that he need 2 ignore it coz walang kwentang txt lang un..untill i research these website..and saw these blog…im not mistake! mga kalokohan lang tlga ang natanggap nyang txt if papatol ka 2wa ung gang na un…ATTY.VENUS G.AYALA FUCK OFF!!! her number is 639298537314…stop fooling other people…makarma sana kyng gumagawa nang masama!

  32. azzij says:

    funny… i got the same message, and here it goes:

    “D’AUDITORS of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION nform you that your CELFON # WON P950,000 2nd prize winner, draw last May/26/08/Pls Call me now I’m MR. ALFRED A CHUA”
    – 09093332542

    I typed it exactly the way it was sent to me. I just replied him with “ok. just send it in my account”. 🙂

    these people should be put in jail… i pray for those who fell for them.

  33. Ordinary guy says:

    Received txt message on May 28, 2008:

    nform u, that ur CELFON nos. WON PHP500,000.00 2nd
    prize winnder drw Lst 5/27/08 PLS CALL ME NOW IM,

    cell num registered: +639273647078

    1. Did not reply. Cleary a scam
    a. PGMA would give P500k? hahaha .. funny
    b. Charity giving money? They need the money
    to continue their out-reach program
    c. Must provide at least a landline or
    office address

  34. gariell says:

    Ordinary guy,

    Thanks for your comment. Good investigative approach. I am sure that you will not be one of their “customers.”

  35. gariell says:


    I guess this one is still alive, remember though don’t call the number, it will cost you.


  36. gariell says:

    No doubt it is a scam. I always say don’t even bother to respond to these Bottom Feeders, it just lets them know that people actually read their crap.

  37. gariell says:

    Sorry to hear that the Misses went ahead and sent along your personal info.
    It would be wise to inform your financial institution of the situation and see what they suggest. As for the Smart Load Number, well, I assume it is for cell phone use, perhaps you could contact them as well.
    The most important thing is to cut off all communication with the bottom feeders.
    Good Luck and let us know how things turn out if you wish.

  38. lauro says:

    I received a message last may 21/08



  39. dj allan says:

    i just recieved the same message above this 30 of may 08 that i won 650.000php under pgma charity w/ central bank ,,first im confuse if it is true or not. so for curiosity i called the guy name atty arnold b chua w/ his number 09173745972 and his asking my detail and hes going to send the said price thru western union i didnt believe him that much so i checked the web and thank this give me a good idea and good descision not to entertain this guy so thats it!!!!!! i was fraud too bec i waste my time and my phone credits to clarify ,,thanks again atleast it didnt go far .

  40. Ivory says:

    Got the same message though
    D, Autditors of PGMA charity foundation would like to inform you that your cell phone# had won php 950,000.00 2nd prize draw last May 29, 2008 DTI permit#3219 pls call me now i’m atty Jeff C. Tuazon.
    What in the earth these people thinks what they’re doing! With this huge amount of money, text messaging is not a good tool to communicate with the winner! Such a jerk though to say “Call me now “. Good thing internet is the key. With being resourceful, internet saves many people from this type of mess!
    I encourage many people to find out for more resources and not be so gullible about a lot ot money matter deals.

  41. Laarni says:

    My sister at the age of 9 got this text message too.
    what the heck.? it says:

    The Autditors of PGMA charity foundation would like to inform you that your cell phone# had won php 950,000.00 2nd prize draw last May 26, 2008 DTI permit#3219 pls call me now i’m atty. Ricardo J. Perez Jr. -09098084956

    wow.we’re not stupid. Ha Ha Ha =))

  42. sirc says:

    just received the same text scam from ATTY. JOEY CHUA cell no. 9098197192: d’Auditors of phil charity foundation nform u dat ur celfon no. won php 950,000.00 2nd prize winner. draw last 05/29/08. Pls call me now.

    Hahaha! I textd back: ok take d half of the prize..!

  43. ryan says:

    now the name has been changed to “Michelle Santos”. Bunch of losers!

  44. crager gensan says:

    i also received txt from Atty, Roldan G. Reyes saying that i won P850,000. i thought it was true because the way they speak makes you believe that is real. mabuti na lang nag-internet ako at nabasa ko tong mga comments na ito. salamat at di ako nabiktima ng malaki only P200.00
    maawa naman sana sila sa kapwa Pilipino nila. naghihirap na nga tayong lahat may mga tao pang halang ang kaluluwa na lukuhin ang kapwa nila. May sinasabi pang “God Bless sir___ ” tawag po kayo pag nakabili na kayo ng 10pcs. na smart card na P300.00. para siguro gagamitin nila yon sa panloloko pa ng iba.
    grabe pati Diyos sinasama na nila….

    guyzzz salamat sa inyong lahat muntik na din akong maloko…..

  45. Anna Sy says:

    Hi,I just received a msg from 09054223750, it goes like this: CONGRAT’s PGMA.FOUNDATION informing that u’r CP no. WON P950,000 2ndprize winner,drawn last 06-01-2008,CALL US NOW I’M Ms.RHEA CORTEZ.DTI PERMIT #0438 SERIES 2008. Actually i already called and talked with the said name rhea but in the middle of our conversation the line went busy so i called her again but she didn’t answer. I also texted her but she didn’t reply, and i got the feeling that i should check for more info in the internet, and thank God i came across to this site. kung hindi kung nakita tong site i would’ve keep on calling, i mean i don’t trust them fully pero naninigurado lang ako. By the way,since nakausap ko cla and natext ko, how can they scam me? ask ko lang..kasi i have a gcash and me laman na money, pwede ba nila mascam un? or ung load ko?Do i need to buy a new sim ba? pls advise me. Thanks so much!

  46. M.... June 5, 2008 11:36 am says:

    i also received a message frm 09298536669 saying that i won 950,000 last june 3, 2008. He said that he is atty. jessie g. ramos, and also to col him back…….. so i did col him… and then told me about this stuff.. on how to claim my prize. giving me 3 options.. kung pupunta aq sa central bank, ipa dor 2 dor or by bank account.. but actually i dont trust him 100%.. so i tried searching on the net.. and then i found out that its just a textscam…

  47. frank says:

    i recieved the MESSAGE from this number, 09297309591, congrats! ur cell # had won worth P800,000,00+N70 CELPHONE THRU ELECTRONIC RAFFLE DRAW, from phil.CHARITY FOUNDATION DURING 50TH ANNVRSRY/ 3RD PRIZE WINNER,DRAW LAST 05/01/08 SEND URCOMPLETE NAME, AGE ANDADDs DTI NCR# 4870 SEC.REG. # A-1970101568. 4 MORE INF’s HO9W TO CLAIM! PLS CALL NOW ATTY.EDUARDO C.JAVIER.

  48. gariell says:

    Thanks for example and hope you didn’t call

  49. gariell says:

    Glad you took the time to check them out on our site, that is the reason this site exists, we are a public service and glad to do it.

  50. kris says:

    i also received a msg. ang sabi nga sya daw si sec. antonio veloso. nanalo nga daw kami ng 680,000.00 from pres. GMA charity fund. buti na lang matalino ako. hahaha… akala nila makakapanloko pa sila ha.

  51. raffyv says:

    I also received a similar message.. I called the number, and got a “government employee vibe” from the speaker.. You know.. tired, disgruntled, rude.. It actually sounded legit! ^_^

    Yeah, right.. I knew it was most likely fake.. Nearly forgot all about it.. Then, a friend received one just like it! She got all excited and told me about it.. And I remarked how stupid it was to shout it to the world, if it were true.

    Curious, I decided not to tell her about my own message.. I kept reminding her though not to get her hopes up.. She asked me to accompany her to the BSP..

    There we learned that it was indeed a scam, and that at least 5 people go there to claim.. One person even hired police escorts!

    It turns out that we were victim # 2 that day..

  52. raffyv says:

    edit: at least 5 people go to claim each day

  53. - - -gurly of negros- - - says:

    just received the message today from cp # +639296677714 and it goes like this…
    Notice From: D’Auditors of The PGMA,Charity Foundation inform u dat ur Cp no# won Php950,000 last 06/05/08 Pls!Call me n0w IM ATTY,JESSIE G. RAMOS dti#3470″

    I checked the internet and found this site…thanks…

  54. jhun of Taguig says:

    I just received a message today (June 10) saying:
    ” D’ AUDITORS OF PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION N’FORM u dat ur CELFON no# Won P.950,000 2nd Prize draw Last. June (9). Pls call me now im Atty. ARMANDO M. LOPEZ.” Mobile no. he used was 09269759742. Guys I am warning you, this is really a text scam. If this is true, why he refused to give his landline no. when I asked him about it. All he wanted to know are the financial informations…and ready to victimized.

  55. Jhay Poplar says:

    Just receive the same text message from this Mobile no. 09213081563 a.k.a PGMA Foundation informing me that my cell # won 1M via electronic raffle during their annual anniversary. How I wish it’s true… but it will only happen if will find myself a magic lamp… lol…

    I’m sure they are not using their own names but here is the contact person in the message:

    Atty. Mariano M. Chavez (PRT # 1404095)
    Monetary Board Director
    Mobile: 09213081563
    DTI Permit: 02136-08

    I did receive the several text messages from my previous Mobile Nos. and it seems they won’t give up until they become millionaires as what they want their innocent and poor victims want to think they will become once they follow their deceiving tactics.

    Someone must stand up to stop this crime. All I can do right now is to warn everyone not to give in and believe these ****** *******. So if you are in power and you can do something about this, please do your part to stop this crime.

  56. gariell says:


    Thanks and one more for for the list.


  57. gariell says:

    gurly of negros

    Glad the site was helpful.


  58. gariell says:


    We try to expose as many as possible and comments like yours are very helpful in the on going fight against the bottom feeders.

  59. gariell says:

    Jhun of Taguig,

    Let’s hope your comment doesn’t fall on deaf ears and thanks.


  60. Tolits says:

    Received the same text message as those above. This time identifying herself as Mrs. Rubie Bautista and using the number +63927-3647078

  61. meriam of kuwait says:

    just recvd a message june 13, 2008 from cel # 63928342029, so what i did i browse in the internet if it is really true. And now i found out it’s all kalokohan panloloko sa kapwa natin pinoy. this is the message: D’ Auditor of Phil. Charity Foundationh inform you dat ur celfon no. Won P.950,0002nd prize winner, drw last june 12, 2008 DTI # 0522. Pls call now im Atty
    Alvin G. Chua.

    meriam, june 13, 2008

  62. gariell says:

    meriam of kuwait

    Glad you took the time to visit our site before reacting to the scam


  63. Larla says:

    got the same message today in my roaming no. so i texted back using chikka that they should be ashamed of themselves fooling people for money, d sila magtrabaho ng maayos mga manloloko. did not receive any reply. this has been going on for a long time now why nothing is being done to stop this.

  64. abby says:

    I received the same text message yesterday morning at exactly 5:07 am. This was the exact message:

    D’AUDITORS of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION nform u dat ur CELFON nos. WON P 950,000 2nd prize winner, drw last, jun,13,2008 DTI#0522. PLS. CALL ME NOW. im ATTY. ALVIN G. CHUA-+639283420297

    The first thing that entered into my mind is that if I really won something, they should be the one calling me and I’m not the one who will call the back… Also, I know that there are many scams so what I did is I tried to search the internet about this… And so, I was able to find out thru your site that it is really a scam!!! Thank you so much… I hope soon, all of these will stop… Thanks again…

  65. abby of bulcan says:

    I also received the same text message yesterday morning at exactly 5:07 am. This was the exact message:

    D’AUDITORS of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION nform u dat ur CELFON nos. WON P 950,000 2nd prize winner, drw last, jun,13,2008 DTI#0522. PLS. CALL ME NOW. im ATTY. ALVIN G. CHUA-+639283420297

    The first thing that entered into my mind is that if I really won something, they should be the one calling me and I’m not the one who will call the back… Also, I know that there are many scams so what I did is I tried to search the internet about this… And so, I was able to find out thru your site that it is really a scam!!! Thank you so much… I hope soon, all of these will stop… Thanks again…

  66. Anonymous says:

    I get also the spam texters from RHEA CORTEZ and IMELDA LEE. . But naloko ako nakabili ako ng card more than 180 prepaid cards. So, ang halaga non is 49,200. Panlutas sana yun ng lupa.. Kaya lang naloko ako sa spam texter na yan. Kaya lang nabigay ko ang bank account ko pero iba yung address……
    Sana mag-iingat kau sa mga spam texter na yan.,
    Ito ang # ni RHEA CORTEZ= 09054159130 and IMELDA LEE= 09273647610..

  67. manz says:

    manz of las pinas,

    funny…i got the same txt message,SAID:
    D/Auditor/s of PGMA Charity Foundition nform u dat ur cel# Won P950,000 2nd Prize winner draw last June-18-2008 DTI1550s2008 call now i’m Atty.William F.Gomez.cp #.09099866560

    I was surprise bec.i won a big prise,obcourse everbody wants to become wealth,but,we analyze 1st before we do something.

    and THANKZ for ur website…!! i think there are so many people victims of this groups/gangs,if they are NOT AWARE or Resourceful.

  68. gariell says:

    manz of las pinas,

    Thanks for the example and you appreciation of the site.


  69. gariell says:

    Abby of bucan,

    Glad you took the time to to look up our site


  70. Jennelyn says:

    grabe nakarecieve din ako ng ganian text

    “Congrat’s!!!! Ur Cel# had won P480.000+Honda XRM from: PGMA PANGKABUHAYAN Charity Found, 4 info. Call me now! Atty: ROY REYES DTI NCR#0218 Series 2008” +639298083882

    tpos tinwag ko c roy reyes… kinomfirm n i won that price… tpos tinanong nia NAME/AGE/ADDRESS so bnigay ko den pintawag nia ako.. ang siste laging nma2tay so nglod ako ng 60 ala ganun poa rin… nainis ako so i test this person n if its true that i won dat so cla ang tatawag sa kin… den later i call the SMART costumer service un nga cnv ko n gingamit nila ung NAME ni PGMA at sa SMART Subcribers cla kumukuha ng mga cell#… usually daw ung mga ganian promo 4digits lng daw at cla ang tatawag….

  71. gariell says:


    gracias por su comentario. Scams no tiene ningún lenguaje


  72. vilma satsatin says:

    me too…… nascam din peo buti nlg i regret it

  73. vanei says:

    I would like to share with you the text message that my husband received today.He is working in Qatar and he send me this text message coming from a person named Atty. Jerry S. Osmeña saying:
    Welcome!Mabuhay Philippines,im atty.Jarry s. Osmeña from charity foundation.Ur smart int’l roming# had won 1st price 3million php during d 7th anniversary electronic raffles,exclusive to all Ofw-Ocw working abroad.Sponsor by her excellency pres. Gloria macapagal arroyo.For more details,call now.
    My husband did not respond to this text message and I tried checking it 1st thru internet and as usual he is a victim of text scam.
    Hope that this type of modus operandy be stopped and NTC could act on this matter immediately.

  74. francis says:

    my God,,, i have receive same txt yesterday about this scam from atty.alvin c. chua,, fortunately i check this website to confirm if its real…. god bless them…

  75. gariell says:

    Glad you found the site and keep the bottom feeders on the run.

  76. gie says:

    i recieved same txt message this morning.i called the #09057325790,alex c.mendez.as we go along ,i notice irregularity in claiming the prize and it’s unbelievable to by cellcards worth 2100p. just to claim the prize,etc..etc…that moment,i told him ko call me,but he didi not call.i check dti to see if it’s true,& i find this site.now i know this kind of scam still happening.your site is a big help.tnx!!!

  77. Hello I am on smart roaming recieved this text.congrats GMaphils.charity foundation grand anniversary ur sim won 900,000,00php.DTI-NCR B4937
    series mar.26,2008.for details call me now atty.Antonio A. Solis.It’s my first time to recieved this kind of messages but luckily i’ll wait to talk to my friend first Marialuisa ask her about it.Thanks to her,she say it’s a big scam and they set up they own network to charge you a lot for your call.Really the prize very tempting even if you are in abroad.For those who recieved this kind of text messages ignored it.You will lose so much than you expecting to collect.I hope you find soon this person to stop this scam.His cp no.+639296161823.Thanks a lot for this site.Think first before you do the action..If you are in abroad ask first your relatives or family in the philippines.More Power!

  78. rommel says:

    i received txt message from D’AUDITORS of PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION inform you that your celfon # won 950,000 2nd prize winner drawn last 07-01,2008. Pls call now ATTY. VENUS A. AYALA.

  79. rommel says:

    I hope you find soon this person to stop this scam. Bwesit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cel # nya 09298964129 nasa macheck itong cell # ng taong ito kahapon lang lang sya nagsend sa akin ng message…

  80. Donna Thailand says:

    i’m one also who received a text scam but never give a damn to contact the person who sent me the messaage because i’m aware that any raffle draw never uses a 9 number to call nor inform the the winning person. the number who texted me is -+639098126922. please be vigilant always. likewise please do something to stop this act as they victimized others who beleive in fortune.

    Sa mga tao na walang magawa sa buhay kundi man loko may ARAW DIN KAYO. maKAKARMA din kayo…..

  81. Babylyn says:

    hello guy’z! wag kayong magpaloko!aq na ang nagsasabi sa inyo THANK YOU!MAMAMATAY NA SANA SILANG LAHAT!

  82. Babylyn says:

    hello guy’z! wag kayong magpaloko!aq na ang nagsasabi sa inyo THANK YOU!MAMATAY NA SANA SILANG LAHAT!

  83. grace says:

    i also received a text messae from atty.jerry osmena and sme message that ived won 3M as afirst price blah blah blah…it sounded good n pinaikot nya aq…i even tell this to my boyfreind and we agreed hy not t5o give it a try…i even tell this to my sister in the phil to search first the name hat i gave her. but unfortunately nsilaw ako even my boyfriend because as this moment we really need a money…first they ask me $750 for the charge in western union i ask if we can give only half they said its okey i jst send $250 at first then they gave me the control number in western union after i send money i called them even the vice president kuno ng main branch in makati.they tel me i just need to clear the transaction and send the balance of the half amount.on the next day i send the balance of $125 which came from my boyfriend.after i send money they said they wil oing to text me to activate the control number.after few minutes i try to call them but the mobile was already off…the sad part i just owe that money because i just came back from the phils and i undergo surgery tas maloloko lng ako…they are son of a bitch Brayan garcia Tamayo,Victor lopez and Jerry osmena!!!!!!!!!!!!all of you will going to HELL…sbi mo nga Brayan tamayo may karma rin at di mo matatake n ipakain s pamilya mo ang mga peran naloko mo sa tao.sbi nga ng nay o mas mabuti ng maloko kesa ikaw ang manloko…mas malaki ang balik ng blessing smen…ma antay k nlan ng karma mo…soon!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Q says:

    I just got an SMS saying, “D’AUDITORS of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION nform you that your CELFON # WON P950,000 2nd prize winner,draw July,08,2008 Pls, call me now! I’m Mr.ALAN ONG”

    The scam goes on. Please beware.

  85. Anonymous says:

    i just recieved the text scam and i think it is simmilar to the ones you have..you won 780,000 blah blah blah…………mga sira ulong scammers. They are such waste of time…i never believe you can win without doing anything hahahaha…

  86. Anonymous says:

    good afternoon, I’m Jessie G. Cubillan a resident of Bood, Ubay, Bohol.i had recieved a text msgs. from this number 09293013230 that states…”Notice from D’ Auditors Of PGMA Charity Foundation would like to inform you that your cellphone #won (Php950,000.00) 2nd prize winner last draw (july 10, 2008) Per DTI- NCR Permit #2146 Series of 2008. Pls. call me now mAtty. REy G. ERmita.he even answer my call and ask me 2 buy 5pcs smartbuddy prepaid callcard so that my check will be activated…i douted his text so thats why i went 2 the computer and surf first in the internet to make sure if it is true or not…then thanks heaven i was not that dumb… to buy wat he required…pls,,,help me find this number he’s not worth living in this world…

  87. Elizabeth Caminero says:

    Notice from:D’Auditors of the PGMA Charity Foundation inform u dat ur Cp no.Won php 950,000 last 07/11/08.Call me now I’m Jessie A. Lorenzo

  88. Elizabeth Caminero says:


  89. yggdrazil says:

    Notice from D’auditors of PGMA CharityFoundation would like to inform you that your cwllphone no. Won (Php750,000.00) 2nd Price winner last draw (July 13, 2008) Per DTI-NCR Permit#2146 Series of 2008 Pls. Call me now Atty.Rey G. Ermita….

    From Cel no. 09096161505, sent july 14, 2008, 6:59:09 am

  90. Anonymous says:

    Hi I just received a message from this number +639272189273 saying I won in a lucky draw last july 10,2008, 2nd prize, amounting of Php750000, per DTI-NCR permit #4728 series of 2008. He said he is Sec. Rey C. Mendoza, the Auditor of Phils Charity Foundation, instructing me to call him now. I know it’s just a scam. Pls. help me to trace this person. Thank You So Much! This is Faith in Hong Kong and my roaming number is 09167544029.

  91. Mirbelle says:

    Thanks a lot from this blog site, it confirms that it’s a scam because i also received a text message 3:26 am from a certain atty. Jake angra saying i won 2 million (php)from electronic draw. And i never take the bait! His cel no. 09092046110.

    Our government agencies should also consider this as a big crime issue, and the NBI, NTC, AND PNP should look into this seriously… These heartless scammers who ever they are, they must be stop and captured…

  92. gariell says:


    Thanks and glad that the site was useful to you.


  93. Dianne says:


    Just this morning, I;ve received this kind of scam informing me that I won Php 950,000.00…His name is Atty. Joey Chuawith a mobile #09073645147.

    This is for our all information.

    Cease scam!!!

  94. elizabeth says:

    2 na text sa min nito na sinasabi tumawag at nanalo ng una 500000.00 sunod sa iba naman naming no.900000.00 naman nung una halos maubos ang aming load sa katatawag pero tumigil na kami ng pagtawag ng humihingi na sila ng 8pcs.na 300 smart load at padadala sa LBC para maclaim ang prize ayon di na kami nag-aksaya ng load…Kapanipaniwala kasi kaya marami ang naloloko nito…….Ang pangalan ng nagtext sa min sa smart ay Atty.Jessie Lorenzo at tm naman ay James David…Maalarma ang lahat sana sa mga nanloloko ito……….

  95. saldy of Montalban, Rizal says:

    They are still in operation in spite of the many feedbacks that it is a scam… just received the same text from a so called Atty. Venus A. Ayala that i won 950,000.00 from a raffle draw by the PGMA Charity Foundation but with different cp#, it is now +63928536597. The problem with this is the easy way to get a new sim card at a very bargain price. Kailan kaya matatapos ito?

  96. Joel of Marilao, Bulacan says:

    May nagtext din sa kin ngayon lang..Atty Marian P. Basa naman ang pangalan..CP # na ginamit ay 09059002650..Nanalo daw ako ng 500,000 from PGMA foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog Pangkabuhayan” daw..Meron pa silang nilalagay na DTI # para kapanipaniwala talaga..Sana kumilos na din ang DTI sa ganitong mga panloloko…MAKARMA sana ang mga taong ito!!

  97. Skywalker says:

    Hey guys here’s another fool Atty. Ricardo G. Perez Jr. 09097839047 telling me I also won. Knowing the past cases of these from friends, I replied cursing them and their families.

  98. Bong of BF Paranaque says:

    I got a similar message last July 14 ’08 and thought about responding, but I wanted to check the dti promo permit first and found this discussion when i did a google search. I’m so glad i did. Thanks, guys, for posting this and revealing the scam.

  99. Julius says:

    Just received same text scam saying” i won P760,000 thru electronic raffle draw frm PGMA Charity Foundation w/ BSP ” Handog pangkabuhayan!per DTI-NCR permit #3920 series of 2008″ This text was from Atty. Alex C. Mendez of BSP Info. Dept with cell#+639069288130″.
    Hope this scam be posted everywhere to warn everyone not to be dumb by this kind of modus operandy.

  100. gariell says:

    Bong Of BF Paranaque,
    Glad you took the time to find the site. May I say another satisfied customer.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Beware of this person..in the name of Atty.Rey G. Ermita cel #09092600801 and Amando Tentaco Jr. they are fooling people..hello magbago na kayo dahil may karma ang lahat ng yan….

