Mr. Eric Pitt Diplomat Business Proposition

Posted: December 24, 2007 in 419 Nigerian scams, E-Mail fraud, scam, Uncategorized
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We are talking about a very lucrative business transaction here, me Mr.”undisclosed recipients” dealing with diplomats for an international transaction, just too good to be true.

Realizing the sensitive nature of this transaction I understand why Mr. Pitt has a Yahoo email address. I am a bit worried about giving my personal telephone number, what if his phone is tapped?

I am not sure about this scam does it involve money laundering
or is it just a good old 419 Nigerian scam?

“Mr Eric Pitt”
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
Received-On: Yesterday 9:35 AM
Subject: Business Opportunity

Good Day,

I want to bring to your knowledge of a very lucrative business opportunity
that I have. Well I work as an agent that accompanies contractors funds to
be paid to them i have this deal and i won’t mind you in it if you promise
to keep optimum confidentiality.

The consignment consists of two boxes, the boxes contains about $10million
all in $100.00 bills this money was accompanied by me to U.S.A and was
handed over to a diplomat .The name of the Diplomat will be given to you
as soon as you indicate your interest.

You will Call the diplomat and tell him that you are calling on behalf of
Mr.ERIC PITT that handed the consignment to him, Also ask him how much it
will cost to clear out this consignments, bear in mind that he is not
aware of the content of the boxes, it was registered as CONFIDENTIAL
DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS, you know that this consignment has been there for
the past 2 month where I am looking for a trust worthy person to get it
out. This money was meant for the contractors that executed their
contracts bear in mind that i am ready to release 30% of the total money
to you for your help; each of the boxes contains $5,000,000.00. I will be
expecting your reply today and please send to me your phone and fax
number if interested.


Mr Eric Pitt.


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