“Undisclosed-Recipients” Wins Big in Microsoft Lotto Scam

Posted: January 12, 2008 in 419 Nigerian scams, advanced fees scam, E-Mail fraud, Uncategorized
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It looks like my “undisclosed-recipients” email address did it again, another jackpot! I wonder what the advanced fees will be this time, transfer fees or legal fees. It is only a few hundred dollars usually, however there may be more fees that could arise you know the “unexpected ones.” Those that Mrs. Rose Carl and Mr. Terry Martins had not thought of at the moment.

Things must not be going very well at Microsoft since Mr. Terry Martins, the Microsoft Agent, had to get a free email address at Yahoo.co.uk.

You got to love these scammers, do they really think that people will fall for their scams, I guess so since they keep sending out the garbage.

My “undisclosed-recipients” email address did it again!


mrspatspencer@mchsi.com (Mrs Patricia Spencer)
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
Received-On: Yesterday 2:26 PM
Subject: Re:Reff Number: MSN-L/200-26937 Winning number: YM09788 Batch number: 12/25/0340

This e-mail is to inform you that your e-mail
address has won you the sum of
�500,000.00(Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling)
from the Microsoft LOTTERY
2008. For payment, you are required to contact our
fudiciary agent with the below contact details:
Mr. Terry Martins
Email: microsoftagentterrymartinsonline@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: +44-703-190-9638

You are also required to contact him with the below
(a) Your full Name:
(b) Contact address:
(c) Your Telephone and fax numbers:
(d) Your Age:
(e) Your occupation:
(f) Your country of origin:

Mrs. Rose Carl
Online Co-ordinator

  1. Tara Corallo says:

    I’m so glad you posted this because it was the first thing that came up when I googled Mrs. Rose Carl to see if this was legitimate. I always get those chain letters that people send me about Microsoft paying money for the tracking of e-mails and other garbage so I thought that this could possibly be connected to that but no! Thank you again for posting this.

  2. gariell says:

    Glad you saw the post and glad to be of service.


  3. Latrice Unknown says:

    There still at it I just received a notice from. Them it seemed strange so I googled it. An low and behold this was the first link to pop up. Thanks Latrice

  4. Moira says:

    I have been getting these for 5 years now… and it’s really old… Upon those Im get bthe FBI …emails… “DON’T TALK TO THOSE other fools ” I got the scoop on your $$$. ….And the “I went down there to get my money and I saw you name on the list o winners… Your money is at western union… my god … It first started as group lotto… what do you do ??? Me I mean…PleASE advise . mp

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