  102. gariell says:


    Thanks for comment and readers should notice that the tel no. is an 0909 number and if you call you will be charged for the call and this can be at times very expensive.

  103. anonymous says:

    nakatanggap din ako ng ganyang message kaso nagduda ako kaya ginawa ko nag search ako sa auditor na sinasab nya, at ito ang na kita ko dito,scam pala to, at least di ako nagtext sa ganun. wais ata to…

  104. ANONYMOUS says:


  105. ANONYMOUS says:

    nnlo daw ako ng mlking hlaga dated 07/23/08,first ng research muna me at n found out ko n fake pla.

  106. Anonymous says:

    d auditors of phil. charity foundation nf0rm u dat ur celf0ne n0. won php 950,000 2nd prize winner.. plz call atty. joey chua..- 09073645136

  107. Chicago girl says:

    Thanks for this site. I just received same message and I searched for PGMA Charity Foundation and this info came out.

    Buti na lang me internet. Pinoy talaga….

  108. libra says:

    ATTENTION!!!! TO ALL PHIL AUTHORITY PLEASE STOP THESE KIND OF PEOPLE .. just received a txt from them said i won 2nd prize 950,000.00 last july 25. ATTENTION TO PNP please make some action against these people who try to steal our pinagpaguran ; for ATTY. RICARDO G. PEREZ WATCH OUT !!!!CP# +639097145576…sana’y tamaan ka ng kidlat..karmahin ka sana beware GUYS.. be careful ..thank you very much…buti na lang website who could warning us against these people

  109. kuko1978 says:

    wtf?? received that the same message this morning. just wondering, where do they get our numbers specially we’re ofws? i think smart has got something to do with this.

  110. kuko1978 says:

    ps. if someone wants to text here’s the number.. +639297503965

  111. gariell says:

    Kuba 1078.

    Scammers are purchasing lists from douche bag spammers who compile lists for illegitimate purposes. Service providers, such as Smart, frown upon this type of activity and do their best to filter this type of spam.


  112. Angel says:

    The new name of the scam email is Judith/Chua. 09174128639. Same o’ same o’ message.

  113. Ayi says:

    I received text message that my sim won Php480,000 draw lats July 28, 08.. Thanks God, He guide me to look first on net before i call Atty. Rubie A. Bautista. Same message i read on net regarding scam.

  114. Anonymous says:

    ive got the same message from the same sender atty. Venus G. Ayala.. from +639298224848..

    a.k.a ATTY Venus ….. FUCK OFF.. hahaha

  115. Kilikili_Power says:

    I have also received a message from “PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION”

    Read this: ” The AUDITORS of PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION would like to inform you that your CELFON# had won Php950,000.00 for the ELECTRONIC RAFFLE, drawn on July-30,2008.For info please call ATTY.jeff C. Tuazon.”

    Thank you for this page, but I really want that those people will be put into jail.

    A girl from Holland.

    PS: I will report this to President Arroyo.

  116. josh says:

    haha ./. ive been a victim of that non sense promo ,.,
    kaya sa lhat ,., dnt waste tym juz to get money from dem ,..

    poverty ang dahilan kun bket mdami nlo2ko ,.,
    sana wula na kasunod ,.,

    haha ,., dnt be so calm .. scammers .,.
    my KARMA dn kau ,.,

  117. yhuukhie30@y.c. says:

    thanx for dz syt ,..

  118. Jojo Bactad says:

    I received just now this hoax text message from ATTY REY MENDOZA. His celfon number used is 09074238050

  119. Anonymous says:

    Hi nako dami talagang mangloloko at dami tuloy naloloko i think there connected to smart or other com, because how they know my no, sana masa
    gasaan ka pag labas mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. bark says:

    uh! huh! mga guys salamat sa inyong lahat muntik nakodon butinalang nanjan kayo para mag payo muntik nakodon butina kang may internet hehehe! alam nyoba na mag bibitaw nadapat ako ng $100 butinalang medyo nag isip ako hindi ko inuna yung kasiyahan sa nabasakong message at na isip kong i search ang name ni atty.armando bago ko gumawa ng hakbang.at sana ibahagi natin itong naranasan naten sa mga kaibigan naten at mahal sa buhay hahayaan banatin sila mabiktima diba hindi kung yung mga walang kaluluwang man loloko nagtutulungan tayong mga nagtatrabaho at nag hihirap sa ibang basa ay mag tulunganden para hindi tayong mga nag hihirap ang na bibik tima sa daming magloloko dapat doble yngat laluna tayo na nasa ibang bansa na may pamilyang umaasa kaya siguro isalang tong aral saten na wag maniwala sa wala at mag isip bago mag disisyon maraming salamat mga nga guys kung dibahil sa inyo nagoyo siguro ko! pano yngat ng mara me nawaydi na maulit sa iba. bark poh! nag papa salamat

  121. bark says:

    hi! bark poh1 nag babalik sangayon ito ang balita mga gays wagtayong mag alala tumutok lang sa imbestigador malapit nanatinxa makita

  122. wiseman says:

    I just received this bullshit text message from Atty.Joey C. chua. cp number 09096113997.same with the others message. not all people are dumb. are you dumb? were is your sense of humor? nkakapagtaka lang, were did they get my number or your number. hnd kaya kasabwat din ang mga tel.companies? sila lang nkkaalam numbers natin.before you reply their hoax text message, mag research ka muna. P_TANG – INA NILA. . . . . .

  123. Jana_Beautiful says:

    Hi! guys
    an asshole joey chua send me a text message saying that i won 950,000.00 (bullshit) i knew that it is a scam! so i go on line and search for it and i was right!! bullshits scammer are evrywhere
    To all the scammer i would like to say that” Mamamatay din kau!! at im swear di pa man kau patay ngaun inuuod na kau at sinusunog na sa impyernong mage kaluluwa nyo”

    to all the people out there beware to this #
    09102761382 aka joey chua
    8/6/08 10:02 am

    GOD speed

  124. yain_dxb says:

    just rcvd d same txt msg dis am. from Atty. Recardo Gomez nmn, Cel. # 09297503909. seach q agd s net ‘text scam’ coz its 2 gud 2 b tru, & net direct me 2 ur site immediately;ryt then i knw bagong raket n nmn yan ng mga taong wlang ginawa 24/7 kundi mg-icip ng panibagong modus operandi, pano mbuhay out of other’s people sweat. its a vicious cycle, pg alm nilang mejo mainit n yung last o current operation nla, their wicked mind start grindng for anoder source. nkakaawa lng tlga yung mga gullible mind n easily fall 4 dis kind of scam. my concern is, lalo n yung mga kbabayan nting OFW earning a measly income, dahil mdalas wla nmn clang access s net o well-infomed cla s ganitong circulating scam or watz up in outside world..mch btr 2 make it known 2 d public thru XXX or Imbestigador. guys, just ingat, dont b too trusting lalo na galing govt ang msg.

  125. Honey says:

    scam..scam..scam…ROLDAN G. REYES..STYLE MO BULOK!
    I received an email twice saying I won P850,000 under the name of Roldan G. Reyes.,anyway to keep myself safe, i checked his name in the google.com and i found so may scams from the same guy,using different names..Well,I don’t believed it in the first place because my number is a roaming one,Nobobdy can call at this number coz im working abroad..He might think that i will catch his style of fooling people..but people outhere please beware..you don’t have to trust and believed in this kind of message saying you won a RAFFLE DRAW WITHOUT EVEN BUY ANY TICKET or PLAY IN A LOTTERY..I do hope police will catch this guy and send him to the road of Guantanamo…..Beware of this number 09098579796…a demons number…

  126. magie says:

    I just received a text message this morning from a certain Regz A. Santos saying that I’ve won PhP680,000 and Nokia N72 from the PGMA Foundation… I guess I was just scammed since I’ve sent them my info, such as name, date of birth, and address.
    After giving them my info, I was asked to call a certain Jaime Lourdes (one of PGMA Foundation board of directors). Good thing I checked on this site before any further “damage” is done.
    Cell no. of Regz A. Santos -09097979281
    Cell no. of Jaime Lourdes – 09099521220

    This is the actual text message I recieved:
    Congratulation! PRES. GMA CHARITY FOUND/DRAW. Ur’SIM No# have won worth of P/680,000.00 Plus NOKIA N72. for more info.. Pls! Call me now? IM. REGZ A.SANTOS

    I hope you could read this right now as Mr. Jaime Lourdes is asking me to call him right now…

  127. gariell says:


    Good thing you landed on our site. Yes it is a scam. For starters the number they are asking you to call is a premium telephone number which means that you will be charged a hefty sum per minute for the call and they will probably ask you to send along some advanced fees to cover costs before they can send you your “winnings” which, by the way, you will never receive.
    In other words, DON’T call and should they contact you ask they to take a long hike on a short pier.


  128. Garry says:

    Goodness me! It’s good that I first checked your website. I too was a victim of this heinous crime. Just this morning I received this msg: D AUDITORS of The Philippine Charity Foundation nform u that ur Cp# won P950,000 2nd prze wnnr drw last/08/11%2008 NCR DTI#4677 Pls! Call me ‘M AttyROLDAN G. REYES. Cel no. +639203226646

    I hope that the perpetrators of this scam would be brought to justice AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  129. gariell says:


    Glad you checked out the site. It is the reason that the site was developed. As for catching the bottom feeders, well easier said than done.


  130. bianca says:

    i had also received a message which says: Congrats! Pres PGMA&Phil Charity Foundation Grand Anniversary Ur sim # won Php 900,000.00DTI-NCR#B4937/ Series of 2008. 4 details call me now Atty. Antonio A. Solis +639094501734. Received it August 13, 2008 8:03AM.

    I knew it was a scam coz if you really won they will call u personally and not going to tell you you won by a text message. The first thing I did was to check if the DTI-NCR # is valid. It wasn’t. so that’s it.

    Dont be fooled by this people.

  131. hi to all idoit scammer this is only thing i will tell you

  132. direktor/ Mark Tan says:

    hahahaha nakatanggap din ako ng mensahe from 09212032520, Conggrats!ur cell# won worth of php/950,000.00 in PGMA charity fund raising draw!last august 12,2008 DTI-NCR#0006 pls call me now,ATTY.REY G.Ramos, hahahahaha im not stupid Atty.Rey G.Ramos saiyo nalang yan ipambayad mo sa Mental Hospital baka nababaliw kana? or ipamahagi mo nalang yan sa pamilya mo baka nagugutom na or ikaw baka gutom lang yan?hahahahahaha stupido.

  133. direktor/ Mark Tan says:

    im brainy angel kaya alam ko ang nangyayari sa mga maling kalikasan ?hahahahaha,

  134. jen2 says:

    i rcvd one atty;fred v.gomez no.+63909416763 i ignor it,ty for posting.

  135. Anonymous says:

    D’ Auditors of PGMA charity foundation would like to inform you that your cellphone # had won php 950,000.00 2nd price draw last AUGust 13, 2008. DTI Permit # 3219 pls. call no. I’m Atty. RICARDO G. PEREZ.. TExt message from 09095972282..

  136. Concerned Citizen says:

    My father received a message from so-called Atty. Alexander S. Yap with #9208246265.
    It goes like this:
    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (950.000.00) thru electronic raffle fr! PGMA charity Foundation W/ Bangko Sentral ng Filipinas “Handog pang kabuhayan! To claim ur prize! Call me now!!! Im Atty Alexander S. Yap. Frm BSP INFO. Dpt PER-DTIF 3920 SERIES OF 2008.

  137. variola says:

    D’AUDITOR’s of PHIL.CHARITY FOUNDATION inform you that your cellphone # won Php,950,000,00 2nd price draw last AUGust 14,08. Please Call Me Now I’m Atty. Ricardo R. Reyes….TeXT message from 09107333247

  138. RHOSE says:


  139. RHOSE says:


  140. daisy says:

    just received a txt message from Atty Marlon Grande daw sya. How can you believe na attorney sya grammar lang nya di nya kayang itama.

  141. daisy says:

    just received a txt message from Atty Marlon Grande daw sya. How can you believe na attorney sya grammar lang nya di nya kayang itama.Nanalo daw ako ng 3Million today thru electronic draw! WOW! Leche sya! Don’t waste your time to this kind of scam guys.

  142. haNneng06 says:

    i was also scammed by that!!!

    CONGRATZ Ur sim#, Had won Php 480,000 draw last: Aug. 15/08 4 more onfo Pls. call me ATTY. RUBIE A. BAUTISTA (V-PRES. CHARITY FOUNDT’N) PER DTI-NCR No. 5788 S-2008

    PGMA.CHARITY Foundation inc. Special Project Division 3rd Flr room 301 Central Bank of the Phils. Ermita malate metro manila.

    Check# 0098124. P480.000. PCI-SPDNCR DTI P-NO. 5788 S-2008. SEC REG NO.000-01873 CENTRAL BANK OF MALATE….

    good thing tumawag muna ko sa central bank and i found out that there was no raffle draw and all that stuff after all…

  143. nilo says:

    I have also recieved the same msg.
    the name of the person is Atty. Rey G. Ermita and he said I won Php 750,000.00 2nd prize winner last draw Aug.17 2008 per DTI-NCRPermit#2146 from D’Auditor of PGMA Charity Foundation.

    I think this persons has a contact inside in any of the telecommunication network such as SMART & Globe.because they know who are using the Roaming numbers.If not,then prove me WRONG

  144. gariell says:


    These bottom feeders purchase numbers from spammers and hackers. It is one of their tools of the trade. Just keep flushing the bums spam and smile.

  145. Grace says:

    I just received a text msg too, from a certain TRILLO N. ROQUE, (09262350518) saying that I won this amt. its gud that I first check the internet. Nice try. LOL

  146. Joey says:

    I just received the same text message coming from 09066215692 claiming to be from Phil. Charity Foundation the Prices and the procedure are the same and the contact is a certain Atty. Eduardo C. Javier

  147. Merian says:

    its great i checked the internet for it first.. coz i just received a message saying “D’AUDITORS of PHIL.CHARITY FOUNDATION inform you ur Sim number/had won Php900,000,00 2nd prize winning/draw last.08/20/08 call me now im mr.FRANCISCO J. LOPEZ” this is his number +639099519713.. i didnt replied coz its too good to be true..

  148. Anonymous says:

    I just got the same sms, but I knew at once it’s a hoax. But for curiousity reason, I log on the net to find out more what is this all about. This is too good to be true. This will never happen.

  149. Marinki says:

    I have just received a text message that i have won One Million Rands in lottory money.Funny,I have not enterd any competition and their spelling is not even great.Instead of Lottery they wrote Lottory.The are targeting innocent people ,this thing should stop !!! I just responed once to hear what this is all about and i realused that this is a scam.

    He says to claim your prize you have to call Mr.James Morgan (0719778658).When you call him he tells you to fax him your ID copy,Full names and address /sms him.

    Yahoo.com Wacth out!!!! you are going to lose many clients regarding this scams.

  150. orlin says:

    can someone summarize all the numbers of this particular scam?. I also received one. Number: +639072121552 > ATTY.JANE E. MENDOZA. You can take a picture of the message of your phone with mesage in it. You can use that as an evidence to complain to DTI. A law has been passed to accept text messages as evidence to court. Telecoms company can literaly deactivate a number from sending and receiving sms and calls. Take a picture and send it to DTI in their complains form. With enough complains maybe they can have reasons to do something about it. It only takes 5min. Go to dtincr.ph/complaint

  151. dianne says:

    Hi. Anyone here who knows people who have been victims or who have almost become victims of this or other text scams? Please reply. My thesis is actually about mobile phones focused on deviations like this.

  152. dianne says:

    well aside from the comment (#9) posted by reyjavic last april 18, 2008…

  153. angela rivero says:

    nakatanggap po ako kanina mga alas 12:oo ng tanghali na nanalo daw po ang number ko sa paraffle nila last august 25 2008 daw …at ito po ang binigay nila na address para e claim ang prize .. ngunit hindi po ako naniwala .. pero inaamin ko po na parang naniwala ako kasi binigay nila ang adress nila eh….ito pa nga po phil.charity foundation administrative division 3rd flr. central bank of the philippines ermita malati metro manila per dti-ncr permit no.1429 series of 2008 the no. of sender ,,,0909885620 siya daw si mr. alfred a. chua.. noong nagtanong ako sa kanya kung ano ang requrmnts.bibili daw po ako ng 7 pcs. ng smart buddy prepaid cards tapos walong pirasong talk and text prepaid cards saka 5 pirasong prepaid cards yun daw ang mga number para ma print na daw ang name ko duon sa lbc para mapadala na dito sa bahay tapos yun na hindi na ako naniwala kasi pangalawang beses na akong niloloko

  154. angela rivero says:

    09098856230 hindi po 0909885620

  155. tooth fairy says:

    i had just received this mes8g saying that i had won a 950k price money..i know for sure that it was a scam so i had looked 4 a site wherein they could get hands of the people behind it. my SIM had just been bought n there’s no way dat i have given my # to anyone..and yet i receive my first mes8g, this kind of mes8g scam, it’s so annoying that i pray that u cud want to break their bones!!!

    the mes8g came from this #0908-2690942 from a so-called ATTy Recardo C. Gomez from BSP via electronic raffle DTI permit#3920 series 2008, the theme was “Handog Pangkabuhayan”

  156. sharry says:

    i had just received this msg saying that my Roaming Number had won 1st prize 3 million php during d 27th aniversary celebration sponsor by her excellency pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, gor ofw-ocw. from Attorney Roy O. Gonzales from Phil Charity Office his number is: 09084260504, i called him and referred to Arman Costa Cortez of the Finance department, his number is 09194295319…

  157. gariell says:


    Good idea but requires a bit of effort and there are literally hundreds of numbers involved. Get one barred and three new ones will arise. Best bet, flush the bums.


  158. maria says:

    i had just received this message saying that <congrats! ur sim # had won Php.780,000,00 2nd prize draw last Aug/29/2008. pls. call me now. I’m james C. Flores (auditor of phils. Charity foundation) DTI-1920.
    i called him and he told me to text him my complete name and address ..

    this is his contact number ,09073859407 ..well I’m doubtful wthr it is true or not ..but for me its a scam ..

  159. gariell says:


    His contact telephone is a 090 premium rate number. If you call you could be charged several dollars a minute and you can bet he will try to keep you on line as long as possible.


  160. gariell says:


    Your request is out there for victims, however, it might to a little hard to find people willing to admit they were victimized.

    Good Luck

  161. gariell says:

    Tooth fairy

    Welcome to the world of text messaging Spam, yet another resource for the bottom feeder scammers.


  162. Dianne says:

    hi there, if anyone who actually know someone na naloko na ng ganitong scam, please please, kailangan ko lang ng interview. thank you!

  163. Dianne says:

    my email address is saianne1527@yahoo.com, just PMme. thanks.

  164. bambit says:

    from: +639098620859

    D’AUDITORS Of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION Nform u dat ur Celfon No# Php 950,000.00 2nd Prize Winner draw last 08/31/08 Pls Call Me Now I’m Atty. RUTH F. VALDEZ

    honestly, me naloloko parin ba sa mga ganitong scam? Can the National Telecommunications Commission do anything about this?

  165. bambit says:

    follow-up comment re: NTC

    apparently the NTC does pay immediate attention to reports of scam text messages. go to their http://portal.ntc.gov.ph/wps/portal/messageboard and post the exact txt scam message and the celphone number that sent it to you. You should receive (as I did) an email from the OSPAC which you should follow-up by giving the information the OSPAC requests, so that they can initiate the blocking of the scammer numbers.

    We can cooperate with the NTC to fight crimes such as these.

  166. gariell says:


    Thanks for informing our readers.


  167. Anonymous says:

    i was scammed too. i sent my information but after i realized they weren’t giving me neither the number account and the fiz telephone number….these guys are jerks and they are just st

  168. Anonymous says:

    i mean….these guys are just stupid criminals they must be caught. they even told me it was president Arroyo’s idea…..who do they think they’re fooling? a stupid??? come on…..go to prison and stay there

  169. chippy says:

    this # txt me09074387320 that i had won a 480.000+nokia n90.tpos tinwag nmen at cnv q n qng 22o nga n n2lo aq..knina nga lng 2 around 3pm at ng cnv q qng anong dapat qng gwin ang sbi b nmn kaylangan q daw ng 2 valid i.d at bumili nga daw aq ng 3 prepaid card n tig 300 pesos..at take note ibigay q daw ang # nun s knila…anu cla msaya….d n punta s kinla ung 3 prepaid card n un…ang sma nila ha!wla clng mgawa!qng cnu nmn ung nym n gmit nia n DANTE CRUZ.. ma2tay n cla!

  170. Vicky says:

    I have received a text message 3 hours ago, it says Conratulations! your cp won 485,000.00 during our 10th anniversary held at Phil Charity Foundation Dept. Per DTI NCR-Permit #0714. Text ur name age add now.4 more info call Atty. Shirley G. Roa at this +639072341881. I txt back my name and address then i txt again saying how come i won i did not participate but it’s okay if its true, I did not get a reply, then i called this number I kept on asking the other end, maybe she think i’m nosy so she end our conversation. I search the internet and i found out that it is a scam. so I hope that this kind of scam should be stopped so that people will not be victimized. Thanks for your website…

  171. Aaron says:

    Received an SMS that read as follows, and wanted to find out if is also a scam:
    ” Congratulations! you’ve wan the sum of, R755.000. Your number was among one of the Random lucky winner, in chevron petrolum Bonanza. Ticket NO:….. call ‘william smith’ at, 0789516367. or, awardwinners.com To register & cover your win. warning! Secure UR winning informations from any third party adhering it, nor allowing them to see your ticket pin! For security reasons. To avoide, any fraudelent ‘ACT’ or abuse, the right of this PROMO, & claim your winning sum. This prize was, awarded to you from chevron petrolum award balloting center in greater. (UK). All right reserved chevron and British connecting people are registered trademarks of chevron Corporation. term’s & conditions applies. ”
    SMS sender : +27715121371

  172. gariell says:


    Did you buy a ticket, did you submit your name to this “Lotto”? A hundred bucks says you didn’t. Ask Chevron Corporation if they have a habit of giving away “free” money. Scam written all over it.


  173. bong says:

    i also received a text msg from atty. rex mendez (cel#09069158920) that i won P480,000.00. i called my wife to verify. what she did is search the net and found this site. thanks… it’s an easy way to junk scammers with this…

  174. ethel says:

    i just received the same type of message: Congratulations! Your Sim# had won (Php780,000) 2nd prize winner draw last 09/05/08. To claim your prize, pls. call me now. I’am ATTY GARY C. PARDON (D’ Auditor of Phil’s Charity Foundation) per DTI NCR permit # 4728 Series of 2008. Texter’s cell number is +639058576134.

    Scam, loud and clear!

  175. andy magpayo says:

    i have received msg this morning here in al khobar, ksa that my cp number won the 2nd price of 2 million exclusive for OFW and OCW from PHILIPPINES CHARITY FOUNDATION and contact Atty. Jake Angara 09092046110

    i hope they will die in a most brutal way eheheh

  176. gariell says:


    Thanks for your comment, it is always nice to hear that our site is going to good use.


  177. Den says:

    I think, SMART Telephone Company should be liable. Why? Because how could these idiots know our roaming number??? Only reliable people from the telephone company should know the database. Do something SMART if you are not the culprit!

  178. Justine says:

    This person has just sent me a message and asking for my name, passport number, address and roaming number. He is waiting for this information. You can track him down to this number +639194295319 now. I hope this information will help.

  179. Gemma says:

    Sobra na to… Nakatanggap ako ng text ngayon na ganyan din ang sinasabi… buti na lang at nag-search ako sa internet… Sino ba talaga ang dapat na manghuli sa mga ganitong klase ng tao???

  180. katrina says:

    this time my mother recieved a message thet says: CONGRATS! Ur simcard #. had won! Php. 750,000.00, thru electronic raffle draw last Sep. 16/08 frm: PGMA CHARITY FOUNDAT’n. To claim ur prize! Call me n0w! Sec. Joey B. Chua info. Dpt Per DTI-NCR no.2136 S’08

    gusto ko lng po na malaman kung 22o yung message na to’
    ito po ang no. nya +639073626771 pls. reply to my e-mail address after reading my comment pls.

  181. katrina says:

    paano po ba mahuhuli ang mgaganyang scammers?
    2nd time nang my ng text s amin non’ ehhhh

    cge ty nlng sa info

  182. Neuye Ann says:


  183. Tyubzs says:

    Just recieved yesterday the same sms message: “that i’ve won Php 680K thru PGMA Charity fund…… to claim the prize call now ATTY. Dike D. Perez at 09077758575”. The mobile no# used to send SMS is 09099647206.

  184. wataru miki says:

    since january pa pala to???
    until today, i received this:

    Mabuhay philippines! Im atty. Jerry s. Osmeña, from charity foundation. Ur smart int’l r0aming# had won 1st prize 3million php during d 7th electronic charity draw. Sponsor by herexcellency pres. gloria macapagal arroyo. exclusive to 0fw-ocw. For more details, Call now to avoid forfeiture ty. – +639193324146

    Avah!! nagmamadali ang mokong!
    Addict tong mga to! isumbong naten kay Tulfo!!

  185. powpie says:

    I was victimized..I told them my name, address, age and my position in work….

    What should I do?

  186. Lani D. Ambat says:

    I recieved a txt messeage fr. atty. Dike D. Perez that i won Php. 680k by electronic rffle of P.G.M.A Charity Foundation 1st year aniversary of PGMA. charity foundation. Mr. Dike Perez give me more requirment to prefer and buy me a 3 pcs 300p load bec. they need to validate my price by using those card they need 11 digit no. fr. smart card. This is the number of person who calling, 09096113844.

  187. Lani D. Ambat says:

    I recieved a txt messeage fr. atty. Dike D. Perez that i won Php. 680k by electronic rffle of P.G.M.A Charity Foundation 1st year aniversary of PGMA. charity foundation. Mr. Dike Perez give me more requirment to prefer and buy me a 3 pcs 300p load bec. they need to validate my price by using those card they need 11 digit no. fr. smart card. This is the number of person who calling, 09096113844.
    after our conversation regarding the requirments he txt some message that make it faster to forward the 11 digit no. bec. after 30.mins before it will be forfeited your prize.
    Atty Dike perez if you read my message be affraid sa karma. at dapat magawan naman ng paraan ng ng kinauukulan

  188. gariell says:


    Report the situation to your phone provider as abuse. Whatever you do do not call the 090 number. It is a premium number and you will be charged by the minute at an absurd rate. Sure hope you did not forward your smart card number!

    Good Luck

  189. gariell says:


    Report the event to your service provider and read the Reporting Scams section for assistance.


  190. sarah says:

    yes indeed the “scammers” are on the loose i just received such message yesterday afternoon when i was in the library and she’s accdg to herself is atty jessica lee of gma phil charity foundation, and this is her number 09097828879, i,ve tried to call the number and suddenly she’s asking me to buy cell cards blah blah blah…. thank goodness i still have my sanity and i browse the net to verify it only to find out that it’s a scam and im victimized…whew.. hope your going to check on it fellows…

  191. SIr Peredur says:

    Here’s another scam number 09095744164. The message is still the same. Beware!

  192. anonymous says:

    bkit cla nangluluko, twgan ko dw c Sec. Joey B. Chua grbe dpt maaksunan n ang mga taong gnito wlang mgwa s mundo

  193. anonymous says:

    pra s inyong lahat U WON A TRIP TO H_ _ _. wg sna kau karmahin s gngwa nyo.

  194. Sonny B. Oro says:

    Hi to all,

    I got a message today from Ms. Micheli Santos with cell no 09179224749 and saying that my mobile # had won a Php 950,000 2nd price winner, drawn last 28th of Sept 2008, with NCR/DTI #4728.
    She added to call her.

    If this is true or not I am thankful that she had given me a chance to hope and dreams. And I pray that she will be safe always.

    Lord knows our deeds and we are accountable for it. We may not received today the consequences but in the future we don’t know maybe worst than what we do today.

    Thanks to all for the information.

  195. ann says:

    I got a message this morning from this number 09098201538 saying that “congratulation” ur international cell roaming no. had won 2nd prize of 2million (php) during d electronic raffle draw with especial project of Philippines Charity Foundation exclusive for OFW & OCW. call atty. Jake Angara to this no to claim ur prize.
    go to hell. stop fooling the people

  196. gariell says:

    Keep your eyes out for those 090 premium rate numbers, they are a dead give away that it is a scam.

  197. Angelo says:

    Hi Guys,

    Wanna have a good payback? We have been victimized by these scoundrels…why not keep them busy for 24hr/7d/55wk. They want to fool people anyway so let’s make them awake 24 hrs, 7 days a week, by letting their cellfone numbers ring 24hrs. As soon as somebody pickup the fon, hang it up. Let’s see if these scam bugs will not stop. There’s no way to catch these people because they can just change numbers quite easily. But sooner, if all of us will work together, it is possible to triangulate(or pinpoint) the exact location of these idiots once we ring their numbers. There is a tracking device that can do this and the intelligence unit has this device. This is the only way the authorities can catch this kumags.

    I also received this stupid message, but what surprised me is that how did these scam bugs knew that my smart number was in roaming mode. I suspect somebody from these big telco’s – SMART/GLOBE leaked these registered roaming numbers of OFWs. This should be investigated by authorities.

    Let’s join hands to stop this very lowly activity of these scoundrels.

    I listed here the numbers you provided above. You can try ringing at least one or two of these numbers, some are still active. Around 100 celfon numbers were used by these morons.


  198. eze says:

    D auditors of philippine charity froundation inform you that your celfopn # won 950k 2nd prize winnwer, draw sept. 30/2008 pls call me now im. mr. william yu.
    this info was sent to me at 11: 02 pm on oct.01. o8 from cp no. 09287899796. In morning, i called up the number, sent my fall name, address, and age, then called again, reloaded my cellphone, called again, and again. i almost sent my bank account number but my mother stopped me. i opened my computer, surf the internet and my goodness my my goodness. this fuckin’ people are sagacious and mesmerizing. with their Congratulations and God bless you from them. My message… NEVER GET MESMERIZED BY THESE MONEY MANIAC PEOPLE!

  199. COCONEKH says:

    mga pukaw sila! ito ung isa pang number ng tinamaan ng kulog at kidlat! 09174902550. Lilibeth Sanchez. Wag paloko!!! Isumbong kay tulfo!

  200. Anonymous says:

    ito bago from 09098149216. call kay atty. Roldan Reyes daw.
    P950, 000.00 pa yun napanalonan.Hehe. Mas mabuti cguro tawagan lang natin para sa intrapment.

  201. gariell says:

    I like your proactive attitude but a lot of these numbers are premium rate numbers and callers will be charged fees for these calls. It could turn out to be expensive. I think that the bet bet is to let as many people as possible know about these scams, if no one responds to their scam they will be as they out of business.


  202. gariell says:


    Thanks for comment

  203. jei says:

    nice try assholes ….go to hell for them scummmm

  204. andres bonifacio jr. says:

    ako po c andres bonifacio jr.anak po n andres bonifacio sr. dapat pong supilin na ang mga yan.ako po’y naghirap subalit hnd ko naisip yng bagay na yan.dapat tumindig cla sa sarili nilang pagsisikap sa isang marangal na paraan.kng nabubuhay lng ang lolo ng lolo ko pinagtatataga na cla nun.tama na,sobra na itigil na dapat na silang kalusin.puno na ang salop,maghintay ka lang,maging cno kaman?khit mnggaling ka pa sa wild wild west,kasama mo pa c lone ranger,sure ko sure na yan,matatapos ka rin,leche ka.tinamaan ka ng lintik.OK

  205. malou says:

    I also got same msg. Thanks for this site but i still called the person to test how are they talk, ang galing-galing “best actor”. I will call Imbestigador… These scam must be stopped at once.

  206. ann santos says:

    hahaha.. ganyan na ganyan din ung nag txt sakin.. anong akala nya ma iisahan nya ko.. sya lang ang tanga. maniniwala pa sana ko kung sinabi nya na puntahan ko sa banko ung napanalunan ko kaso hindi eh.. hinihingan ba naman ako ng 6 na prepaid card worth 300, at intayin ko daw sa gma 7 ibabalita daw yun at ipapalabas daw ung name ko.. ako nga puro pasaload lang eh. tapos sya bibigyan ko ng prepaid. ulol sya. ang laki nyang tanga. ito ung txt nya sakin.

    Congratulation;ur,celpon#.Have WON’Worth of P/680,000 pesos in (P.G.M.A) Charity Fund Raising draw, 1 year Aniversary This day. October 7, per D.T.I-04728-NCR- 1918,ser08. To Claim ur prize contact or call Now’. ATTY. DIKE D. PEREZ, at dis # 09098086463. To validate ur, prize NOW! *END*

    yan ung kagaguhan at katangahan nung taong yan. kung sino man sya sori na lang sya.. kaya sa lahat ng nakakatangap ng ganitong sms tignan nyo muna sa internet kung totoo nga ung nga tntxt nya.

  207. gray says:

    “i’m atty. ROY O. GONZALES from phil charity office, ur int’l r0ming # had won 1st prize 3million php during d
    27th anniversary celebration, sponsor by her
    excellency pres. Gloria macapagal arroyo, for 0fw-0cw.For more details, pls call now to avoid forfeiture.Ty.”


    i just got it today and the funny thing is i’m not an ofw nor did i join any contest so i researched and went to the official Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and, as i expected, they didn’t have any promotions about this ofw-ocw thing for those that have roaming numbers.

  208. hector says:

    i received that same message a while ago.. i replied, “ulol! nanalo pla ako eh bat di ikaw tumawag sa kin? Post ko number mo sa mirc kantutan channel sasabihin ko nakikipag sop ka para marami tumawag saung malilibog para mapakinabangan nman boses mo. magpakasawa ka sa tawag na walang kwenta boses mo lang ang kailangan. ungol lang maririnig mo. hahaha!

  209. sarena says:

    hi.. i received this kind of message just a while ago…
    it says:

    “Congrats!! Ur’ Sim# Had Won Php680,000.00 Frm (V-Pres) CHARITY FUND; Electronic Raffle Drw,4mre info! Call me now! Atty. Rey A. Roque DTI-NCR Prmt#4305 S/2008”

    it’s from 09269078863

  210. gariell says:

    Thanks folks,

    For adding your examples.


  211. Robert says:

    Hey, guys… i just recieved a text from +639067592583 and the contents were

    “Congrats! Pres.PGMA Foundation informing that your Cell#. Won 2nd prize! P950,000 drawn Oct, 08,2008 DTI Permit # 0438 series 2008. PLS CALL ME NOW! I,M MS. ELIZABETH SANCHEZ”

    these people are so stupid why would the foundation give money? were they are the one who needs the money…

    i hope someone in the philippines will take some action… i hope no one will fall from this scum…

  212. Victor says:

    The same message I received today from Ms. Lelibet Sanches, phone number +63 9057477294.

    “Congrats! Pres.PGMA Foundation informing that your Cell#. Won 2nd prize! P950,000 drawn Oct, 08,2008 DTI Permit # 0438 series 2008. SEC REG NO. 000-01873 Central Bank of Malate. PLS CALL ME NOW! I,M MS. LELIBETH SANCHEZ”

    First you have to send 5 Globe Smart Cards at P300 each. Then release to your account will be from releasing department Phone no. +639064033970, EMILDA LEE who again will require you to buy 10 SMART BUDDY Cards at P300 each and give her the activation numbers.

    Can our authorities do something about this scam?

  213. gariell says:

    Now our readers know what to look forward to from this scam, spent money and send to off to the bottom feeders and receive nothing in return.


  214. jake says:

    i recieved this message last oct.3,2008 frm.09098847856
    congratz ur sim card no.had won 2nd price winner worth of
    780.000 draw last sept.30 frm.pgma charity foundation office.to claim ur price pls.call me now,atty.rey mendoza.
    dti-ncr-permit no.2635 series 2008.

  215. marie says:

    (Notice)Ur sim #?won!(P750,000.)free raffle draw last.oct/13/08/ frm: PGMA charity foundation.”Maagang Pamaskong handog” to Claim ur prize!Call me n0w! I;m Atty. Estilito B. Mendoza.. Dpt Per-DTI-0778 ser.08


  216. Sean says:

    I just received the message a moment ago.
    And I just replied like this:

    I don’t need the money you can have it.

    Let’s see who got pissed be.

  217. john ray L. says:

    ako din naloko ng mga taong ito nakatanggap din ako ng message na ganito!

    ur celpon number have won worth of 680,000 pesos
    from (P.G.M.A.) CHARITY FUND RAISING DRAW, 1 year anniversary this day Oct.14 per DTI permit number 04728, series 2008.
    to claim ur prize contact or call now Atty. Dike D. perez at dis number 09102128997. to claim and validate ur price. thank you…

    gago naloko pa naman ako, natawagan ko at hinihingian ako ng 6 na prepaid load,, mabuti nalang at ichenek ko dito sa internet…..kaya wag kayong mag paloko sa mga taog ganito….

  218. Vince says:

    Our text message was from different number 09072499785; and read as follows “D’AUDITORS of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION nform you that your CELFON # WON P950,000 2nd prize winner, draw Oct,12/2008 Pls call me now I’m Mr.William Yu” This was received on Monday 13 October 2008.

    Thanks everyone for the tip off keep the comments going!

  219. june darell says:

    langya pti ako naloko rn pla..
    mutik n talga ako buti nlang chinek ko d2 sa internet..
    kya kau wag kaung magpapaloko….!!!

  220. RHEMI CUELLER says:


  221. reynita says:

    hehehh i just received that same message.. saying that:
    D’AUDITORS of THE PHILIPPINE CHARITY FOUNDATION infi\orm u that ur cp no. won P850,000 2ndprize winner drw last /1016/08 heheh from.atty roldan g. reyes..
    i researched if its true then i see thios site..thanks

  222. reygold dela cruz says:

    hi guyz… aq mother in law q ung nakaricive ng same msg. sobrang kagustuhan nia, kaya eto khet alam q n scam, try q pareng hinanap… thnkz guyz ..

  223.    says:


  224. gariell says:

    Mr anonymous,

    I think you have an interesting theory but I doubt that they would go to all this trouble for a small return and you should be aware that reporting these scam messages to your service providers will usually allow you to receive a refund.


  225. Jetz says:

    I got also today using the name of Atty. Antonio A. Solis. Message me that I’ve won an amount of 900,000.00 hahahha. I did call but I find out that the way the man talk is if bit diff. hahahaha this that kint of atty taht dont know how to talk mauch ahahhaha. ask me to buy 3pcs of prepaid card cause his going to give the pin no. hahahahha by this prepaid card why dont they text is and send it to me. hahhahaha lol. Thanks for this site. It really help alot. Mabuhay

  226. gariell says:


    Glad the site was helpful

  227. denton says:

    this # just send me an SMS that tells ” congrats!Ur cell# had won worth of P/680,000 in (PGMA) charity fun raising draw. OCT,21 2008 – DTI permit #3134series of 2008.Pls call me now!Atty Jade V. Ayala-END-

  228. denton says:


  229. joy says:

    i’ve got receive a text from atty. roldan g. reyes today that my cellphone had won 2nd price worth of 950,000.00 on the draw last oct.20 2008. with DTI permit 3219 this is not the first i receive from this no. 09082690828

  230. subec pagupud i n says:

    D’Auditor of PGMA charity fundation would like to inform you that your cellphone # had won php 950’000’00 2nd price, DTI permit 3219 call now Atty. Roldan G. Reyes 09082690828

  231. Rouge says:

    Hey I also got the same text today!!!! And not only with the auditor scam thing, there was this other text that said I won $30,000.00. Geez….



    If the name’s not there then, it’s a scam. Or if the name does appear, please check the area of the lawyer’s operation, ex. Makati, Cebu etc. And lastly, just to verify things, you could ring the IBP at (02) 631-3018 / 631-3014 / 634-4697 and you could check the lawyer’s ROLL No. and his office address, and directory =)

  232. gariell says:


    Nice advice and references. It should be noted however, that at times the bottom feeders will use the name of an actual practising attorney and simply but in a bogus contact email address.
    A good rule of thumb to follow is simply that no real attorney will ever contact an individual via email for matters of such importance.


  233. I also received a text messages from Miss Lilibeth Sanchez mobile phone #09179721299. She informed me that I won 2nd prize with a prize of 950k from PGMA Foundation dated 22 Oct. 2008.

    Sa mga manloloko ng kapwa nila Pilipino, Tamaan sana sila ng “KIDLAT”.



  234. bong says:

    me 2,ka ercieved ko lang ng sms galing ky Atty.enrico T. Lopez nnalo daw akong 800k,sarap pa nman ng tulog ko,bwiset ang mga lintek na ito,dapat sa mga ito,binabaon ng buhay sa ilalim ng burak eh…..

  235. star says:


    ..niiyahk ako
    naloko ako
    ngbigay aq 6 prepaid cards
    bket ganun

  236. lovely gurl of hawaii says:

    this message has been sent to me by +639073710437 saying….

    congratulations! ur sim no. had won (php.650,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko sentral ng pilipinas “handog pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m sec. william b. chua frm.BSP. info. dpt. per DTI#3920 series of 2008.

  237. nard says:

    thinkz! for the comments about the message scan. I rcieve also a messase that:

    D,Auditors of PGMA charity foundation would like to inform you that your cellphone # had won php 950,000.00 2nd price winner draw last Oct./23/08 dti paermit#3219 Pls. call me now Im Atty. Roldan G. Reyes

    this is the #09084267958 of atty.( Fuck you…..)

    nagulat ako nong na read ko yng message parang tapos na lat prblema ko yun pala naluko ako… gagong atty. ito lng masasabi ko sayo ” masaya para sayo man luko’, pero masakit kng mismo sarili mo niluluko mo kc walang mapupuntahan buhay mo”.

  238. Connie says:

    My husband received a messages earlier. Well, we never heard ’bout these scam…so we got so excited and called that number. We even sent my husband’s name, passport number, work position and our address. We admit that we are stupid to believed those kind of things but what reactions would you expect for those OFW’s who doesn’t have any savings, let say poor people like us who always pray that one day there will be a miracle? We just hope that they will not use my husband’s name in some other scams too. They even gave a landline number, we tried to ring it and it’s working but they just hang up the phone. Then we searched in the internet bout these scam and finally we found this site. Thanks for all the people who are concerned to their KABABAYAN. Here is the exact messages they sent to us:

    Mabuhay! I’m atty. Jerry S. Osmeña from charity foundation office. Ur int’l r0ming no# had won 1st prize 3million php during d 9th anniversary electronic raffles, exclusive for Ofw-Ocw working abroad. Sponsor by her excellency pres. Gloria macapagal arroyo. For more details, call now to avoid forfeiture.+639287004400

    Finance Sec. Margarito tevez, #2073gate7 maharlika hall malacanang palace phils. Cntac# +639168451000 or 029125100

    We hope big persons in Philippines will do something about these.

    Connie and Atoy

  239. Bermalyn says:

    OH! my God akala ko hulog ng langit yon pala naluko ako….
    Galing pa ang sister ko sa hospital ng araw na natanggap ko ang text ni Mr. Alfredo V. Chua na nagsasabi na nanalo ako ng 650,000 sa charity ng pangulo..buti nalang di ako padalus dalos kasi pnabibili me ng prepaid load na malaki eh wala na nga akong pera kasi naubos sa hospital tapos maluluko pa ako…Sana matigil na ang ganito…

  240. Bermalyn Sugano says:

    sana wag na sila magluko ulit..pls lang po..maawa kayo sa mga naghihirap…

  241. smartee says:

    i got the same msge too.. i got it last october 23, ’08.. i was so excited of course when i got the message.. then my ate told me that it’s a scam nga daw. stupidity cause i called the number p and even gave my real identity and my address..
    a certain Mr. Rey M. santos texted me kasi.. i didn’t know that it’s indeed a scam until i find this site.. fuck all the scammers!

  242. micmac207 says:

    got this msg this morning…

    (Notice)Ur sim #?won! (P950,000.) free raffle draw last oct 31/08/ frm: PGMA charity foundation “Maagang Pamaskong Handog” to Claim ur prize! Call me now! I’m Atty. Joey B. Chua.. Dpt Per DTI-0778 ser.08.

    thats the exact message of the scammer. the # was 09264921069. i checked http://www.dtincr.ph/verifysalespromo.php to verify the permit # and got different result. if you ever receive such messages, go to the DTI site and file complaints. leche yang mga scammer n yan. ayaw magtrabaho ng matino para kumita!

  243. june21 says:

    the hecK dis scam messages. itz just wasting our time.. I receivd almost exctly d same messges for about 4 times already. never believe this deceiving messages.. people hu r doing this is just trying to fool u around.. It must be stoppped…

  244. tikang says:

    I have received the same message just this day. Since I was online, I researched about it on the net and I was directed to this site. Those scammers really won’t stop so I said, I’m from DTI and ur already being investigated. (even if not)hehe =)

  245. justine says:

    Me too…i received also this txt message early in the morning informing me that i’ve won a 950,000, 2nd prize winner. The person who texted me saying that he is MR. REY TAN.

  246. gariell says:


    One more scum bag to add to the list


  247. christian says:

    congratulations! ur sim # had won 480,000 fromV-PRESS CHARITY FOUNDATION by electronic raffle draw.call me now i’am atty;rex mendez DTI PERMIT NO. 8094 SERIES\2008

  248. Anonymous says:

    D’Auditor’s of Phil. Charity foundationnform u dat ur celfon n0s. W0n 950,000 2nd.prize. winner.Drw lst 11/05/2008.DTI# 0010. Call n0w I’m.Atty.Jaime Palma.

  249. Rowela says:

    Notice: from D, auditors of PGMA Charity foundation!inform u that ur CP# Had Won Worth (650,000.00) for 2nd prize thru electronic raffle!! WinnerDraw Nov.06/08 Handog Pangkabuhayan at maagang pamasko W/Bangko Central ng Pilipinas! Pls call now 2 claim ur Prize! im ATTY, ALEXANDER S YAP JR.DTINCR Permit #3920 series 2008

  250. mabel says:

    D’AUDITORS of The Phil.Charity Foundation nform u that ur cp# won P850,000 2nd prze winner draw last 11/06/08 NCR DTI # 4677 Pls!Call me ‘m Atty.ROLDAN G. REYES

    I jaz received this message dis am at 6:27. Buti na lang i tried to search it first on internet! Thanks on this website!

  251. gariell says:


    Glad you found the site.


  252. vinz franciz andrei says:

    waw ang ganda sana ang dami sanang matutulungang tao nito but since its a scam sayang ung effort time na nasayang because of that scenario sana totoo na lang to:(

  253. Anonymous says:

    hi!buti nalang nag check ako sa enternet para alamin kung totoo ang lahat kung nanalo daw ako ng 800,000,000 pesos buti nalang nag check ako sa enternet,puro panloloko sa kapwa itong mga ito.huwag kayong basta basta maniwala sa mga ganitong panluluko.sana aksyonan sa mga kaukolan para wala na silang maluluko.makarma nalang sana ang mga gumgawa nitong mga pautot na to.

  254. Mik says:

    My message read: “Congratulations! Ur Sim# had won P480,000 From V-PRES CHARITY FOUNDATION by electronic Raffle Draw. Call me n0w Im’Atty;Rex Mendez DTI-Permit #8094 Series/2008″ Nov. 12, 2008 at 1:13pm. His celphone# was: 0906-913-9533.

  255. by frank from saipan says:

    hay!!!naku itong mga tol,,akala nanalo talaga ng 800,000,000 pesos.my ng text sa akin na sabi ganito,congratulation you won of 800,000,000 pesos v-press charity foundation by electronic raffle draw,,then call rigth now,,then u buy 2 globe card for looding worth 3 hundred each and tm card.then I check sa enternet kung how is she is…sana may karma ang gumawa ng ganitong panluluko sa kapwa..

  256. herne says:

    aq rn po? mr chua sinabi nya to tga bacolod aq po! ito ang txt nya? Congratiolation your cell # is won (Php650,000,00)thru electronic raffle draw last nov.12,2008 from PGMA handog pankabuhayan to claim ur prize plz call me now aim atty. arnold b. chua frm.bsp per DTI#0432 series of 2008 ang # nang nagpadala po? ito 09085470503 tnx….po!

  257. pat says:

    i have just received a text message from “Sec. RECARDO L. GOMEZ” who claims to be from DTI. his phone number is 09074322638

  258. Owstalaga says:

    i just received a text like this. I know it’s a scam pero i still looked it up sa internet and true enough i saw proof here.

    beware of this number: 09261196770

    The txt i received is allegedly from (V. Pres. Charity Fund) and wants me to call Atty. Raul A Garcia because “Ur sim# had won P480,000.oo”

    Kalokohan tlga oo. Tsktsktsk.

  259. gariell says:


    You guessed it, this is a premium number and if you call you will be charged by the minute to get scammed.


  260. gariell says:

    Thanks to you all!
    Let”s stay away from those phone scam numbers


  261. heyz says:

    I got the same txt also from 09078386619 by Jane Mendoza! How are we going to stop that scammers! How about those people who would believe their txts?!
    Guys, jst watch out!

  262. randy of new zealand says:

    i’m also recieved a txt informing me that my sim # had won 950,000 thru electronic raffle..so beware from this # 09089300100,he introduce himself as atty.randy j. ramos..

  263. jan says:

    hi, got the same msg too. it’s sec. richard chua this time. they seem to just switch names whatever sounds good at this time. i didn’t give in. shame on these people.

  264. attorney totoo poh..ba!ung tawag nio..na nanalo kami sa raffle promo nio…sa fond raising nio….xe kung totoo poh un..eh..hndi pa..poh namin nakukuha ang prize namin na….
    680.000 pesos eh..ung kanina poh…kaya hindi poh namin naibgay ung 6 digit kc bka hindi totoo eh sayng ung lod na bnili namin eh wala naman masama kng mag tanong di ba.. paki txt na lng poh kami don sa # namin ung may pangalan na jorge severo kapatid ko..poh..sya…thnx poh…. 09098013219

  265. waitnamin ang call nio ha attorney sana totoo na kami a nanalo sa promo nio tnx poh uli

  266. Lorie says:

    Just received today same message saying that: Congrats! ur Cel# had won 2nd prize worth of P950000, n(PGMA) charity foundation draw. Last 12/10/2008 NCR DTI Permit # 3431. Pls call now IM atty. Venus Ayala..I was about to leave my work and deposit the money via western union because im here in UAE and i am using a roaming sim. I wasted my load just to call this fucking lady named ayala..(ATTY daw shit!) really maniniwala ka talga muntik na ako dun then nag doubt talga ako thats y immediately i check the yahoo site and check if there is an existing PGMA foundation (Kuno!)then i found that this was really a scam..Really thanks for all your comment i did not deposit any money to her.

    Inshala god will punished them and realized that evil is working with them..

    THanks lot,


  267. che says:

    I just received this message from 09092954662 “congratulations ur sim # had won Php 750,000.00 From D’Auditors of PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION, during our 23rd aniversary Electronic raffle drw. 4 more Info Call me Now I’m Atty. Robert T. Valdez / DTI-NCR permit# 4515 series/2008.

    Kung sino man kayo maamawa naman kayo sa mabi2ktima nyo, kung sainyo kya gawin yang mga panloloko nyo matu2wa kaya kayo? warning po ito satin, mag ingat nalang po tayo ng wla silang mabiktima.

  268. LORINA says:

    A certain Sec. Rey Osmeña text me the same message that my cel number had won, i really dont beleive it instead sabi ko sa kanya, malapit nang magunaw ang mundo di ka pa rin ba nagsisisi, tsaka style mo bulok… nakakaawa ka..

  269. Anonymous says:

    “09068870445” from they so called V-Pres Charity Foundation,
    and a name of FREAK! atty. rico a. reyes, telling taht you’ve
    won 480,000 pesos is a text scam, so be careful with that cel. no#. ty.

  270. -JR says:

    “09068870445″ from they so called V-Pres Charity Foundation,
    and a name of FREAK! atty. rico a. reyes, telling taht you’ve
    won 480,000 pesos is a text scam, so be careful with that cel. no#. ty.

  271. -JR says:

    “09068870445″ from they so called V-Pres Charity Foundation,
    and a name of FREAK! atty. rico a. reyes, telling that you’ve
    won 480,000 pesos is a text scam, so be careful with that cel. no#. ty.

  272. lovely_sachi07 says:

    “09068870445″ from they so called V-Pres Charity Foundation,
    and a name of FREAK! atty. rico a. reyes, telling that you’ve
    won 480,000 pesos is a text scam, so be careful with that cel. no#.

    how i wish that they will be stone to death…. ty.

  273. erwin says:

    PGMA be careful i almost there to get.

  274. erwin lounge says:

    PGMA your absulutely a losser.hehehe. im in your back. this is your last year.

  275. Marivel says:

    hello i receive a fraud too,and i am now in canada it`s my roaming no.received the txt,,said that i won 950,000 from PGMA charity foundation w bangko sentral ng pilipinas,he siad he is atty.panpilo l. gozon from bspinfo.dpt per-dti no.3920,he said pls call me now!!!!

  276. jeang says:

    naku ha nakareceived din mr.ko na nasa canada ng the same message kaso new name ang gamit nya..heto po para sa kaalaman ng mga bagong mabibiktima na sana po wag maniwala kaagad.
    attention new name ng manloloko
    pRIZE WON $4O,OOO maliit lang sa min ha…
    buti na lang nag search muna ako kapal nila yung iloload ko sa mr.ko mauubos lang sa kanya.kala nya bobo mga tao yun pala sya ang bobo ha!ha!..YARI KAYO..makakarma kayo,hintayin nyo lang..

  277. roger nable says:

    heres a txt to me as early as 4:28 am today (Jan. 7, 2009)

    Congratulations! Ur sim no. had won, Php890,000.00. A second prize winner, thru electronic raffle, “Handog Pangkabuhayan” from PGMA Charity Foundation with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. To claim yuour prize, pls call me now! I’m Sec. Jack A. Perez from BSP InformaTION Dept. Per DTI/NCR#3920, series of 2009.

    another scam… be careful….

  278. Anonymous says:

    here is another scam

    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 5:10
    Kapag ang winner hnd ito intirisado wla na po kmi dto magagawa papayag po b kyo na ikancel at ipaparaple namin ito ulit hnd po kmi namimilit s winner.
    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 5:10
    CHECK# 0098124.P950.000.PCI-SPD NCR DTI P-N0.01048 S-2008.SEC REG N0.000-01873 CENTRAL BANK OF MALATE.
    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 5:10
    OFFICE ADD. PRESIDENT PGMA. F0UNDATI0N INC. Special Project Division 3rd Flr room 301 Central Bank of the Phils. Ermita malate metro manila.
    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 5:08
    Kapag ang winner hnd ito intirisado wla na po kmi dto magagawa papayag po b kyo na ikancel at ipaparaple namin ito ulit hnd po kmi namimilit s winner.
    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 5:08
    CHECK# 0098124.P950.000.PCI-SPD NCR DTI P-N0.01048 S-2008.SEC REG N0.000-01873 CENTRAL BANK OF MALATE.
    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 5:08
    OFFICE ADD. PRESIDENT PGMA. F0UNDATI0N INC. Special Project Division 3rd Flr room 301 Central Bank of the Phils. Ermita malate metro manila.
    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 5:04
    Congrats!Ur cel #.had won worth of php 950,000 2nd prize.FRM: PRES,PGMA FOUNDATION drawn last January 08/2009.NCR/DTI permit/01048/Plz call us now! Im’ms,JHENE SANTOS.
    Message type: SMS
    From: +639262833670
    Date: Friday 09th January 2009 4:50
    Congrats!Ur cel #.had won worth of php 950,000 2nd prize.FRM: PRES,PGMA FOUNDATION drawn last January 08/2009.NCR/DTI permit/01048/Plz call us now! Im’ms,JHENE SANTOS.

    Message type: SMS
    From: +639274409601
    Date: Tuesday 06th January 2009 3:03
    Congrats!Ur cel #.had won worth of php 950,000 2nd prize.FRM: PRES,PGMA FOUNDATION drawn last January .05,2009.NCR/DTI permit/01048/pls call us now! Im’ms,JHENE SANTOS

  279. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, the people who actually fall for these types of scams are really dumb. I watch Imbestigador and XXX, and I just shake my head at the stupidity of people who actually do things such as GIVE money to the scammers to claim the money the they (the scammed people) supposedly won.

    Here’s another scam I received last January 12, 2009 from cp# 09208246272:

    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (P950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Handog pangkabuhayan”! to Claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m Atty. RECARDO GOMEZ.frm.BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2009

  280. noypiako says:

    obvious na scam. kapag hindi ka sumali, paano ka mananalo?
    sana lang may paraan na mahuli mga manggagantsong ito. kaya may mga ganyan pa rin kasi may naloloko pa sila. KARMA nalang katapat ng mga yan.
    btw, eto yung number nang nagtext sa akin ng same message from V-PRES CHARITY FOUNDATION (di ko na itatype, pareho rin naman yung laman)


  281. TonTon says:

    I receive also same message just this morning saying “D’auditors of PGMA charity foundationnform u that ur Cp# won P850,000 2nd prze wnnr drw last 1/21/09 NCR DTI#4677 Pls.call me now ‘M Atty. George F. Lopez.” at first you will think maybe it’s true pero kung babalikan natin mga news before maraming ngang scam na ganito. Sa mga gumagawa nito go to hell…

  282. loverboy22 says:

    I received the text message saying “D.Auditors of PGMA charity foundation would like to inform you that your cellphone # had won php 950,000.00 2nd price winner draw last Jan(25)2009 pls call me now i’m atty.Roldan G. Reyes
    call me at 0909-868-0996

  283. Ed11 says:

    I also received a text message like that a while ago, saying “Congrats!! Ur’ Sim# Had Won Php680,000.00 Frm (V-PRES) CHARITY FUND, Electronic Raffle Drw,4mre info! Call me now! Atty. Rey A. Roque DTI-NCR Prmt#2305 S/2009” from a number “+639196183582”

    Thanks for the info guys

    These people have the money to spend to just fool around and mess up other people’s lives..

    For those making these kind of messages, get a life!

  284. gariell says:


    Got to keep an eye out for those premium 090 numbers, call one and you will be charged and at times the fares are pretty heafty.


  286. i just received atxt message a while ago that my sim won 780,000 pesos thru electronic raffle draw last 01-26-09 from PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION WITH BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS’HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN’to claim ur prize call me now Im Atty.Peter H.Dizon/:frm BSP info DPT.Per-DTI# 3920 serires of 2009 saying to claim ur prize please pay the tax amount of 8,500 and send to thru Western Union Money Transfer and the check will be encash and can be collected to Western union itself.

  287. eowazzup says:

    I also recieved this messege 20009/01/29 11:01am
    D’AUDITOR’S ofPGMA.CHARITY FOUNDATION N’FORM u dart ur CELLFON nos.Won p5950,000 2nd Prize Winner,draw LAST Jan (28) ’09 DTI/NCR PERMIT #.1809 SER.2009 PLZ. CALL ME NOW ATTY. ROLDAN G. REYES, Contact# 09106981766

    from the sender +639076764325

  288. ADDavid says:

    Thanks for putting up this page. Received text from an Atty. Rex Mendez supposedly. Cel: 09179227659. From Bangko Sentral. Offered P650k. Came complete with a DTI no. (3920).

  289. junelyn says:

    february 03,2009

    Yesterday night i received Notice From: D’Auditors of the PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION inform u that ur cp # won Php. 950,000 last 01/30/09 Pls. call me now i am atty. Richard D. Cruz, and i call his secretary answer the phone and today we talk about the details that i won through electronic rapples and they will send my prize through LBC door to door and they ask for prosesing fee worth 6,500 and i send it through western union i told her i already expend so much money just to call you and i do not allow that i waste my money bec i really work for it here in abroad, I am working in malaysia and God will take care of them.. To them Pls. tigil nyo na kalukuhan nyo magsikap kayo to earn money not getting from others who really work for it like us… Pls Give a number where i can report this person his number is Atty. Richard D. Cruz +639082691131 and his secretary Christina Tan

  290. always think twice (question things first..) says:


    I thought I should post my message here asap to help people to be aware of these sort of scams.
    **At 1:27PM today 4Feb 2009, I received the following sms – +639099666197 (to make it clearer its – +63909 966 6197):

    “Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had Won (Php 650,000.00)
    Thru electronic Raffle Frm PGMA Charity foundation w/Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas”!to Claim ur prize.! Call me now!! i’m sec.Arnold M capilitan. frm.BSP Info. Dpt Per-DTI#0432 Series of 2009.”

    I have to say, first reaction as any human beings is, I got excited a bit. Seeing the word ‘charity’ ba naman, is i think, an instant trusting instinct that we used to have towards charities…But, i realised and thought I should check if PGMA is genuine and to investigate/reasearch who’s this Sec. Arnold M Capilitan…etc And thats how i found this site. Keep spreading the word guys, and credit back to Gariell’s Weblog – God bless you and keep up the good work!
    There are still genuine charity out there like the “sweepstakes”, but its ashame that these scams ruins the other genuine charities reputation… One more thing, someone mentioned here that “if its too good to be true, dont believe straight away… stop n think/quesntion it…”
    – from ‘always think twice (question things first..)’

  291. always think twice (question things first..) says:

    Just an add on comment following to my recent post (add on to last 4 lines) –
    “… One more thing, someone mentioned here that “if its too good to be true, dont believe straight away… stop n think/quesntion it…” -JUST WANT TO ADD!! THIS IS RIGHT!

    Always be cautious (be aware… look out for your own safety!) Hope the genuine Crime Busters find these scammers and punish them!!!

  292. gariell says:

    Always think twice,

    Great advice and I am sure your message will hit home with readers and thank you for your encouragement, it’s always nice to receive positive feedback.


  293. gariell says:


    It has been reported, but you can expect the bottom feeder to reappear at some other contact address and number.

  294. dang says:

    Feb 7, 2009 11:00

    re: PGMA Charity Foundation

    The hoax is in dire need! I recieved same message just today sayin that my sim no. had won Php 650,000.00 thru e-raffle from PGMA foundation with bangko sentral ng pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan” to claim the prize pls call now with d number appears. he is Atty Rex C. Mendez. frm BSP Info. DT. Per-DTI#0432 Series of 2009.

    just think u have “no raffle entry, no chances of winning”.

  295. grace says:

    I was racketed today also same as you guys and wasted $1,300 by these people pretending to be
    Gov. Amando Tetangco Jr. from Central bank. and Atty. Jerry Osmena pretending to be from the Western Union. They told me i won Php 3,000,000 by electronic raffle, they gave me instructions to claim it asking informations about myself and my family. I sent them 3 times transfers as following each instruction they told me saying that this is the final process bla…bla… finally they asked me to pay the 2% tax from the total amount of the winning prize again and will be really the final process and i will get the Php 3,000,000 . I gave up and calling this Atty. bad and racketeers. He pretended to prove that he was not bad by helping me pay the tax. He said he has 20,000 in his own account that he can use and I can pay the rest. So i told him to just give me back all the money i sent him and i give up to recieving the million. He asked me to call me back another day….. bla…bla… kept saying it is really true. I”m just so fumb realizing all of these are racket when i read all your stories.
    I will be glad know if somebody knows how to get rid of these fuckin freak people. Help!!!Help!!!! I want my money back!!!

  296. grace says:

    Additional information to evrybody… These racketeers are surely employees of globe/smart telephone company cause they knew my roaming no.

  297. gariell says:

    Don’t think this is the actual situation. It works much like spam in regular emails that you receive, only this is targeting cell numbers instead of email addresses.


  298. grace says:

    Yes Garielle, if it is you so much like spam in regular emails the we recieve, instead by cell numbers, then how do we spam these numbers through cell?? I reported it to the telephone company they said they cannot do anything about it. It’s sounds really ridiculous cause there must be a way to catch these people if they just really care to bother helping victims. thanks for commenting back. But i’m still sure they are employees of the Western union, globe/ smart. They created their own bank which the Western union in the United States cannot even track it. The money goes to western union, and the western union gives away the money without asking for real property identity of the reciever. So they let all these fraud things happening. Telephone companies are also like websites who sell information about you. That’s how they get in to your roaming system or get your phone no. These big companies work together to make money. And they did it to millions of people around the world. They deserve to be caught by the international police & suffer according to international law by violation and abuse of human rights and by using fake IDs must be controlled very strictly.

  299. grace says:

    oops i mean proper real identifications, sorry about my typings if some words are mispelled or grammars wrong…Gosh i just feel so terrible being a victim of these people . Please let us unite together to stop these crimes. Don’t let them do it again and again and again everyday…Promote cell spams and keep giving warning to people for them to be aware. Because before i turned to be their victim, i was not aware about these kind of racket. And i just felt so idiot myself being their victim. I cannot concentrate no more on my works thinking about this. Help me what to do? please…I kept thinking about what happend to me…of they’ve done to me…how can I forget this?

  300. Joseph says:

    Hi everybody here’s another scam that you may receive thru text, congratulation! your sim no. have won 950000 thru electronic raffle draw from pgma charity foundation with banko central pilipinas ” handog pangkabuhayan”, to claim your prize, call me now, I’m Atty. Cristina L. Tan from BSP info dpt per dti # 3920 series of 2009.

  301. textoes says:

    scam is still in full effect how can we stop it?

  302. LJ says:

    bakit meron pa ring ganito? and can someone stop this? kawawa naman yugn iba.. (if ever)

  303. Anonymous says:

    malakas karma mo Atty Franco B. Francisco or kung sino ka man lets see!!!!!!!!!!!kung magkatotoo ang panalangin ko sau.

  304. leo says:

    malakas karma mo Atty Franco B. Francisco or kung sino ka man lets see!!!!!!!!!!!kung magkatotoo ang panalangin ko sau.

  305. none says:

    hello i got the same text today that i won 950,000 pesos. his name daw ay Francis Tan. 907-748-9252 and cell niya at actually paputol-putol so any text like that please ignore and don’t respond.2/12/2009.

  306. noela says:

    Is there no way to stop scammers doing their thing. it is going on for a long time and it means that they have victimized as many, especially in these hardest times when you can fall to any way of getting money (on the part of those scammed trying to make both ends meet in their daily life). The world is getting crazy everyday. Is this not the kind of thing that senate should investigate. Is this not the kind of ‘ads’ or warning that should be aired on t.v. and radio. God bless the Philippines and the world.

  307. sweetie says:

    I am presently living here in dubai & i also received same msg to my roaming # saying that i won 950,000 from handog pangkabuhayan of PGMA. I received this since last week & i ignore it but they keep on sending me that’s why i called. I spoke with one lady and she told me that its real..

    this is the # 09084677243 and they are using the name of Atty. Danilo P. Munoz.

    How true is this?…

  308. gariell says:

    It is sad that people fall for these scams every day. It is nothing new; there have been scam artists all throughout history, the only difference today is that they have access to the internet. I believe that the only solution is through education.
    I hope that this site will become obsolete some day in the near future, but I am not counting on it.


  309. gariell says:

    You just called a premium phone number. In other words, you will be charged by the minute for that call. Of course the bottom feeder will tell you it is real. You should contact your service provider and report this, they do not take too kindly to this type of activity on their service. It has been my experience in the past that they act swiftly and black list their service.


  310. concern girl says:


  311. emy says:

    hi, i also got a text just this AM from cell# 0918 496 9629 which says :

    “Ur sim no. Had won (P950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to Claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m Atty. ALPHONZO G> COZON:frm.BSPinfo Dpt. Per DTI#3920 series of 2009.”

    This is the actual text message received, word for word. Pls note the cell # above and include with the other numbers reported here.

    I tried calling this cell # thru a landline & the person who answered does not speak tagalog well – has somewhat visayan accent. I just plainly asked for his landline #, he gave this 5291100. But i didn’t anymore call that # nor wanted anymore to talk to that person. Hope this kind of scams be reported via media say television expose so lots of people be warned. As i read all most of your comments here, so sad to know that there were indeed some who were fooled by these people successfully.


  312. Mackoy05 says:

    Receive same sms this morning. It says “D/auditors of PGMA Charity Foundation informed u dat ur cel# Won P950,000 2nd prize winner drawn last :18Feb.’09 DTI no.2368 S’09 call now i’m Atty. Roldan Reyes.” I didnt bother to call right away but do simple research. Good thing people who experienced before do share thus it gives warning to future victims of this scammers!

  313. lonelyjea says:

    I receive same sms that all d same that i read in this blog,

    “D’ Auditors of PGMA Charity Foundation nform u that ur cp# won P850,000 2nd prze wnnr drw last/02/17/09 NCR DTI#4677 Pls.Call me now ‘M Atty.George F. Lopez ”

    If you receive like this msg think of it, How could it be that you won, if you don’t not join of any raffle draw,

  314. ryan says:

    so annoying!
    naloko dn kme ng scammer na pare-pareho ang modus!

    Na scam 300pesos load mula smin..
    Congratulations!ur sim no.had won (650,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr:PGMA charity foundation with BSP…..
    handog pangkabuhayan daw..
    e2 gnamit na number ng gago 09073711590

    sana mgawan na ng solusyon ang ganitong gawain..

  315. gariell says:

    Thank you all
    Happy to see that word is getting out about the scam. Stay vigilant

  316. charie says:

    ..X CuSe mHe i’m jZt lOOkInG 4r thE CeLLpHoNe nO# Of aTTy.aNgElA B. cHuA . sHe iS A aUdItOR Of
    pHiLiPPiNe cHaRiTy
    COuLd i Jzt kNoW It

    iLL WaIt 4R sOmE ReSuLt aT My e mAiL AddrESs

  317. eka says:

    we also recieved a txt frm atty. rex c. mendez of BSP INFO DEPT. w/ cel# 09125332236.. per DTI permit #0432series of 2009!notifying us that our sim no. won Php.650000 thru electronic raffle… just like the others… they also asking us to call him right away! fortunately we didn’t done anything yet, buti na lang we’ve seen this site. ka frustrate tlaga ‘no! sa hirap ng buhay ngayon! ma uuto ka tlaga if your not be wiser about this kind of people. My husband is a police and we’re planning an entrapment for this with the help of SPD.

  318. tone says:

    hala! eka, i got the same msg from Atty Mendez too and i called him twice with his #09274681977. sus, he even intsructed me to buy four prepaid cards of smart and globe worth P300 each. guess what? bumili kaya ako? syempre hindi. wehehe! pero, kakahiya. nauto ako kahit papano. nakunan pa ako ng details. name, address and age. alam ko na on the first place na scam lang but i insisted calling him pa rin. P14 worth of calls lang naman nabawas sa lod ko. so please go on with the plan to entrap this kind of people. Good luck!

  319. emmelou apple balatucan says:

    i also receive that i won the second price last to days . worth of php780,000.00. and i claim it but some of the officers of yours are offer me to give money worth of php15,000.00.and i hope next time pleas don’t be a liar..

  320. cams says:

    i also had a similar text just now. I almost believed it,but because i was asked to buy prepaid SMART buddy cards worth p1,200 (4 cards worth p300) and since i have been warned & receive these fake contest stuff on my email almost daily, i did some research too & found this. Thanks to Google & to all of you for helping me out thru this site.

    I hope someone could get in touch with PGMA and let her & her staff know about this so that something can be done to stop &victimize more people immediately.

  321. cams says:

    oh by the way… beware of this number who has just texted me a similar scam (the-buy-4pcs worth of load-scam). He named himself Atty. Dike D. Perez 0907-4385362

  322. jacqui26 says:

    check out what i personally experienced related to this one here:


    Not sure if they’re one and the same but probably just another alter ego of the idiots.

    I can’t believe this people can afford to make such scams just for the sake of self-vested interests!

  323. gariell says:


    You are the 322nth commentator on this post, so I guess that the scam is still alive and in circulation. Our site has been viewed by over several hundred thousand visitors and climbed on a daily basis. Sad to say that a site of this nature is necessary, and believe me, I wish it wasn’t. Thanks to comments from readers we are able to keep the word out and disclose the bottom feeders.


  324. puchickong says:

    me too i also recived a text message saying that i’d won 900,000 fom the PGMA charity Foundation frm atty. Rose F.Amora she said she was a info.Dpt.Per-

  325. puchickong says:

    amazing so much amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!4 all the single ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  326. mariquita says:

    My maid just got a variation of this text a few minutes ago and showed it to me. I Googled this and we found this site – so now she knows what to look for in a scam text.

    Really, some people have too much time on their hands!

  327. gariell says:

    Nice to see you have a maid, and you have the time to visit our site. Only here to help people from getting scammed and it is always a pleasure to hear that the site was helpful.


  328. ZHEL says:

    THIS SCAM MUST STOP!Im glad i found this site to warned me coz i also receive this kind of txt message.

  329. alvin jnaval says:

    nanloloko din xa sakin pero niloloko ko rin xa kaya quits lng

  330. Anonymous says:

    ay nku! nkarcv din me ng txt n n2lo dw aq ng Php950.000.00 2nd prize winner draw last March 7,2009..nklgy pls kol me now..I`m Rolando A. Mendez (Auditor Phils.Charity Foundation)so,,,kol agd aq..tas sbi 2 me..txt q ung aking nme, address, at trabaho s ngaun..and my no…so after nming mag usap sent q agd…sbi nya pnu dw cla mk2cguro n aq ung may # n un…at mrmi p xa cnbi blah!!!blah!!!!so ang ginawa q nagtxt aq 2 him tas sbi q pra po maptunyan nyo n aq nga ang may ari ng roaming # n e2 itxt po nyo ang aking mga ank kc yan ang gingmit nila pangtxt sken…kc mura lng…so un…sabi nya e kol dw ulit me ng 8am knina (march 10) tas un ipinliwnag nya kung panu dw aq n2lo…tas e2 n ask n nya ung 2prcnt dw ng amount n napanlunan q…e 19,000.00 pesos un…nku sbi q e ala aq gnung pera..and2 nga me abroad but mb2 lng shod qd2..nid dw maibigay q b4 5pm ngaun araw n i2…ay nku ang ginawa q e nangutang aq ng 2th ptcas s frend q at ibi2gay qn sana..but naicp open internet d2 alaga q..at e2 nlman q n panlo2ko lng pla…ay buti nlng…ay nku! ang tao nga nmn…wa n aq zay!!!

  331. Meg says:

    I just received a text like this scam from “Lorna Ruiz” I called up and before giving any information about myself, I asked them to prove to me that they are legal then the girl hanged up on me. I then checked this site and now I’m amazed to know that these people fooled a lot of us already. Thanks for putting up this site … I hope those criminals eventually get what they deserve.

  332. carol says:

    D’AUDITOR’S of PGMA.CHARITY FOUNDATION N’FORM u dat ur celfon nos.Won P950,000 2nd prize winner, draw last Mar, (15)’09
    DT1/NCR Permit #. 1809 SER.2009 Plz, Call me now ATTY. ROLDAN G. REYES, Contact # 09076764263

  333. gariell says:

    Glad you took the time to get informed of this scam. Judging from the amount of comments, I guess it is a very popular scam

  334. stef says:

    hay naku buti nalang hindi ko napadala ang pera ko sa venus ayala na yon..i did recieve txt from my roaming that she said,congrats!ur sim no.had won (950,000)thru electronic raffle draw fr.PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION w/bangko sentralsentral ng pilipinas handog pangkabuhayan!to claim ur price ‘call me now’!im atty.VENUS G. AYALA.fr.BSP info.DPT PER DTI#3920 series of 2009.e2 ung no.09205735866.salamat sa mga comment nyo muntik na ako na biktima i deside to check sa enternet b4 ko send ng pera,she demand 8,500 peso ask me to send at westren union for processing sa cheque ipadala daw nila d2 thru LBC ung cheque.mag ingat sa pangalan na e2.NEDDIE B. SERENTAS.ANG ADD.HARIZON ST.MALATE MANILA.sya sana ang padalhan ko.

  335. Anonymous says:

    mga bolok – imagine winning such big amount without you knowing that your roaming no. is included in the raffle draw…ano ba yan..mukhang scam (scam talaga) hindi puede yun mga mangingilad (ay manloloko pala)mga pinoy sa buong mundo “BEWARE OF THIS SCAM…


    concerned pinoy

  336. Nyx says:

    Could not believe that once I checked the internet, I could find 335 comments regarding the same issue. I do receive a sms messages din but its suspicious considering I cant remember I used my cellphone number for any raffle.
    Okay guys, I will try to contact Imbestigador, I hope they do listen to us. Its easy to change sim number and catching this thieves alone is quite hard to do. And if this is big time syndicate, we need the help of authority.
    Hope other victims of this scam check internet first and see our comments before throwing their hard earned money.

  337. Anonymous says:

    Ngayong araw ko lang ito na received galing sa +639082691128 may DTI pang nalalaman…mag-ingat po tayo sa mga ganito klase ng pangloloko. Isumbong-sumbong kay bongang-bongang bong! heheehehehehe…

    Congratulations! Ur Sim no. had won (950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA Charity Foundation w/Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog Pangkabuhayan”! To Claim ur prize! call me now!! I’m Atty. ALPHONZO G. COZON: Frm. BSPinfo.Dpt Per-DTI#3920 serios of 2009.

  338. xela says:

    Nahulog din ako sa patibong na ito, napadla ko pa nga ang bank account no. ko (not active account meaning walang laman) pra daw ipadla nila sa account ko. ewan ko kung may bad effect ito sa name ko after na napdla ko ang bank account ko sa kanila.

    Morning a received a txt msge from 09059654641 that i won daw 950,000 pesos at ginamit ang Handog Pangkabuhayan.

    I called at may sumagot para i verify ko, humaba ang talk namin, yet after na nabigay ko na ang account ko sa babae (Rhea Lopez daw) through text din, nagduda na ako na scam siguro dahil humingi ng limang globe load worth 300 pesos prepaid card dahil ito daw ang gagawing identity pra ilagay sa cheque.

    Through this weblog na clear pa ang duda ko. Salamat. Please note na lang ng number i mentioned above pra di na kayo mapa tawag pa and mabiktima, like me.

    Ang alam ko lang ngayon ay ang mga taong nang-loloko ay wlang peace inside. kahit sabihin pa nila na masaya sila. God knows what to do with them.

    Sa globe network naman, nais ko lang sanang malaman na bakit nakuha nila ang mga private namin. Anong masasabi nyo sa pag breached nila sa aking private number. I hope may magawa kayo sa mga ganitong problema.

    God bless sa lahat.

  339. chad says:

    me 2, i recieved a text this day april 27, i had won daw PHP 950000.00 daw.. so hinala din ako.. buti nlang i checked this site 1st.. ty sa nag p0st nito.. ang number nga pala na nag text sken is 09066148346 MICHELLE SANTOS ang name.. is there anyway para ma block yang mga scammer na yan? kakapal ng mukha..

  340. Elvie Sabariz says:

    I received a txt msg today that i wond 2nd price daw PHP 480,000 “Handog pangkabuhayan”. I know na scam ito coz nakakaduda ang txt nila. Ito ang number ng sender+639275193521 SEC. ANITA H. GO, Sana bigyan ito ng pansin kasi kawawa naman ang mga nabibiktima. Wala naman sila mapapala ditokung gusto nila magkapera maghanap buhay sila ng tama dahil pag niloko mo ang kapwa mo mas mahigit ang kapalit nito sa u na karma….

  341. Gabrielle says:

    hay napraning ako, imagine i was thinking how can i accomodate all the expenses that i had, and suddenly someone texted me that my no. had won 950k achuchuchu, Im here in abroad so i sms my friend in phils to check this out if it is true, aside from that i check the PGMA Charity website and i cross to this blog,I cant imagine that I’m not the only one victim in this kind of situation, thanks i didnt do anything, because i know nowadays you to have to work for every single penny, nobody will give you an instant money just like this….poor GMA people are using her for this kind of stupidity…

  342. jennifer says:

    i recieve a txt message in tne auditors of pgma i sorry 2 my self that i was anothr victim dis mss8ge is about u won 950,000 2nd prize from the pgma charity foundition and from below theres a name atty roldan reyes to be said to call,its too late that i realized it was atxt scm.this is a txt mss8g from me.d auditors of pgma charity foundition n form u dat ur celfon nos won950,0002nd prize winner,draw last apr,28 09 dti/ncr permit#1809 ser,2009 plz ,call me now atty,roldan g reyes contact#09076764263.iwas so stupid n naniwala nmn me of course its pgma charity

  343. F. U. Reyes says:

    Incredible, I didn’t know that there would be that many stupid pinoy’s out there, WORLD CLASS TALENT? not in a million years.

  344. Kristal says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, I just received a text message today from cellphone no.:09051704166 from an Atty. with dti#6730 s09. The text said that my sim# won grand prize winner worth P550,000! I mean just the very text is suspicious but trying my luck I called back the number & talked to this man saying that the sim#s were from an electronic raffle part of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas anniversary celebration with the mention of names most notably Vice President Noli de Castro. The man I talked to even said that there’s 5 of us who won. He told me to text to him my full name, age and birth date as well as my address. From that moment it sounded really suspicious. I would never give personal info. to anyone who I don’t know. Good thing I’m an internet person and practically my life revolves here, so while I was talking to that scammmer I was searching for this Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas anniversary celebration that the man was talking about. I didn’t find anything so it’s pure d*mbsh*t.

    To all, be very careful of this scam and anyway don’t believe any contest that needs for you to pay first in order for you to get their price. Plus, don’t divulge personal information to anyone. Lastly, don’t believe you won anything when you didn’t join any contest at all.

  345. rex says:


    congrat! your cell nos. had won 2nd prize worth of 950,000.00 pesos! drawn last 04/30/09 from pgma foundation dti permit no.01401, pls call me now, i,m ms. leah lopez

  346. gariell says:


    Glad you found the site. Always nice to see that it is helpful.


  347. ma. liezl says:

    congratulations! ur sim no. had won 950,000 thru electric raffle draw frm PGMA charity foundation w/ bangko sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur prize.! call me now!! i’m RAFAEL A. DIAZ: frm. BSP info. dpt Per-DTI#3920series of 2009.

  348. norhata says:

    wow!in parin pla ako….hehehehehehe!latest na victim to be sna.thanks a lot sa posted information ninyo.May God save u from hell Atty.Alexander T. Yap for trying to fool the people.i hope you will be the next victim of your owm scam.kabayan,watch out for more scammers.

  349. bennie mahencio says:


  350. ghie says:

    Authorities should do something about this. with new technologies they can easily track these guys, right? let the people know who are involved with these scam.

  351. Charmaine says:

    Hi,Im the lastest victim of this scam.I got the txt msg 680,000 daw ang panalo ko.I sent 7600 pesos fee daw un.I spoke with 3 people all together and the last one was apparently Central Bank officer and it got fishy when I was asked to give 3% for him for signing the cheque.WOW!!!Let me tell you guys….these people are PRO.They know what to say…if you were victimized come out and share your story and hopefully,these people will get caught and be rotten in JAIL.

  352. Sharon Vestidas says:

    May 24, 2009
    I have just received a text message from 09202476408-Atty. Yap with these words: Congratulations!Ur sim No. had won (P50,000)thru electronic draw from: PGMA Charity Foundation with BSP “Handog Pangkabuhayan”! to claim your prize.!call me, Im. Atty. Yap from BSP Info Dept Per DTI #3920 s of 2009.

    Thanks God, I tried to look at your website, and found out this scam. In fact, marami na akong naranasang scam, both internet at cellphone. It so happened that I was so careful, and not ever been a victim. Basta tandaan nyo, basta wala naman kaung sinalihan na draw, at bigla ka nalang nanalo, scam un. mahigpit talaga pangangailangan ng mga kababayan nting to a!!! nakakatawa.

  353. gariell says:


    Glad you took the time to visit the site


  354. gariell says:


    It is always nice to hear from readers


  355. Menchie says:

    I also got the scam message from 09082723398.
    It says:
    “From Phil. Charity Foundation
    During our 68th anniversary/3rd prize winner ON HE SPOT RAFFLE Draw! Send your complete Name, Age @ Add’s DTI-NCR# (4870). Sec Reg. # A-1970101578/Series/2009/!
    For more details Call now! I’m Atty. Jingoy Dela Cruz.”.

  356. jace says:

    this happened to me too. I just got more than 5x txt messages to #09059313719 it says…” Congratulations!!!ur sim # had won P680k 3rd anniversary draw frm PGMA charity foundation More ‘tails& info Call me now! Sec Roy A. Aquino DTI5480s09

    buti na lang umiral pgkahenyo ko at check ko muna sa google if this is ture. Tnx for this comments now i KNow!!
    mga kalokohan tlga ng pinoy dami na nga nghihirap, bbgayn pa nila ng problema ang tao. may karma din cla!

  357. flynt says:

    just now i received this fing scam message. D/AUDITORS OF PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION INFORMING ME THAT MY MOBILE NUMBER WON PHP 950,000.00 2ND PRIZE WINNER DRAW LAST JUNE 12, 2009.HE’S ASKING ME TO CALL HIM NOW. ATTY. ROLDAN G. REYES (+639092956026)iam not that kind of idiot like you. Whoever doing this kind of scam “MAY YOU REST IN PEACE” – AAAAmen! THANKS GOOGLE…buti nalang…

  358. jonah says:

    i received a txt msgs. 3times lately that said D’Auditors of PGMA Charity Foundation nform u that ur cell# won Php950,000.00 2nd price winner drawn last june/14/09 call now’m Atty. ROLDAN G. REYES…

  359. jonah says:

    The cell# of Atty. ROLDAN G. REYES is 09296219800 wag maniniwala agad sa ganyang msgs. huwag papatulan para hindi maloko.

  360. Kissy says:

    just received same text message from number 09056586730 from Sec. Rey H. Flores daw siya.

  361. mhaera25 says:

    i received this messege at18 june 2009. 09:07:45. zed D’AUDITORS OF PGMACHARITY FOUNDATIONNFORM U DAT UR CELLFONE NOS . WONP. 950.000 2nd prize winner, draw last june-17-2009 call now atty: rolly g monzon..
    i wonder were did they got my #?? then i reasearch it to the internet the charity, then i found out this txt scam..

  362. josie says:

    i just received a text today: it goes like this:(Notice)Ur sim #won! (P780,000.+N70 Unit cp). free rafle draw last. 06/21/09 frm: PGMA Foundation. for your info! Pls Call me now! Im Atty. WELFRED H. DORANO -dti_Ncr#0778 ser./09…… his number is +639267893972……
    Thanks and ive found this blog. Is there any actions from the authorities in this regards? so that this will stop….

  363. gariell says:


    Very hard to stop, just be aware and do not respond. Let’s keep these bottom feeders “unemployed”


  364. Anonymous says:

    i also received txt msg at 09.06.24 saying “AUDITORS of PHIL.CHARITY FOUNDATION nforming u that ur sim no. had won PHP950,000 2nd prize winner, drawn last 06 23 09,NCR/DTI #0438 PLS CALL ME NOW Im MRS.RHEA CORTES” then i searched for the DTI no, tnx guys for sharing the same experience..

  365. gariell says:


    We are always glad to hear that the site is helping expose these bottom feeders.
    Let’s put these “whatevers” out of “business.”


  366. aki says:

    i got this text message saying the same message though it have the different number and a different attorny do you think its a scam too? aw i hate scammers.

  367. aki says:

    oops i forgot the celphone number was 09095240125 and the atty. was ” atty. roldan g. reyes ” does anyone know this guy for some reason? he’s kinda weird coz his number has a “special words” added with his cell number on top do you think hes a spam or what ?

  368. bambi says:

    i just rcv recently this kind of msg,and i did my reply.”SAYO NA LANG YAN UNGGOY KA!regalo ko nalang sayo.hehhehehe

  369. gariell says:


    It’s a scam


  370. grace says:

    Hay naku! Same din and message na pinadala sa cell ng husband ko…..Manloloko talga walang awa….

  371. ivan joshua says:

    check them in Davao…
    that Venus Ayala…
    i tried to call them…
    it’s weird cause’ they keep repeating my name all over again…
    watch out.. cause’ you have to pay them first before you even get the money written on the text message…
    keep receiving the same old message.. with different kind of names….



    and one more…
    All Politics.. it’s not about the people anymore…
    nobody cares in the government…
    they only care for the structures they build inside…
    keeping their ground…
    leaving helpless and needy people in dire needs…
    CRIME RATES are off the charts…

    that’s all i have to say…
    this is the first time i become a little scared of going back to Philippines…

  372. marvz says:

    I just rcntly rcv this kind of mesage saying..congratulation! ur globe OFW Intn’l roaming#Had won (2million)(Php)thru elctronics raffle draw fr: P.G.M.A. Foundation. claim ur prize. look for Atty. Alex Porminto.Officer incharge.DTI NCR Permit # 2508 Series of 2009 Call noW!! to avoid Forfeiture!

    d no. is +639162718119

  373. gariell says:


    It is a serious matter for the service providers and they do what is possible to counter act these bottom feeders. Just take a minute to report these “spam” text messages to your service provider and I am sure that they will appreciate it. It could also help someone else from falling victim to these scam artists.


  374. tatz says:

    i recently got the same tx scam today, from the cel.#09218145628, please help search this persons 2 avoid another person victimize by them

  375. gariell says:


    We all want to see these bottom fedeers put out of “business” and your comment is appreciated.


  376. hailee says:

    Please be aware of this number +63909998910 Atty. Vic G. Serrano buti nalang may website na ganito thnx

  377. richardreyhan says:

    I just received a txt message from a certain Atty. James G. Mamalo from BSP info Dept. The message goes “Congratulations ur sim# had won Php.950,000.00 for 2nd price via electronic raffle draw on last 06/30/09,from banko sentralng malate manila nd to claim ur prize call me now i’m atty.james G. Mamalo from BSP nfo Dpt. DTI#0632 series”….
    First time to receive such a message, so I called the guy.

    When I heard the background sounded as if he was in a sidewalk canteen and not in an office, I instantly had doubts. More so when he talked, he sounded like no lawyer at all. The way he answered my query sounded like I wasn’t the only one who got the message. So I just told him that my I had no more load and that the line would be cut off. I took only about a minute to talk to him and I ended the call. I did not bother to give him any details about me. Didn’t call him again.

    Checked the BSP website for any promo but there was none at all…

    Who the hell is this guy???!!!!….

    His number is 09359830132….

  378. love says:




  379. jun b. says:

    i received a similar text just now,from a certain Atty. Marciano S.Pineda using cel #09264292353 informing me i had just won Php850,000.00 from the foundation.kung wla cguro internet nbiktima din sna nila ako. p.s. Satanas ata ung middle name nya c”,)

  380. jane says:

    just recieved the same text msg from Atty Marciano Pineda, same # as whats mentioned above stating i wont the same said amount. I replied SCAM, he wanted me to call him so he can explain further, i replied, SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! After that he didnt reply anymore.

  381. jane says:

    And oh, i called him using the office # on mute, when he answered, theres this bird chirping in the background. He cant hear me, thank God to mute buttons. Scammer talaga!!! I mean, what are these people thinking??? Theres internet and theres news all around informing the public about this and they still continue doing it. Im sure meron pa silang naloloko kasi they’re still on it.

  382. Anonymous says:

    I also received same txt a while ago re Congrats! Ur sim # hadwon P850,000 2nd prize. draw last 07/07/09 Pls. call me now I’m atty. Romeo M. Ayala info dept PGMA Charity Foundation. DTI-per#1344s-09. His cel # is 09059564078. beware of this txt and pls. dont attempt to call them back.

  383. Anonymous says:

    it’s a fuc.king scam..

    i got the same message
    different NAMES and mobile number

    639076353623 – ALLEN C. GARCIA
    639089441253 – ALEXANDER T. YAP

    no one in our country doesn’t care anymore!.

  384. ivanjoshua says:

    it’s a fuc.king scam..

    i got the same message
    different NAMES and mobile number

    639076353623 – ALLEN C. GARCIA
    639089441253 – ALEXANDER T. YAP

    no one in our country doesn’t care anymore!.

  385. junovoi says:

    atty recardo f gonzales
    ypu won 850,000,00 these is a scam

  386. Anonymous says:

    atty recardo f gonzales

  387. merk says:

    i also recieved the same text msg from Atty. Roldan D. Reyes that i had won 950000 thru electronic raffle draw fr:PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog Pangkabuhayan” to claim ur prize pls call me now Atty. Roldan D. Reyes from BSP info. Dpt Per- DTI no. 3920 series of 2009 he txt me using this no. 09098040140

    I also call him using other phone cause its unli. i can talk to him even for a long period of time. I ask him “dba pag nanalo ka dapat tatawagan ka nila and he only ans. me saying swerte nyo naman nanalo na kau tatawagan pa kau o dba ang taray”

  388. lulai says:

    nku aq din po my nagtx ng ganyan ngyong umaga lng kya dali aq nag google…salamat nmn at ndi q pinatulan muntik na kc eh…pero eto po ung number na ginamit nya na ttwagan q daw.09075352661..grabe sana mahuli tong mga baliw nato!!

  389. Bill says:

    O yeah I won 2Million pesos today from a stupid atty named Alfred Macapagal (kamag-anak siguro to ng president) with number 09055258245. Ok just donate it to DSWD if really true as I am not interested

  390. au del corro says:

    yes I won today a Php580k from text message Pres. GMA & Phils Charity foundation “ur sim number won per DTI NCR #6490 series of 2009 dats the exact word I got to this cell number 09268852834 a certain atty ricardo r. velasco sr.

  391. Dette says:

    hay wala talagang magawa sa buhay ang mga unggoy ng D’author of PCF mr. rey cruz sayo nalang yung price ko marami na kasi akong pera sa inyo nalang yan para abuloy…

  392. joy says:

    I received the same message in my cellphone, thrice in a day.

    “Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had Won php (p950,000.00) for 2nd PrizE WINNER!thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas”Handog pangkabuhayan” To Claim ur Prize! Call Now! im Atty. Rey G. Coangco Jr. FR: BSP Info Dpt. Per DTI Permit #3920s9″

    from +639194447468

    I ignored it. After two days, I got curious and texted him asking him where can I claim my prize. He replied “Pls call me now!” just to irritate him, I replied again, just text me where I’ll claim my prize. He didn’t text again.

  393. joel says:

    Got a text message from “Atty. Marciano S. Pineda” saying that I won Php 850k. Out of curiosity, I texted back and eventually even called him. This lawyer is hilarious as he cannot even construct two sentences without a grammatical error.

    Anyway, I decided to play along and make him believe that I was so into it. He even said that I should celebrate with my friends already since I will be getting the check the next morning.

    To make the long story short, the scammer got scammed and he was so mad that he sent me 40 messages with curses and kept on texting foul languages. He really thought he had me for sure. Oh well, just gave him a dose of his own medicine!

  394. katrina says:

    i received a msg from 09124034832… and its the same msg..
    D’AUDITORS OF PGMA. CHARITY FOUNSTION N’FORM you that ur cp nos. won P950,000 second prize winner, draw last july 24,2009 DTI/NCR permit#1809 ser.2009
    contact #. 09128674683

    …its a hoax!!!!!

  395. Cecil says:

    Grabeee! Just now i receive this message at fresh na fresh pa talaga and its written like this:
    Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had Won (950,000.00) 2nd PrizE WINNER! thru eletronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to Claim ur prize.! call me now! im, Atty REY G. COANGCO JR. frm. BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI NCR PERMIT#3920 series of 2009.
    O di ba! 4th time it happened to me now but never i response for any of this. Alam ko kasi na RAKET lang ito ng mga taong gustong magnakaw ng mga taong akala nila Mangmang at alang alam sa mundo. Hey Atty Rey G. Coangco Jr. tanga ka talaga kasi di mo ba alam na me mga pinag-aralan yung mga taong pinadadalhan mo ng msg mo? Kinakailangan ang padalhan mo ay ang mga taong di marunong mag-isip, mangmang na sa madaling salita ALANG PINAG-ARALAN kasi never naman talagang nakarating sa school. Plzzzz. nagsasayang ka lang ng LOAD mo!!!

  396. Cecil says:

    Atty Rey G. Coangco Jr. (cp# 09291803188) just now i read the msg of the other people. Ingat ka Mr. Attorney sa kaiisip mo ng ganyang raket kasi alang taong kakagat ng kasinungalingan mo at baka sa mental ka pulutin sige ka. Matakot ka naman sa DIYOS mo ano!

  397. sandy says:

    I received a message from :639284644303. The message said “Congratulations! Ur sim no. had won (P950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan!” to claim ur prize, call me now! I’m Atty. Venus G. Ayala frm BSP info. Dpt Per- DTI#3920 series of 2009. Beware!

  398. hrover97 says:

    hayz nakatanggap rin ako ngayon wahaha..
    D/Auditors of PGMA Charity foundation informed u that ur cel# Won P950,000,000 2nd prize winner draw last:Aug/2/09/ call now i’m Atty.Roldan G. Reyes.

    cel # 09092613033

    hirap ng buhay talaga ngayun…. sus…..

  399. giselle says:

    those people,nothing to do with their lives, GO TO HELL!!!

  400. jo says:

    Beware of this number 9291920708 alias Atty Patricia Gozon, binigay yung address nya to think na ipapadala ko na yung pera through western union the name is JOYLYN C. MARZADO ADDRESS: HARIZON ST. MALATE MANILA. She ask for P15,000.

  401. julius says:

    Beware of this guy named Atty Rey Cuanco,he got the nerve hindi raw sila nanloloko.This is his #09291802995.

  402. Armi says:

    Another scam..i guess the latest…The Auditors of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION INC. hereby inform that your mobile no. Won Php950,000.00 drawn 08/04/2009. DTI NCR #9857 Pls. Call nOw, I’m Leah Sanchez. 09062035602…dont be fooled!

  403. gariell says:

    Thanks for posting your example

  404. Rex says:

    Dear Gariell and all others who have shared their experiences with us, thank you all for helping us avoid these scammers. I have just received a similar message from phone # 0909 2570454:

    d’autitors of pgma charity foundation nform u dat ur celfon nos. won p950000 2nd prize winner, draw last aug. 20 09 dt1/ncr permit #1809 ser.209 plz, call me now atty rey a. cuangco contact 0929 180 2995

    Following your advices, i immediately contacted smart and reported these 2 phone numbers, which will soon be banned.

    Thank you all again for your kind help and please keep this site up, as the scammers dont seem to be give it up easily.

  405. royt says:

    Im presently working here in doha, qatar and i was recieved a text msg from +639086454951 this morning 22 Aug 2009 11:11:13 containing…Congratulations! ur intn’l roaming #. Won (3Million php) during 50th Anniversary fr: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas thru Electronic Raffle Draw! To claimur prize Pls call me now! I’m Gov. Amando M. Tetangco jr. Contac# 09086454951.DTI NCR#2508-S209.

    For info.pls don’t entertain and reply…100% scam..

  406. gariell says:

    Thanks for the compliment and I have no intentions of closing the site and it is always nice to hear that the site is serving it’s purpose.

    Cheers Gariell

  407. joseh says:

    ATTY. ARIES PERER CP# 09082805066 & 09082450891
    ATTY. REY OSMENA CP# 09108273445
    ATTY. PATRICIA L.GOZON CP# 09089891643
    DIR. ANA CHUA CP# 09092527181
    ATTY. GOERGE LOPEZ CP# 09076693481
    ATTY. CRISTINE C.GARCIA CP# 09089893537
    ATTY. ALLAN P.OSMENA CP# 09099597301

  408. Julie says:

    Just got the text message – D’AUDITOR’S of PGMA.CHARITY FOUNDATION N’FORM u dat ur CELFON nos. Won 950,000 2nd Prize Winner,draw Last Aug,(26)’09 DT1/NCR PERMIT #.1809 SER.2009 PLZ, CALL ME NOW ATTY …REY A.CUANGCO contact#09291802995

  409. malou says:

    D’auditors of PGMA charity foundation nformed u dat ur cel.# won P950,000.00 2nd prize winner drawn last: 8/26’09
    DTI 2168s09 call now i’m Atty. William F. Gomez
    also, becarefull…

  410. joel says:

    wiw!!!!. . .mga pinoy nga nmn oh!!!. . .khet xan nkkarateng ung mga panlloko nla. . .mbute n lng may website n pra x mga gntong MANLLOKO. . .salamat x nkaicp ng SITE n toh. . .pra dun x MANLLOKO e2 lng mssabe qh x inyo. . .tigilan nyo n yan @ mga P#%?*! I!% N*%. . .

  411. catherine says:

    Hello, just received a text message AT 6:31a from +639068789461…”PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION, informing you that your CELL# had won 950,000.00 2nd prize last Aug 27, 09. DTI#01401 series of 2009 PLS CALL US Nw,im, RHEA LOPEZ,…- it was satisfying to text back di bale nang macharge ako at sinabi ko agad na luma nang scam yan and proceeded to curse them. HAY! siguro may mga naloloko pa tong mga to.

  412. catherine says:

    Thanks Gariell!

  413. Anonymous says:

    shit!!!! i got scammed too………what will happen now?…………….

  414. sheila says:

    hi, i got fooled..i actually gave my name, address, & status…what should i do?… will they be able to do an identity theft?…i’m really worried…please help…

  415. tonton a.cortez says:

    congratulations!simcard#won php780,000.2nd prize winner drawlast08/02/09.to claim ur prize,pls call menow! i’m atty. welfredo c.tan(auditor|s of PGMA CHARITY FOUNDITION)PER DTI#5247SERIESOF 2009.

  416. joel says:

    1st of all grit qh mna ung mga taong p2loy n ngkkomento x site n toh. . .gue guys 2loy nyo lng pra mtigil n tong mga KATARANTADUHAN n pnggagawa nla. . .ooppz!!!. . .i 4got!. . .grit qh rin pla ung mga tao n member ng TEKZKAM. . .hehe. . .eneweiz. . .nkareceive nnman aqh ng txt gling ky ATTY. ROLDAN G. REYES(attorney kba tlg???)hehe. . .@ nilgyan mo p ng DTI PERMIT huh!(pra b mgmukang 22o?)oh. . .xa xa ipababasa kna xknla huh. . .mga guys pkibasa n lng po ung txt msg ni ATTORNEY(kuno???)>>> d’auditors of phils.charity foundation inform you that your sim# won php950,000,00 2nd prize winner via:electronic raffle draw DTI NCR permit#1548 series of 09, call me now i’m atty. ROLDAN G.REYES. THANK YOU. . .atty. REYES anu ung “G” sa middle initial mo??. . .GAGO o GUNGGONG???. . .waaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!. . .bye guys!

  417. lean aguilar says:

    congrats ur cell no. had won 3M.thru electronics raffles draw fr.PGMA foundation,for more details,pls call now to avoid fofeiture, im atty. jake lopez, ..yan unG nAreceive kong txt message. tinawagan ko xa at pinahaba nya lang ang usapan .. un pala nalaman ko na lang na bawat minuto pala sa tawag ay may nakukuha silang money.. wag na ulit magpaloko sa mga ganung tao .. mamatay silang lahat!!!!!

  418. ELLA says:


  419. Anonymous says:


  420. arthur militar says:

    congrats!ur sim no.had won(P950,000)thru electronic raffle draw fr.PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko central ng pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan!to claim ur prize,call me now!i’m KRISTINA C.TAN frm.BSP info Dpt per-DTI#3920 series of 2009,If you received like thus sms pls.dont call back they are corrupt peoples .

  421. jepoy says:

    i just receive a text messages came from atty. Jade A. Ayala
    the text messages said that i won P790,000.00 2nd prize winner handog pangkabuhayan winner draw lastnight. To claim your prize pls. call me now. Im Atty. jade,A,AYALA (D’Auditor of Phil’s Charity Foundation per DTI-Ncr permit #7180 series of 2009.

  422. Igorotbloods says:

    yes, the scammer will be soon in torture i owe you all.
    were one of that victim, but only 6,500 php scammed if any will recieve this kind of messages, don’t ever try to reply or believe it.. that’s all and thank you


  423. taurean says:

    950,000 and with Attorney Robert L. Puentez din daw.grabe talaga ang mga manloloko no! kelan ko nga ba nameet ang puentez?fuentez siguro.anyway, tinawagan ko nga sabi ko itigil mo na panloloko mo sabi kung di daw ako naniniwala ibigay daw sa bantay bata.sabi ko naman ibigay niyo mas mabuti pa dahil di ako nageexpect ng ganun dahil ala naman ano sinasalihan.pero sabi ko wag niya kalilimutan na may karma ang gingagawa nila dahil hindi ako naniniwala na ibigay nga sa bantay bata dhil scam lang naman yan.sarap sakalin!

  424. joylyn says:

    im at process too.. thankful to his site s saw bfore my 10,000php is been scammed… i have still their numbers if it will be traced to manila

  425. doker says:

    damn too to these numbers 09124153711, 09077583342,09082336931, 09282387976! thier still on the process of barang!!!!

  426. watever_u_say says:

    ,,,hmmm…wat can I say to you,,scammer?huhh?hmm. masasabi ko lang wag naman kayung magbiktima ng poor,,,mahirap yan..mababaliktad tau…gosh..swear…u will be cursed and FOREVER, u will be in HELL with worms in your ears back and forth…cge na ngah..Ill pray 4 u just in case you will CHANGE!!okay plz. lng poh CHANGE…oh db humble pah…we are innocent enough to make fool on us…gotcha…dwelling in satan’s place will be forever scary than any…plz lng poh palitan nu ugali nyu…lahat naman tau naghahangad ng mga ganyan kaya lng in gud works sana ha?para magprogreso ang buhay natin…alam nyu un para fair ang buhay…okay?thats all..plz hear my speech 4 u if u gonna be reading this…okay…

  427. chaka_scammer says:


  428. Candy says:

    My mom received a txt msg from them here’s the msg.

    “Congratulations! Ur sim# Had won (Php. 780,000,000.00)thru electronic raffle draw last 09/13/2009 Frm: D’AUDITOR’S of PGMA Charity Foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas” Handog pangkabuhayan” to Claim Ur PRize. Call me Now! i’m Sec. Rey H. Florews/: Frm. BSP info. Dpt. Per-DTI # 0920 series of 2009″

    I know its a scam, but we call them twice they give us instruction on how to claim the prize, we give our full name, address, age and occupation but the next time we call they ask us to buy a load and send them the code number because they will attach it in the check so that we can claim the prize.

    I send him a message after Ive read in the net about the D’AUDITOR’S of PGMA scam, “I said to him that he is a scammer i got him” They cant fool us…

    BEWARE and BE CAREFUL of this number +639351723110 he is Sec. Rey H. Flores?????

    Hope they will go to the jail

  429. anonymous says:

    i receive this message arround 12:23pm,sept.17,2009. congratulations!pres.GMA CHARITY FUND.
    ur sim# have won!860k, 09/17/2009 DTI PRMT #4627 for more info pls call me now! I’m KATHERINE L. MADRIGAL…buti nalng naisipan ko na esearch sa internet i’m shock kasi mtgal na pla to itong panlo2kong ito…sana kung cno man tong taong to mahuli na at makulong para wala nng iba pa mavictim…this is the # she used…09096230722.

  430. gariell says:

    These are criminals and don’t bother communicating with these bottom feeders.
    Rest assured that they hate our site and we are proud of that!
    Don’t give them the light of day, they don’t merit it.


  431. Nicnav says:

    I also encountered this kind of txt message today(Sept.18,2009) around 9:23 AM.From the cell no.09091102844.

    ” D’AUDITOR’S of PGMA.CHARITY FOUNDATION N’Form u dat ur Celfon nos.Won P950,000 2nd Prize Winner,D\draw last Sept.(17)’09 DTI/NCR Permit#1809 Ser.2009 PLZ. Call Me now Atty.REY A.Cuangco contact .# 09291802995.

    Guys,this is a kind of txt msg scam and beware,I Tried to call twice and then ask question if totoo or scam ang sagot nya wala kaming time para makipaglokohan at mag-entertain without any info.Kaya I realize tlaga na scam to then try ko pong i-search sa Internet yung foundation nila.Tama nga ang hinala ko.

  432. SIMOTT says:

    CONGRATULATIONs! ur sim no# had won php.950000 thru elctronic raffle draw last sept. 18 2009 from PGMA charity foundation with BSP handog ng kabuhayan. to claim your prize pls call me now i’am atty RICARDO G. PEREZ… HI pilipino people look and watch… i received this scam message, although i knew it that is fucking bullshit scam, but i try to called them,he said ang swerte mo, kahit wala kng sinali an na raffle draw nanalo ka, oh it’s good sound to me and he asked my name ,addres, age tapos send ko daw tapos call daw me agad then i did it. what he said! and i try to get thier exact addres, they said, harizon plaza,malate st. LIM BLDG. 3drflor room 601… so i fuck him because he asked a favor to me that he need a load even 115 pesos just to call the charity foundation and i asked him why? wala bang Landline telephone jan. and he said YES we have but they are busy bcoz they got a meeting, fuck i realize to day is saturday, then i firm that he is fucking idiot…n he said ano intresado ka ba, yes i said, then he said SAN MO GUSTONG MA RECEIVE YONG pera mo thru BANK or thru LBC, n i said thru LBC, OK! he said is that ur final dicision shit u idiot. come on ur guilty fooler;s then i play with him. and he get angry, and i said you are not belong to the list of lawyer in the phil.wat year you take a BAR EXAM. N HE did’nt responsed bwa ha ha ha ha. SPREAD THE WORD OF FOOLISHNESS…


  433. SIMOTT says:


  434. Anonymous says:

    i just recieved a message like that…

    ms. leah sanchez was the name of the scammer according to the text message, the number of the scammer was 09156429049

    please be careful everyone… i hope these people will face karma very soon for their bad deeds.. ^_^

  435. Rj says:

    Here’s another scam guys. I wanna share this to spread awareness on this issue. I just received this sms today Thursday 24th September 2:02 pm from +639359379539. The message goes…

    “CONGRATS! YOUR CELL nos.Had won 2ndprize worth of PHP950,000.0 Drawn Last 09/23/09 FROM,PRES. GMA FOUNDATION DTIpermit NO.01401,CALL US NOW I’M Ms. JUDITH CHUA”

    This is the exact message that I received. Don’t be FOOLED. Be SMART! Hope this people rot from where they are standing. They’re not helping.


  436. gariell says:


    Thanks for your input. Readers will appreciate it.


  437. ebri says:

    e2 p 1 guys..ngaun ko lng n recive..buti ng research muna ako..atty. alex porminto dw officer in charge ng pgma foundation.gumagamit p sila ng dti permit number..balh-blah-blah..CONGRATULATIONS..UR SMART ROAMING NUMBER HAD WON 2 MILLION PESOS DURING ANNIVERSARY RAFFLE OF PGMA FOUNDATION..


  438. itsascam says:

    today i received a text message from this #+639352090057 saying…

    “Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (php.800.000.00) thru electronic raffle draw fr,:
    PGMA charity foundation with BSP/”Handog pangkabuhayan”! to Claim urpize!!.’Pls,call me now!! i’m Atty..ERIC B.SANCHEZ. frm “BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI#2136 series of 2009.”

    im positive it’s a scam.

  439. jo says:

    Another scam Beware of this person : ATTY. VIC C. FAJARDO cellphone # : 09098979345

  440. Jen says:

    I recieved a text messege from this mobile #+639093294605
    It says: “Congrats! Ur cell# had won worth P950,000 frm: BSP&(PGMA) Charity fund raising draw Oct 02DTI/NCR P-No.2144 sof09/info call..noW I’m Atty. Manuel f. Revas”

    Warning to all who recieve this text messege! Don’t try to reply or call them. These are fraud! they are thieves.

  441. APRIL MAE PASCUA says:

    wahahaha dami pla pati kami muntik na buti nlng may computer

    na madaming info…

    binibiktima kami now eh???

    pano kaya cla mahu2le??..

  442. nabigla rin ako sa message nya akala q 22o,,,hindi nman pla?…….pero d q nman xa tinawagan,,,kya mag ingat kyo…..

  443. mag bingat po kyo ka c akala q 22o 2,,,buti nalang d q xa tinawagan,,,,,,,,,,

  444. arnie says:

    october 10,2009..
    na shock ako akla ko 22o un na na2lo ung mama ko ng gnun na ktaas na hlaga..un pla ndi,,tnwan daw sya ni ATTY.DAVE REYES..na na2lu ng pera..so nung 2mawa c mama ko ayon saya ng family ko…nsbi ko pa na YEZ??mka2pg aral na ako..un pla ni

    glng dn neong mangluko mr.ATTY DAVE REYES..sna mklung ka sa gngawa mong pangbbero mo sa mga OFW’s

  445. Lucero says:

    same problem..di ko mk2tulog i recieve txt,congrats! ur sim won 950.000.00 PGMA charity foundation w/Bangko Central ng Pilipinas.handog pangkabuhayan.claim ur prize..Atty Allan Osmina fr.BSP info Dpt. DTI#3920 seriesof 2009 +63 9093710996. bat ganon muntik na ako mahimatay akala its true na nga.di muna ako tumawag ng search muna ako d2 sa website nabasa ko ibang mga comments,the same txt n recieve nila..panloloko lang pala..mga pinoy sa atin dapat magkaron sila ng mga liksyon.kailangan isumbong sa Embistigador para matapos ang pangloloko nila.Grabeeee!!!

  446. Lucero says:

    bat ganon..ginagamit pa nila ang ” Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas” handog pangkabuhayan charity Foundation.makakasira lang iyan sa Banko nila kung patuloy ipagamit pangalan ng Bangko.sino ba ang head ng sindikato na iyan..
    dapat iyan tapusin na..,para mahinto ang pangloloko…

  447. bell says:

    09098427986 damn men..scam number yan. i won daw php 780.000.00electronic raffle daw whahahha fuck you Sec. JUDE H. TEVES teves ka pa jan. magnanakaw kayo,,nanggagalo kayo ulol..ahehhehe tanga2 mo din kala mo maluloko mo kami how idiot u are asking my name,address and age ahehheeh!! uto2!!!!

  448. DELFIN GARCIA says:

    noong oct. 25 2009 nanalo po ko ng 780,000 2nd winner po ako sana po totoo un thanks po ……….. atty. armando cruz ng d’auditor PGMA permit ncr DTI # 9018 nagtext skin

  449. vivian buena says:

    Ay naku akala nila naisahan nila ako. 2nd winner daw ako 2x na silang nag tx sa akin tinawagan ko sila attorney U LIM sinakyan ko lang yon pala ako pa ang magbabayad sa kanila ng 950k fee daw yon ng ipapadala nilang cheque na p950,000,00. nag tx bk ako sa kanila sabi ko tatawag ako sa xxx mag mula noon dina sila naki pag contak.. sabi ko ibigay nalang nila sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo yong premyo ko kung totoo yon.

  450. gardo perges says:

    1st nkatnggap oq ng txt last 10/13/09 sbi nya “D’auditors of GMA Charity foundtion nformed u dat ur cp# won P950,000 2nd prize wnner drwn last 10/12/09 DTI12168s09 Call now im Atty Vic Fajardo.
    2nd nktnggap nn nman aq last 10/27/09 sbi nya CONGRATULATIONS ur cp # jst won P950000 yesterday during our 23rd ANNIVERSARY CHARITY RAFLE DRAW, held at Casino Filipino Central Office Manila DTI,Prmt#2558,series/2009/. To claim ur prize call me now Im atty. Rey T. Osmena…..
    Dlawang beses tlaga akng nktanggap s loob ng 1 buwan. Ang massabi q lang sna ung my kggawan nto sna po mttigil na d lng s mga bktima aq naawa kundi pti nrin s srili mo at s fmily mo. May oras png magbago dpa huli ang lahat MAY BUKAS PA!

  451. gardo perges says:

    Sana po kayong my kggawan nto TAMA NA PO dhil alm q my kpalit s mga gnagawa nyo hbang maga pa itigil na bka pgssihan nyo pa. Wag mong paabutin na my mngyyari po s inyo mgkpatid tayo sna ihinto nyo ng pnllukong to. Pnptawad kna po kyo sna dna maulit p. Dpat mong allahanin ang K-R-A.

  452. jun luz says:

    i recieve one too last night from+639305350740 that i should call a certain rey cuangco because i won in pgma foundation charity draw…i just ignored it

    How can i stop othe numbers frm pestering me even up to wee hours in the morning I already reported it to smart but no reactionnumbersare
    753323 and 2332

    How can I stop them please help

  453. jo says:

    BEWARE IF THIS CELLPHONE NUMBER: 918_7582820 Atty. Cathy B. Mendez and Cellphone #: 929-1215445 Atty. LAARNI C. LOPEZ

  454. carlito says:

    ako yung tumawag kahapon tungkol sa humihingi ng load gusto kong block ang number nya para magtigil ang pag hihingi na load kasi 2000 na ang naibigay naming load tinawagan namin ang anak kong nasa iabng bansa hinde siya nahingi na load ito po yung number ng nahingi ng load 09129857576 sana maaksiyonan niyo po

  455. nikki says:

    dapat matigil na yun mga panloloko nila. hindi na sila nakakatuwa. “STOP THIS PLEASE.” para yan sa mga manlolokong yun na wala magawa.

  456. athena says:

    I received a text and I immediately inquire through the internet. Then I found out that it’s a scam. To my sender, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL.IN THE HOUR OF FINAL JUDGMENT THERE WILL BE GNASHING OF TEETH… HAHAHA

  457. Anonymous says:

    Same here I received a text from this #09282741630 from Atty. Allen C. Garcia, Asking for my full name and my address. Thanks a lot for this website. Akala ko totoo, sayang mandorobo pala.

  458. bongskie.. says:


  459. Domingo says:

    <>Pres:GMA&PHILS Charity Foundation Grand Anniversary Ur<SIM#WON P hp/580.000.00 DTI-ncr#6490 Series2009 4DTAILS CallmeNow!(Atty;RICARDO R. VELASCO S'r).SENDER;639199797584 Messagecentre:639180000503 Sent:27-Nov-2009 09:59:50

  460. Domingo says:


  461. Anonymous says:

    Atty. Kristine C. Garcia cp # +639394605266 w/ a txt msg saying my cp # won a P950,000 BSP info. DPT per DTI #3920 series of 2009. Pls dont use PGMA charity foundation w/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas “Handog Pangkabuhayan” just to SCAM people,why dont YOU stop and get a REAL JOB.. Scumbag!

  462. mary jane joquino says:

    grabe tlga ang mga pinoy mkapanloko lng lahat ga2win i recieve a spam txt also dat i’ve won 750,000 cash prize via electronic raffle draw sa PGMA charity foundation first i believe dat dis is true wala naman cgurong masama kung mani2wala aq u never know bka nga sa 1 iglap mgbago takbo ng buhay q but sad 2 say naloko aq ngbigay aq ng mga prepaid cards worth 600 pesos den sbi nila kulang p dw un kelangan pa daw ng 4 smart buddy prepaid cards and talk n txt . so nag-isip2 na aq at inihinto q na lang.
    xa dw si sec. rey h. flores #09395432881
    diz is my number guy’z – 09292946380

  463. mary jane joquino says:

    i’m really disappointed bout wat happen

  464. arki_vhin says:

    i receive this message this Dec.3,2009
    no. of Sender 09095665347 from Atty. ERIC A. LIM

    message: Notice/Ur sim # hand won 2nd Price winner Php. 950.000.00 via elec’t raffle last Dec.2 from: PGMA Charity Foundation. To claim call me now Im. Atty. Eric A. Lim
    from: info. DPT per- DTI#0243 S’09

  465. Jhonas says:



  466. Israel says:

    I also received the same text message and I respond to the scam although I was not aware of that. the guy answered and gave me instructions to follow so as to receive my prize.

    he asked for a R500 vodacom recharge voucher and another R110.recharge voucher. lately I recognised that this is a scam when I found this website.

    His name is Bongani Khumalo- contact numbers are as follows:- 0824809801 and 0727258273 he said the ticket number is 0404 and batch number is 7777.
    Hey guys becareful this these thieves are here at KZN South Africa.

  467. docks.dept. says:

    I just received earlier today at 0500 hrs. Abu Dhabi Time, Dec. 08 2009, that I won Php 950,000 from PGMA Charity Foundation,with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog Pangkabuhayan” to Claim your prize call me now Im Attorney Rubby B. Magno from BSP Info. Dept. Per DTI # 4794,S09…..

  468. Pedro Penduko says:

    To All The Scammers,

    Send me your names and addresses and I will have you picked up so when I decided to have my home built, you will be part of the home’s FOUNDATION. Eat, Shit and Die, you bastards!!!

  469. gariell says:


    Glad you realized that it was a scam before the bottom feeder got any of your money.


  470. Anonymous says:

    I just received message from those scammers,I just ignore them.They keep texting me pls somebody do something about this message:Congratulation!You win (P950,000)thru ur sim#;raffled by a electronic draw!from PGMA off. w/ Central Bank of the PHils. “Pamaskong Handog” For more info call me. Im Atty Kristine G Garcia BSP info Dept Per dti permit#3029 series 2009 from:09089893537
    Cel# there using:9297503970 Atty Roldan G Reyes
    9089893537 Atty Kristine G Garcia
    9089548497 Atty Kristine C Garcia
    9213145437 Atty Kristina L Tan

    They text me 4 times……………

  471. Christine says:

    the same din sa mga nangyari sa kanila, muntik na rin aq maloko, ingat po tau… bewarw to these name, Atty. Leonardo A. Santos, Atty. Rey Osmenia, Maritchu T. Lambino, Ruel V. Puno. Yan ang mga atty no case na nagttx skin, na nanalo q ng 950k from PGMA Foundation.

  472. Christine says:

    c Roldan Reyes p, humihingi cla sakin ng pang charge daw, by western union to representative daw ng LBC, 9,500 pesos. at pagkatapos daw maihulog q, iaayos daw nila ang flight ni atty. Leonardo Santos at kasama daw cia n iaabot sakin sa singapore ang cheque na napanalunanb q,. buti na lan bago q naihulog pera nakagresearch aq d2 sa website nio, nakita qng paheras tlaga s mga comments nla. at mga name nga mga nakukunwaring atty., tnx sa inio lahat.

  473. scablet says:

    my mom received the same msg…telling her that we won 950,000. I don’t konw why but i didn’t feel excited at all.
    we got suspicious when they asked us for 4,500 pesos so that the money can be sent to us. That’s why i googled it, good thing. Thanks to you! Garielle’s weblog person…..its been cleared.
    thank you so much…..you don’t know how much money this blog saved us.

  474. karen says:

    scammed too. talked with a person claiming to atty rex mendez of the bsp, who didnt sound so professional and educated, was asked to give him my phone number, told him i am calling from a payfone, good thing i didnt call direct from my phone but thru a long distance provider. i had the good sense to ask a landline number when he wanted a personal info…buti na lang we learned to be wary to give our personal info here in abroad…couldnt give me a landline number, disconnected when i asked for exact location of their office. Then i found this site…which made me decide to stop doing the next thing he wanted me to do…text back my personal info. i hope bsp and pgma charity look into this…they’re dragged into the mud!

  475. babie says:

    i received msgs from the certain persons twice and they said if i dont call now they gonna give the prize money on charity,,,well i didnt bother coz i know its a scam…how could u win 10mil php in an instant …its just because ur in int’l roaming???wew…dodgy…marami n nga ngyyari hndi mgnda sa pilipinas lalo p nila pinaghihirap s mga kwalng yaan nila…anu b yn?selfish people…they should help improving our country but see what theyre doing..pls do something about it…

  476. babie says:

    at sana din makarating kay GMA eto coz those bastards using her name and ourcountry…youre all going to hell…wait for your karma,,,how could u live ur life everyday knowing ur doing crimes?????????

  477. babie says:

    atty jerry s. osmena cell number 09179577889>>>>>if you receive any msgs from this DO NOT REPLY OR CALL BACK….this person is bloody scammer….

  478. hay naku ang dami talagang mga manloloko xa mundo pwede poh ba tigilan nyo na mga kalokohan nyo…sana karmahin kayo xa mga ginagawa nyo……

  479. lyn says:

    hay naku..may nagtext din sa akin si..FELIX D. ALVARIS’sabi niya congrat!ur sim# had won 780,000.00k 2nd prize draw last 01/28/10..kainis talaga sila mga manloloko sila..
    BEWARE TO DIS # 09301526597..BWESIT

  480. enzo says:

    hay nako!!!!grabe mga hayop n yan super manloloko..ang galing p umarte ng mga ulol n yon,,,kaya pla di ako mapalagay kc super nag duda talaga ako….kc pinapabili din ako calling card hayop n yan!!!kapal ng mga mukha!!!!!sana guys wag n din kau magpapaloko ha s txt scam n yan!ang galing p gumamit ng pangalan si Atty.Roberto B. Baguio daw!!!!!!!! humanda sxa at babagyuhin talaga sya ng KARMA!!!!!!!!sana matigil n ang ganitong panloloko at sana makulong n yang mga hayop n yan!!!!!!!parusahan cla ng kamatayan!!!!!!!!!basta guys wag agad maniniwala sa mga taong mapanlinlang at sa mga txt2x n yan….maging alerto tau lage at manaliksik agad!!!!

  481. OFW UK says:

    Hahay nako po ako din na loko ATTY. JAKE ANCARA an MR. Philip REVAS? I called them when I recieved the text. the same po na text na recieve ninyo, they ask me to send them 200 POUNDS! buti na lang nag inquire muna ako at napunta sa site na ito kay sinabihan ko sila na I will contact you in person with Police with me. Nag hang up ang loko jejeje.

  482. OFW UK says:

    the service provider or any person who is selling simpak should ask an ID sa mga pepol na bumibili ng simpak at i registered ang new number nila along with their personal info para kong may mga scam na ganito, malalaman kong sino ang mga gumagawa nito. kasi sa atin ngaun makakabili ka ng simpak everywhere and is so easy and cheap pa! sa dinami dami ng number they can easily con pepol like us. sana ang maka pag benta lang ng simpak yong mga registered na tindahan din. sangkatotak na kc simpak sa atin.

    ask ko lang kay gabrielle if he know kc naibigay ko personal info ko sa manloloko just to play along. ano po kaya magagawa nila sa personal info ko? magagamit ba nila yon to mug me?
    Thank you po.

  483. Anonymous says:

    Hello Everybody, I just recieved a SMS right now and say’s that my SIM NO. Had won a 500,000 thousand peso thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA Charity Foundation with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and he say to me how claim my prize! Call me no!! I’m Atty. Rex E. Mendez. BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2010.and im replied to that I will meet him. to claim my prize…. He is not answering…..Kala nya siguro lahat ng pinapadalhan nya ng message makukuha nya ng ganun ganun na lang…..Otot nya…Ito poang number nya +639071409006

  484. KD says:


    I received this message saying:
    AUDITORS of PHIL.CHARITY FOUNDATION nforming u that ur sim no.had won Php950,000 2nd prize winner,, NCR/DTI #0438 PLS CALL ME NOW Im MRS. VENUS M. AYALA

    text as it is.
    holy shit. i was in class, i called her dumb of me to believe that text. then she called and called me asking for a 3thousand MTC whatever to get the check daw
    she asked me to send the money through WESTER UNION to this address:



  485. KD says:

    by the way this is her number.

    she sounded so PROMDI

  486. JEMARK says:

    may ntanggap kming tx nanalo daw kami ng 780,000
    hindi pla yun totoo!!
    sana ma karma yon nag txt sa amin

  487. Noel says:

    Thesame message I received awhile ago. So Tinawagan ko naman, and then when he answer my call, my narinig akong tilaok ng manok..hahaha..akala ko ba Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas..hahahaha..Di dapat mga telephone rings ang naririnig ko.

    Guys. Be a keen observant lang. Wag magpa uto. \,./

  488. Anonymous says:

    Mabuhay Philippines!
    Im atty. Jerry S. Osmena jr. From bsp charity foundation. Ur int’l roaming# won 3Million (php) during D 8th anniversary via electronic raffles sponsor by her excellency pres.Gloria M. Arroyo, exclusive for Ofw-Ocw working abraod. For more details pls call now to avoid forfeiture. ty.

    this is my second time to receive text scam. can we have our numbers (roaming) protected or privatized.

  489. celsa mateo says:

    well i was victimized also with the text scammers , they said, mabuhay kababayan naming OFW you won $40,000 pls.claim your prize or send us your full name or passport number, then i call them if its thru this man using a name ATTY. JOHANES SY and he said i have to send $310 to process my prize and then they told me to send thru western then when they receive it they call again telling me to send a 310kuwaity dinar,when they said like that i know that they are scammers so only the $310 i send for them.

  490. Anonymous says:

    Text message received from +639301185704, the message:

    NOTICE FRM D’AUDITORS of the Phil. Charity Foundation nform u that ur Cp# won P650,000 3rd prize winner s2010 NCR DTI#5361 Pls. Call me now ‘M Atty. WENDEL PERLAS

    can these numbers used by the scammers be traced to see where their hq is? i receive scams of all sorts everytime and i always ignore them but i was shocked to see the numbers of those who were fooled by this scam , so sad… comments here is as early as 2008, this scam must be stopped!

  491. Sara says:

    I received a message from this number.

    Congratulations’ ur Int’l Roaming # had won (3 million php) during our Elictronec Raffle Draw! Pangkabuhayan Handog Bangko Sentral ng Phil. Pls claim ur prize call now! Gov. Amando M. Tetangco jr. Contac#09086454951 DTI NCRper.2856s2010 pls call me now!

    This annoyed me because I have received this same message for the 4th time this week. I replied telling the sender to stop wasting load texting nonsense to swindle people with common sense.

    Then he replied:

    Note: if u wil not call 2 claim ur prize! I’ll give u 38hrs. We will cancel ur prize and subject for donation dswd if lack of interest Ty.

    I replied that his very professional grammar and spelling amazes me. I also told him that I do not need his 3million cash priize because the folks in dswd need it more. I told him to reply with his SEC registration number to confirm the validity of his promo or else I will report his scam to the authorities.

    Mangloloko na nga Lang, paiiralin pa ang kabobohan. Akala niya yata tanga mga Tao sa mundo tulad niya, may gulay.

  492. gariell says:

    You should not reply to the bottom feeder at all.


  493. gariell says:

    Sorry to hear that you lost $310. Don’t feel to bad some people have lost thousands before they realize they have been scammed.

  494. Anonymous says:

    Atty.Jaime F. Garcia
    D’AUDITORS OF PHILIPPINE CHARITY FOUNDATION inform u dat ur celfone no# won php.950,000.00 2nd prize winner draw
    last:Mar/02/2010 pls. call me now im atty. Jaime F.
    Garcia Per DTI’NCR Permit #2896 series of ‘2010.

  495. LexXx says:

    Hi. Wow, they really are persistent! It’s been 2 years and they’re still doing it. Just got the same SMS from this number: 09078435217, saying that I had won about P750k. Got it 3 times. Obviously a scam so I ignored it. Good thing I also searched the net and found similar experiences here, about it.

    We should all be vigilant and report these numbers to the NTC. Needless to say, also be smart (no pun intended) and not fall for these scams.

  496. MARIA says:

    Hi kababayan,

    I got the same scam today and at first, I was very surprised. Could u imagine that, I won P950,000 just in flash, with out any effort. Wow…How could they have fooled people like that. These are the people that u call pathetic, pathological liar and a panhandler. Why don’t u guys get ur ass on the chair and find a descent job instead. Shame on you…Atty. Anabel C. lim. And u still have ur face to give ur number to us. But, don’t worry, i will help u to get ur ass.hahaha…You tried to fool around and making some money to those innocent. Poor poor guys! But, they still can’t win to those people who’s not believing just in one day. Well, sorry, u texted to a wrong person…this is a clever person not stupid… If u wish to collect more money, get a life insurance for urself.I am pretty sure, ur life will be ended.hahaha…I know, this is what u want guys…

    Atty: ANABEL C. LIM

    PS. I didn’t contact this person bec. i don’t want to squander my time. I directly posted it here to be aware.

  497. azir says:

    I got a txt message that i won 950.000 thru electronic raffle draw fr PGMA charity foundation with Bangko ng Pilipinas .And to claim the prize call Atty. Leonardo A .Santos frm BSP info.Opt.per DT #3920series of 2010

  498. gariell says:

    Thankx for adding to the list.


  499. tolits says:

    just got this

    Pres: GMA&PHILS
    Charity Foundt’n
    Grand Annivrsary
    DTI – NCR#6490
    4Dtails CallmeNow!

    thats the near to be exact text format
    how could a serious amount of money be given in a ridiculous way of texting?
    must they have it in a formal texting way
    i mght have responded “hu U?”

  500. Lately meron na nman this April. Atty. Jade A. Ayala yung name nya, same format pa din yung content ng txt msg. Kaso lng instead of a 950K sum, 750K nlng…

  501. ARIEL says:

    hey Mr Auditor`s atty. Joey G Lim you text me!im win from your #09306541921 please i claim my wont money Php 950,000,00 from Phill Charity Foundation and Give me all information from your office at thank`s to all regards and GOD bless you

  502. ARIEL says:

    or call me!!and text me!at my cell#09393546752 or 09336206448 im waiting to you evrytime

  503. jom says:

    ako rin biktima nyan kahapon lang ganyan din ang sabi.ito ang number na gamit ng nagtext sakin.09278950870.from atty.rey fajardo

  504. mconcepcion says:

    I received the same from PGMA Harity Foundation Inc. won 950000 2nd prize they even put some bogus dti number along with the message from a certain Ms. Lorna V. Ruiz . They sent the message twice.

    if it’s true then why should they send text messages. They can afford to give 950000 but can’t afford to call.

    God is watching us. I know He can see the righteous and he will punish the bad.

    Don’t fall prey to this scams.

  505. mconcepcion says:

    by the way can you report this number to the authorities 09162697267

  506. Mark says:

    I assume i am the new victim of this scam. now how can we get even to these anybody? any idea?

  507. april says:

    hay naku naka receive din me nyn mabuti 2mingin muna aqo s internet kung true but they liar thankz 2 inform me sana magising cla s pinang ga2wa nla………

  508. jackquilene says:

    . ,hAi nq my receive dn aq ng message na had won Php 650,000.00 thru electronic raffle frm pgma charity foudation w/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas “handog pangkabuhayan by atty. Rex C. Mendez frm Bsp Info. Dpt Per-DTI#0432 Sderies of 2010.

  509. juan says:

    same scam from 09292915447, sya daw si patricia a. lim dti-ncr # 0408 s/2010. thanks to this website, another victim has just escaped.

  510. april says:

    hay naku naka receive dn aqo ng same txt sknla actually im so excited at ndi makapaniwala atnag buhos ng load para matawagan sla ngayn pala walang kuwenta…d2 pan naman me sa ibang bansa…

  511. Marzzz says:

    +639217256479 ito ang cellphone number ng nagtext sa akin…Message says: Congratulations! Ur sim no. Had won (P950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “Handog pangkabuhayan”! to claim ur prize.! call me now!! Atty.PATRICIA A. TAN frm. BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2010 <<—-ito exactly ang tinext sa akin ng mga gago… akala maloloko nila ako… geesh first i read the damn scam i already thought it was so fake.. as if.. kung tunay hindi puros short hand ang text message and shit.. too good to be true.. full of crap… Dont anyone ever fall for their crap!

  512. Anonymous says:

    PGMA Charity Foundation Program (“HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN”) in cooperation with BSP. To claim the prize, contact Atty. RAMON C. LOPEZ or Atty. NANCY A. UY @(09064912700)from PGMA LEGAL DEPT. Per-DTI#3920 series of 2010

    Yan po ang exact text na narecive ko ngayon lang.

  513. Anonymous says:

    ano kaya kung mag panggap kayo na nakatanggap kayo ng ganyang emssage tapos tawagan nyo tapos i meet nyo tapos hulihin nyo. diba.

  514. Trebor says:

    A friend of mine in Australia recieved the ff text message on her Globe cellphone.
    Welcome and congratulations! I’m Atty.Gerry S. Osmena Jr. from BSP Foundation. Your Int’l roamimg # had won 3Million (php) during D” 8th anniversary via electronic raffles sponsored by her Excellency Pres. Gloria Arroyo exclusive for Ofw-Ocw working abroad. For more details pls. call now to avoid forfeiture. Tel. # +639165570688
    See what you can find out and what to do if it’s true. It would be nice if it is.
    I asked her to Google search the “Gerry S. Osmena BSP foundation”. The result points to your Gariel’s Weblog. Thanks for the timely blog entry. Your informative article saves my friend and happy that she won against the fraudsters.

  515. Rona says:

    hai…naku my narecieved dn ako from Atty Alex Santos, then tinawagan ko sya akala nya cguro naniniwala dn ako,d nya alam my Brother is working BSP at wala cla gnyang programa. pngtripan ko lng dn cia kc nkaunlimited call ako sa smart..patawa tlga mga scammers…hahaha

  516. bhelle_17 says:

    ay naku, muntik na rin aqoh maluko nyan. nakakasar,ah. kasi ginising akoh ng mama koh ng maaga dahil daw may nagtetxt sa kanya tpos paulit ulit kaya pina tawagan nya sa kin, sinagot naman tapos nga un hinihingian nya kami ng talk n txt na calling card daw bumili daw kami ng tag 300.00 wag daw kaming bibili ng tag 1000 at tag 500.hinihingi daw kasi ng LBC ang act. # kaya kailangan koh bumili… para maipadala na daw sa amin…

    sabi ng ninang koh esearched koh daw sa computer ung foundation at ito ang lumabas ………………..

    kagulat ang daming comment…..

  517. Anonymous says:

    Congratz! Ur Sim # had won 2nd prize Php.780,000.00 thru electronic raffle draw last. 04/28/10.from GMA charity foundation with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. To claim your price call me now!! I’m Atty Rey C. Fajardo from BSP INFO Dpt per DTI#0243 series of ‘2010.

  518. zelle_15 says:

    I received a txt message recently at 8 am

    Congratz! Ur Sim # had won 2nd prize Php.780,000.00 thru electronic raffle draw last. 04/28/10.from GMA charity foundation with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. To claim your price call me now!! I’m Atty Rey C. Fajardo from BSP INFO Dpt per DTI#0243 series of ‘2010.

    …walang magawa di ba….

  519. ella says:

    from 0928770850
    CONGRATULATIONS! Your sim no. had won (650,000) via electronic raffle draw fr. PGMA Charity Foundation PRogram (“HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN”) in cooperation with BSP. To claim the prize, contact Atty. RAMON C. LOPEZ or Atty. NANCY UY @ (09064912700) from PGMA LEGAL DEPT. Per-DTI # 3920 series of 2010.
    hehe i almost believe, so i tried calling atty lopez daw, he instructed me not to tell anyone for GMA did this daw kasi malapit na elections at bababa na xa sa pwesto kuno para d raw magtaka tao, he instructed me to txt him my name, age, address, id nums, bank account number and bank branch, he will need it for my clearance daw. cge sumakay ako sa trip nya, so i did, tas call ako after 1hr, i di, then he directed me to call atty melchor garcia from their finance department with the number 09277303932. tumawag ako, ung sumagot ba naman ei ala bisaya na d pa mapronounce name ko tapos nagpapabili ng 5 smart buddy card na tag 300 para daw ipasok sa computer at maclaim ko pera ko, hehe tumawa na lng ako.
    i just wished mayroon tau ung signal finder ung parang fbi na pwede matrace ang location ng tinatawagan para maparusahan na ang maga taong ganito, paano ung desperado na d lalong kawawa kaya tinixt ko sila, “i pity you people, for surely u will rot in hell kahit pa yumaman kau dito”

  520. Anonymous says:

    congratulation,ur sim.no. had won {p950,000} thru electronic raffle draw:from pgma charity foundation W/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas, “handog pangkabuhayan” claim your prize! call me now im sec. ruvelyn t. biason frm. bsp info. dpt- per dti#4650 series of 2010. i just recieved may 12 2010. our goverment. please make an action with all this peoples who only know how to cheat other person just to make money… im onee of the victim and i ask our goverment to act this idiot thing. para maparusahan po ang mga criminal na ito na walang ginawa kundi manloko, nakakahiya po sa atin kc mismong pilipino po nanloloko sa kapwa pilipino,,, thanks for emidiate action,,

  521. ofw says:

    congratulation,ur sim.no. had won {p950,000} thru electronic raffle draw:from pgma charity foundation W/ bangko sentral ng pilipinas, “handog pangkabuhayan” claim your prize! call me now im sec. ruvelyn t. biason frm. bsp info. dpt- per dti#4650 series of 2010. i just recieved may 12 2010. our goverment. please make an action with all this peoples who only know how to cheat other person just to make money… im onee of the victim and i ask our goverment to act this idiot thing. para maparusahan po ang mga criminal na ito na walang ginawa kundi manloko, nakakahiya po sa atin kc mismong pilipino po nanloloko sa kapwa pilipino,,, thanks for emidiate action,,

  522. benz says:

    congratulations ur sim# had won php 850,000.00 2nd price winer thru electronic raffle drw last may 17,2010.frm aquino charity fund,4more info pls. call me now,i’m sec. rex mendez frm over-all incharge dept.dti-ncr permit #6680.ser 2010.received this txt message yesterday and rang the person,something is wrong.gamit na nila si aquino ngayon,i didn’t know that those people are cheaters until i searched the internet,here’s the number of that rex mendez kuno 9079624049 please be more alert with those fraud scammers!

  523. benz says:

    i just spoked to that rex mendez,he told me to send a php 3500 for the processing fee,when i told him that i don’t have that certain amnt right now…tumaas ang boses ng gago!kaya sinabi ko sa kanya,just dropped the subject and cancell everything,idonate nyo na lang yong amount na yan sa mga taong mas nangangailangan!nabasa ko yong pangalan nya sa mga previous comments,atty daw sya,sa txt naman nya sa akin sec.kano ni unggoy!mag-ingat po tayo sa mga panloloko nila.

  524. joy says:

    hay naku talaga dami man loloko ako din nag txt sa akin rejje l.corpuz daw sya nanalo daw ako ng 780.000 tapos nanghihingi sya ng load at tatawagan daw nya yung mag dadala ng pera na panalo ko.tapos gusto pa nya magpadala ako ng pera sa LBC kasi bago ko daw pickup ang pera may babayaran daw yung pagpapadala.hinihingian ako ng 5700.tapos ito yung name ng tao na padalhan ko daw.GABRINEZ MARLON GUMABAT ADD WEST AVE.PASAY CITY.HAYOP TALAGA MGA TAO NA TO WALANG AWA SA KAPWA NILA MANLOLOKO TALAGA.SANA MAMATAY NA MGA TAO NA ITO…

  525. anna says:

    i got a message from this number 09067535654 that i won 580,000 pesos……

    i would like to us if this is true…?

    his name is Atty. Ricardo R. Velasco Sr.

  526. yuki says:


  527. mheries says:

    Just received a txt msg dis morning that’s why i searched for Lorna V. Ruiz and bumped to this site.. .it’s really suspicious because if I really won and it has a DTI no., the number of the sender should’ve been 2336 or something like that, right?

    –FROM: Phil.Charity Found.Inc.hereby inform u that your sim no. Had won a php.950k sec0nd prize winner,dti permit no-0438s’10.pls col us nw,I’m ms.Lorna V. Ruiz

    –look at the text message.. .if I really won, it shouldn’t been in a short cut form and it’s not that formal.. plus, i haven’t joined any raffle.. and indeed, the name evolved.. now it’s Phil. Charity Foundation Inc.

  528. Anonymous says:

    in the sme rn sw iba muntikan n kng maloko buti n lng n search k kagad tynxs 4 the advice………………..

  529. Anonymous says:

    his name is dave b corpuz……………………………dont agree anything they said about money………………………………………

  530. abner aquilino says:

    sir the #09089891712 is txt me.congratulations!
    Ur sim no.Had won (P950,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr. Charity foundation w/ bangko sentral ng philipinas “handog pang kabuhayan”!to claim ur prize.! Call me now!! I’m atty Venus t. Ayala from.BSP Info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2010.

  531. tina says:

    ay naku muntik na rin me mabiktima ng mga haytop na yan, wala bng mgawa gobyerno ntin about dyan kaloka nmn nyan.

  532. Rei says:

    My friend received an sms with the ofw sim i bought for when we went to phils.it says;

    Congratulatutions!your ofw sim number had won 3M pesos from the raffle draw of our 3rd anniversary at Phil.center corporation charity.This is atty.Marlon M. Grande jr,and my number is (63)93-5946-5544.pls call to this number to claim your price immediately.

    But my friend called me first and asked me if its possible,so i made some research to the internet.then i found out this website which has the same scamed mails.thanks to the people who has the heart to save others from troubles.

  533. joy says:

    my mom receieved a message that she won 780,000 by Ramon B. Santos d auditor of phil charity foundation DTI no.*0778.and Tim Guevarra the Director commission…. is this true or false?

  534. jhobel says:

    my mother also received that kind of message that she won the 2nd price worth P780,000..kc dw ngkaroon ng anniversary ang bsp charity foundation and they had an electronic raffle drw then ung sim # ng mother ko un npili. Sabi nya sya dw c Atty. Francis Atienza. dis is da # 09102939024..

  535. Anonymous says:

    im the victimize of this D’auditors phils.charity foundation.he send a message in my roaming no.D’auditors phils.charity foundation inform u that ur cell# won php 950,000.00. 2nd prize winner for NCR.DTI.PRMT2406 pls call me now atty.Miguael C. Peralta.of course im comfusing how i could win like they said.i just make a message him i just used my one no.i did’nt satisfied a message coz i really courious about that.i just called him he said just text you full name age address of course i’ll text.then i called him again coz he said just called me if you send like what i said sothat we can discusse about that.ohhhhh.i’ll make a called again w/him oh he’s very expert to discused maybe he mimorize what he need to discussed to all they make a victims.i just called my family in the philippines coz i did’nt believe him coz i study what he discussing me coz i did i record in my mobile,then i called to my sister here in taiwan coz i need an advise if i believe this big foolish things.hey mister miguel you dont know no me i studied a BScriminology i know if its true if its a foolish.thnx to the almighty god i could not send a money coz he ask a money to me to make a for the BIR then to the receipt.haha i cant’ send coz i alredy victime this morning.september 16.much better i cant send a money in him coz i said i will send this sunday.hahaha.i just pray to the almighty god that all the people make a foolish namakarma sila.

  536. Ronald A. Ramires says:

    I got a text message from my wife from abroad saying that she won a million pesos and ask me to call this no. 09068379275 to check it out if its true. Anyway the context of her text goes like this:

    Mabuhay Philippines and Congratulations! Im Atty. James S. Osmena, from (GOCC) Gov’t Owned and Control Corporation. Ur Int’l roaming # Had won 1.8 Million(PHP) during D”14th Anniversary via Electronic Raffles, exclusive for OFW-OCW working abroad. For more details, pls call now! To avoid forfeiture ty.

    I knew it was a scam from the start but who wouldn’t get drawn from wanting to be a Millinonare if it was indeed true. Anyway to make the story short i ended up arguing with this asshole for being a con artist. Which he deny and in insist that he is a Lawyer nag mura pa siya and accused me of being the one who is the con artist instead. I ask him about the address of his ofice and land line which he wouldnt give even his roll no as a Lawyer if indeed was true. This Atty. Jerry S. Osmena wouldnt give me any info at all. That’s where i blew up because it’s just the answer that i need to hear from him to confirm he is indeed fake. I wish this fucking criminals get caught ma karma sila. No I take that back I wish this low life bitches die they are a menace to our society and I hope our govt is doing something to this jerks. Maybe Irwin Tulfo can do something about this bec. he is very good in getting criminals. I really hate them I wish i didnt called up just a waste of time and money. Good thing i didnt send any money but still sayang din ang load. So public be aware of this modus. Pls send me updates if ever the freakkin animals get caught.

  537. Anonymous says:

    gdpm po isa rn po k bktma s txt ng mga taong mga yan,at bhla n c god s knla,e2ng sept.30 nkreceive k ng gn2ng txt congrats! Ur roaming #winner php 3M durng our grand charity,via electrnics raffles.Exclusive for Ofw-Ocw,working abroad.Pls.call now! To avoid forfeiture thx.Atty. Rey S. Bartolome,#09194295319 dk pnansin txt ult ng gn2 YOU ARE GIVEN A CHANCE TODAY TO REDEEM YOUR 3.M OR SORRY THIS WILL BE DONATED TO DSWD FOR LACK OF INTEREST OF THE WINNER MR.DIWA GUNIGUND0 DEPUTY DIRECTOR,maawa nmn kau s mga nlo2ko nyö ngp2khrp cl kmita d2 s abrod at mtkot nmn kau diyos s mga gnwa nyng panlo2kö nyo s kpwa nyo,at sn mgawhan 2 at malutas ng bgo ntn presidente,at pnu nku2ha mga no.nmin at pnu nl lam n nkroming?thx 2 u at s webste nyo,godbless

  538. Anonymous says:

    sn po mhuli n po ung mga taong wlng lm gwn kndi manloko ng tao,txt p po ny f pnu k mclaim prze,twgn k dw 2ng taong 2,JEROME TORRES MESINA,#2073 GATE7 MAHARLIKA HALL MALACANANG PALACE MLA.PHIL.ZIPECODE 1053 TEL.09167442177,

  539. jong says:

    hay naku po… same as you out there, jaz these morning, i got a txt msgs. snsbing my roaming # had won 960k, i knew it was a scam but i also tried to call him back and sinabi kong imposible kc madaming manloloko sa bansa nten at wala me sinalihang raffle draw but he insisted na it’s true, tao daw ang kausap ko hindi HALIMAW, to claim my prize, i nid to send him thru txt ang full details ko,so, i end up my call.i send him my full name, age, and full add hir in k.s.a.,trying f magrereply xa, but never. his name is atty. alex a. santos, cel # 09089548495…. sana ma imbestigahan na yang mga yan at makulong ng matigil na sila sa panloloko.

  540. zhel says:

    hayz…. buti nlng I check this website,, as of today I received txt messages from ATTY. PETER C. ONG, from BSP info Dpt. dw xa,,,and he said that I won 750,000,,, at thru LBC dw.. at hinihingan nya ko ng 200 load,, coordination lng dw,, akalain mo un… mgload ka sarili mo… magtiwala lng dw ko sakanya,, within this afternoon dw mkukuha ko ung pera… ganun,,, wish ko lang….kya sa mga nkakarcv ng ganitong txt.. never believe it… IT’S a SCAM!!!!!

  541. grace pasia says:

    hay naku !! muntik na ako maniwala …buti nlang nag internet ako.at nakita ko nga tong scam lng pla ng mga bwiset na walang magawa kundi manloko ng kapwa mahiya nman kyo!!!

  542. cyrus says:

    damn i received one to from atty rey a cuanco. i thought it was true. i almost believed that it was through manny paquiao’s foundation. good thjing i researched. kapanipaniwala kasi bisaya sila. buti nlng may superunli di ako nabawasan ng load ng bongga.

  543. ysobel says:

    jst received d same txt message from ATTY JOEY G. CHUA of BSP.this is his mobile # +639094884815. good thing i googled his name first.

  544. kikay says:

    hayy, d2 kmi sa japan at nakareceive ng ganyan text, so tumawag kame agad, magbibill po ba yun ng malaki?

  545. dorise lim says:

    hahaha…wlcome 2 d club…i rcvd an exact txt msge…frm a certain atty.bobo…saying i won P750,ooo.oo + a laptop….
    hahaha…i knew it was a SCAM!!!! i dint join any raffle contest in d first place…. hayy nku! ewan

  546. Angge says:

    stupid people they are!!
    buti n lang pala nag-web muna ako
    salamat nahanap ko ‘tong site na ‘to!!!

    kttwag lang nila saken this day!!
    I ask them if totoo…akala mo yun npniwala nila ako.. PERO!!!
    buti n lang hnd q cnend name and address q sa kanila. Ang sarap nilang isumpa!! kainis tlga!!
    Bkt kaya ang dame2ng tao n nanloloko hnd n lang gumawa ng paraan para mbuhay cla ng matino hnd yung ganyang nanloloko sila………..grrrrrrrr…….

    I want to post the name of those people! who call me and texted me…
    Atty.?Rhea I. Mendez daw? and the one who call me n parang bakla (ang sama ko noh?pero kainis kase sila)is Arnold Chua daw po, the secretary of the Atty. dinamay pa ang pangalan ng bangko sentral! grrrrr…….
    kampon siguro sila ni satanas!!!!
    e2 din po yung active no.nila!

  547. Angge says:

    stupid people they are!!
    buti n lang pala nag-web muna ako
    salamat nahanap ko ‘tong site na ‘to!!!

    kttwag lang nila saken this day!!
    I ask them if totoo…akala mo yun npniwala nila ako.. PERO!!!…
    buti n lang hnd q cnend name and address q sa kanila. Ang sarap nilang isumpa!! kainis tlga!!
    Bkt kaya ang dame2ng tao n nanloloko hnd n lang gumawa ng paraan para mbuhay cla ng matino hnd yung ganyang nanloloko sila………..grrrrrrrr…….

    I want to post the name of those people! who call me and texted me…
    Atty.?Rhea I. Mendez daw? and the one who call me n parang bakla (ang sama ko noh?pero kainis kase sila)is Arnold Chua daw po, the secretary of the Atty. dinamay pa ang pangalan ng bangko sentral! grrrrr…….
    kampon siguro sila ni satanas!!!!
    e2 din po yung active no.nila!

  548. annge says:

    DECEMBER 07,2010

    I’m such a bitter person this day!!

  549. knaza says:

    they are a lots of them, im wondering kung paano nila nalaman na naka roaming ako? i think ung pinagbilihan ko ng sim na storekasabwat nila

  550. Estelita says:

    The scam is on again. Att. Rey A. Cuanco Tel No: 09164254146.
    Good thing i checked google.Sent text message that he is a scammer and police is looking after hom

  551. SPONGEBOB says:

    hi everyone,,,thank you so much for this info,,,there it goes those stupid asshole!!!!!what are they doing?i got also same txt msgs from ATTY>REYMOND LEGASPI AND ATTY.REY T. OSMENA…….i also called him-up and he asked me for exact detail of information,,name,address and roaming #…as excited as i am,BECAUSE WHO ARE I THIS WORLD WON’T LIKE TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?!,i do gave complete details….ashame of you atty!hoping you won’t be in hell of what you are doing!God is so good!there’s always a place for them!!!!!

  552. beverlee indon says:

    mam pnu q po matrace ngscam skin nloko po aq a while lng

  553. Anonymous says:

    they cant even speak english xD

  554. Dela La Rouch says:

    Same here…. D’Auditors of the Phil Charity Association…won 2nd price…850,000 pesos…call now.. Attorney Ted G Ayala..
    639066257297. Me no get scammy thingy…no make the call…no win money, no lose it either.

  555. bonie fe ke says:

    salamat sa lahat ng comment’s nio at nabasa ko kasi kung di dahil sa mga comment’s nio ehh mabiktima na sana ako! because i recieve this txt msg.BSP(banko sentral ng pilipinas) with atty. daniel t.tan DTI #1344S’11 he asked my sim# had won 780,000 second prize winner during 68th anniversary last 04-15-11… i am dought myself.i call her then he answer the phone i am to investigate this people why my sim# won? what will happen?ang dami niyang sisagot….at sa ganun he get my full name,add., age,occupations then my sim#… after that i asking them this is true i won that prize he answers “yes” then he asked they have three options you get your prize western,hari ng padala”LBC”or face to face..,beware with this cellphone #09488874340 pa god godblessed ka pa!sinama mo pa si god sa kasamaan mo! manloloko! pati mga staf ng BSP tell him congarts din sabi ko sayo gusto kung kausapin one of the staf of BSP ang sabi mo bussy sila hoy may! office hrs. ba ng gabi 11:30pm! anong kinalaman nila sa pangloloko mo!hoy manloloko pa sir(2x) pa ako sayo! beware of this dog!!!

  556. romarmiralles says:

    me i receive just now a message (April 25,2011) of 10x that i won 2nd prize worth P780k. from noy & cory Foundation naman…was named atty.Jade A Ayala and W/ DTI permit# 7318Sr2011..from this #+639067548521…beware to all please…

  557. nicole08 says:

    I just received a text message today and here’s the way it goes: “D’Auditors of (V.Pres.) Foundation inform u dat ur cell #won Php950,000.00 2nd prize winner drw last Apr-26-2011 4/info Pls.call I’m ATTY. FRANCES. LIM Frm:BSP…

  558. nicole08 says:

    Atty. Frances Lim from BSP texted me using this # 09304782081. these people think we are so dumb to get into their scam. tsk!tsk!

  559. groupp_13@yahoo.com says:

    The scammers are back! I just got their message about 5mins ago. They actually texted 4 times. Message read “Notice to the owner# frm Cory & Noy (Foundation)ma’am/sir Congrats’ ur sim# wn as second prize worth P780,000.00, sim# rfle last april 12/04/11. 4’ur info and d’tles pls call now? Im atty. Jade A. Ayala. DTI’prmt# 7318Sr2011”

    Beware… Be Vigilant… Be Aware!

    Thanks for reading.


  560. groupp_13@yahoo.com says:

    Sorry, I forgot to leave the cell number they used. It’s 0906 754 8521.

    Thanks again.

  561. Anonymous says:

    atty.jerry osmeña ? nanalo c evangeline obayashi ng by electronic raffle.?

  562. Anonymous says:

    nanalo po ba c evangeline obayashi kc ho tnxt niu ho siya na nanalo sia by electronic raffle?

  563. Mark says:

    I have been receiving a barrage of scam texts today (3:03PM/ May 10, 2011) the text goes this way:

    D’ Auditors of the Phil. charity Foundation inform u that ur Cp# won P850,000 2nd prize winner drw Last 09 May 2011 DTI#4627 Pls call me now Im ATTY. GEORGE G. ROBLES!

    ASSHOLE USED No. : +639061639134

  564. larra says:

    thankz for the advice! my husband was txted by the name atty.frances g. lim and said that he won 750k and we have to get it right away. he said all we have to do is to send them back 1750k for the tracking no. of LBC! thats why i check rigth away! thankz

  565. jessica says:

    i received a text message that my sim# was won a second prize worth of 850,000 pesos(BSP) to claim the prize call atty. rey g. gomez jr.DTI-NCR-Per.# is that true or is it scam hope have a response truly in that case message to the people…..

  566. Anonymous says:

    ,,I receive a text message from atty. Ted G. Ayala that my Cp.# won 850.000 would it be a scam also?

  567. yourfriend says:

    i just received a text message as well, today august 3 2011, from atty. Ted G. Ayala. worth 850,000 as well. the number he used is 09268934470. reminder if you didnt join any raffles or just out of the blue you were texted that you’ve won, its a waste of time. dont believe it. may araw din yang mga yan. GOD sees everything even the very hidden thing we do under the sun. =) ingat tayo ok.

  568. philip says:

    There is privately funded concerned citizen group heading a private investigation on the syndicate behind these text scams since the government is doing nothing about it and are probably coordinating with the NBI with the investigation. May mga leads na sila. Matagal na rin pala ongoing ang investigation na ito and may finally have an entrapment soon. Lets wish for their success and help the investigating team by sharing details about experiences, may research team na din kasi on this. Thanks!

  569. Anonymous says:

    juz received a tx from central bank by ATTY. REY C. MENDOZA and my sim won 780K donated by cong manny pacquiao. it juz happend im infront of my computer,,, so i checkit out and found out it was a SCAM!!! here’s the # 0907-6499-440.. hope this person/s will soon behind bars.


  570. Anonymous says:

    just received ds message congrats! ur sim # won php. 950,000.00 2nd price… call me now im atty. jade a. valdez auditor of phil.charity foundation dti #1344,s2011 ………………………09993431665……………………………………….

  571. Anonymous says:

    i received a a text last aug 18 2011 saying
    welcome philippine and congratulatuons, Im atty. jerr s. omena jr. from (GOCC) gov’t owned control corp.
    ur int’lroaming # had won of 3 million php. during 1st grand charity via electronic draws, exclusively only for
    OFW-OCW, working abroad call now

    and then a i receive a follow text saying
    notice last and final call 2d winner. prize not claim, will be 4feited and donated to dswd if lack of interest call now.
    i got excited and i tried calling this number (639167410674) but could not go through. then i tried googling i saw a similar case for a bucnh of scammers..

  572. marilou says:

    i received a a text last aug 18 2011 saying
    welcome philippine and congratulatuons, Im atty. jerr s. omena jr. from (GOCC) gov’t owned control corp.
    ur int’lroaming # had won of 3 million php. during 1st grand charity via electronic draws, exclusively only for
    OFW-OCW, working abroad call now

    and then a i receive a follow text saying
    notice last and final call 2d winner. prize not claim, will be 4feited and donated to dswd if lack of interest call now.
    i got excited and i tried calling this number (639167410674) but could not go through. then i tried googling i saw a similar case for a bucnh of scammers..

  573. Anonymous says:

    my father had received a txt message on oct.1, 2011, “Notice from V.Pres Foundation n form u dat ur Sim# Had Won!Php 950,000.00 2nd prize winner, Pls. Call now Atty. MANUEL F. RIVAS”. We only noticed that there was such text only on the 2nd of october. I called him only on the 3rd of October,,,,he said why we just called that day when we were informed on october 1. I asked him f it was true,,,he said it s and it s from the Vice Pres. of the Phils., Jejomar Binay…..and that he s already going back to manila and was asking for our complete address,,,since I doubted already f it was true I did not tell him…I asked him where to claim the prize,,,he told me we will just deliver it to U because ur lives will b endangered if it will b given in a bank or in any other place…..since I was not really convinced, I looked it up in the net…..and BANG! I found his name here……..ALL A BIG, BIG, BIG SCAM! everybody should b extra careful and cautious with the txt messages being received.

  574. Anonymous says:

    I recieve a txt last night october 5,2011 saying
    D’AUDITORS OF PHILIPPINE CHARITY FOUNDATION INFORM you that your celphone no. won P950,000 2nd price winner draw’ August 31,2011..Please call me now I’m Mrs. Patricia Chua..is this her no. 09264763127…

  575. Wonderful Gem�lde ! Das ist die Art von info das sollte shared rund um die werden Internet . Shame auf die Suche Motoren f�r nicht mehr Positionierung dieser Ver�ffentlichen h�here! Kommen Sie vorbei und sprechen �ber mit mein Website. Dank =)

  576. Dwight Dana says:

    i recieve a txt last december 30, 2011 saying..

    NOTICE from BSP/PCFHP?” ma’am/ sir, ur sim# had won (Php.550,000.00) 3rd PRIZE winner during 3rd grand anniversary raffle draw last december 30,2011/ PLEASE SEND UR NAME/AGE/ADDRESS@call me now!(ATTY. antonio Mendoza..(BSP) info Head) DTI-NCR#9596 s’2011…09463509304

  577. rizalie embalsado says:

    i recieved txt last feb.20,2012
    congrats,ur no.#had won (890,000)2nd prize winner frm (WILL TIME BIGTIME)drawn last feb.17,2012

  578. ellieflair says:

    Just got this, and everytime I delete it, i will receive the same SMS again:
    “‘ NOTICE ” from: BSP/PCFHP/”‘Ma’m/Sir,Ur sim# had won (Php.550,000.00w) 2nd PRIZE winner during 73rd grand anniversary rafle draw April.26.2012/PLEASED SEND UR NAME/AGE/ADDR.@ call me now! (ATTY,REY M BACLAO.(BSP) info-head) DTI-NCR#9596 s’12t

    his mobile number: +639261120224

    I typed the exact message from him, with all those misspelled words and misuse of punctuation marks.

    Yeah, I will call you once you get your English correct. For an attorney like you, you are so dumb. ASSHOLE!
    And, oh, I received the same message as in #576, just different DTI-NCR permit (LOL) and name. Just go to hell!

  579. Anonymous says:

    damn!!! I just also received a message that I won 780,000 from the Phil. Charity Foundation.sucks!!!!!

  580. Anonymous says:

    this was her information, she pretend to be the secretary of Atty: Ramon V Guevara as the auditor in the Phil. Charity Foundation. using the DTI # 1344 series of 2012., using the mobile number 09268320765.

    I Please the government of the DTI to solve this anomaly. Don’t let your name to be used with other people in doing insane!!.

  581. Ritchel Vicayno says:

    hello guys beware of this no.0916804259 He’s name carlo Lim, he texted me yesterday aug.2 2012, congratulations your cell # won 950,000 2nd prize winner, Central bank of the phil. DTI- PERMIT #6293-2012 pls call me now, Carlo Lim

  582. addy says:

    congrats!! ur simcard# Had won 950,000.00 sponsored from villar fooundation20 years handog”! pangkabuhayan”! pls call now atty. robert A. cuangco

    yan po txt saken now,, pnpapunta q sa central tapat ng harizon plaza… 220 ba2 o maloloko lang ako d2……

  583. Don says:

    “D’Auditors of the MANNY MANY PRIZES inform u dat ur Cp no# Won Php 850,000 2nd prize winner.. Draw last last Aug 13-12 DTI#4627 Pls!call me now I’m Atty. Joel T. Torres”

    Thank you Atty. Torres, I will just pic up my check from your office. Kindly send a reply with your office address and landline number. ^_^

  584. Anonymous says:

    got a text too that i won 1.2 million pesos from D’AUDITOR’S OF PHIL CHARITY FROM ATTY ALEX C. YAP…I HAVE A FEELING THAT IT IS A SCAM BUT OUT OF CURIOSITY i googled it and i found this website! Ridiculous, shameful sna mahuli na kayo!

  585. Anonymous says:


    Number: +639262259978
    N0tice!Your Sim# had won. (P780,000) 2nd Prize winner draw last Night.To claim ur prize plz Call me now.I’m Atty.JAMES B.MORALES..Frm (D’Auditor of Phil’s Charity foundation)per Dti-Ncr Permit # 0778 series of 2012.
    Time: 16/11/2012 07:36:00

  586. ivy says:

    A friend of mine was fooled by an anonymous caller saying he won 420,000 pesos..unfortunately this friend of mine is uneducated.. hiningan sya ng 1,500 pra dw s pag.process ng papers pra mpadala s knea ang nasabing premyo.. naniwala nman at ngpadala agad s western union ng 1,500

    Marilou D. Ubay
    track no. 306-233-1616

    nkaka.awa kc yung pinadala nyang pera ay kulang pah pang.gasto nila s pang.araw2.. sina.crifice pra dun s premyo kuno… d pah cla nkuntento..2mawag ulit sinasabing magbayad dw ulit ng 2300 balance dw un pra mkumpleto n papers..

    Mr. Martines: 09276419
    Mr. Gabriel Paredes: 09158753

    sna mahuli n tong mga scammer nah to.

  587. manex says:

    PHILIPPINE COUNTRY AND POLITICIANS ARE IDIOTS…..magpasa lang at mag pamalaki lang na meron sila batas ginagawa pag malapit na eleksyon,ibrinodkas pa sa TV,wasting money…pero sa batas na ito wala man lang nagmamagaling,because meron sila commission bawat maloko….TRY TO GO OTHER COUNTRY, SAMPLE UAE, ALL SIM CARD ARE REGISTERED BY USER’S IF IT IS LOSS YOU CAN BLOCKED IT RIGHT AWAY.,IF IT IS BEING USED IN BAD MESSAGE OR SOMETHING BOTHER TO EVERYONE OR SAME WHAT HAPPENED IN PHILIPPINE RIGHT NOW YOU CAN REPORT TO A POLICE TO TRACE…WOW ANG GANDA SANA KUNG GANYAN SAPINAS…kaso sobra sa kalahati sa mga politician engage in some dirty works,protector of evil,kaya sila yumaman,pwera lang sa matino na mabibilang………

  588. isauro says:

    from: 09497832163
    noticed! ur S.IM # had won (780,000)2nd prize winner. to claim ur prize pls call me now Im ATTY/Rey C, Mendoza, from Villar Foundation) permit#2876s2013

    guiz be aware of this scam,,,malapit nlng kming maluko about d2,,,,hahahahaha….natatawa ako…cnubukan k kng pnu pero buti nlng ng search mna ako,,,hahaha

  589. ed says:

    no . 0915 984 8293 is doing the same, what happen to our law regarding scammer, . ?

  590. regina says:

    Ma’am/sir Congrats ur sim# Had Won! Php650,000,00 as a 2nd Prize Electronic Raffle of Philippines Charity Foundation W/BSP Malate Manila call me now! I’m ATTY, GRACE B. REYES BSP incharge info, Dpt DTI NCR Permit#0723.

    Sa tingin nyo totoo kaya ito?

  591. Anonymous says:

    From. 09169367232
    Congratulations! Ur simcard# had won Php 560,000.00 (2nd Prize Winner) raffled during our Nationwide Fundraising Activities of Phil.Global Foundation Inc. For more info, please call now. I’m Atty. Bianca A. Ruiz. Per DTI-NCR permit #1932, series of 2015.

  592. Helen DL says:

    this one just arrive from a number I think its a line 09268299832

    “D’auditors of Mr/Mrs.Villar, inform u that ur sim# had won Php850,000. Thru-Electronic raffle draw. DTI/NCR Permit#7401. call me now im Atty. Roldan T. Reyes.”

    Darn it I wish all the simcards are registered now.

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