Scotia Bank Spoof Identity Theft

Posted: December 15, 2007 in Identity theft, Phishing spoofing, Uncategorized
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I have not included the actual links which were included in this e-mail for the spoofed site, they don’t need anymore publicity. The Canadian Banking Association offers some good advise on identifying these bogus e-mails and is worth a read.
Got to give this one a double flush.

Protect Your Scotiabank Account

Due to concerns, for the safety and integrity of the Scotia OnLine® Financial Services we have issued this warning message.

As a result of too many incorrect attempts to access and Login failures,
Please note that Your Scotiabank Online Account has been terminated. In order for it to remain active,

Please use the link below to verify and restore access to Your Account:
Scotiabank Online Access Verification

Thank You.

®2007 Scotia OnLine® Financial Services.

The ScotiaCard Security Code is a unique 3-digit number printed above the signature panel on the back of your ScotiaCard. This code is the last 3 italicized digits following your ScotiaCard number on the back of your card.
Learn more about ScotiaCard Security Code

Your Access Code is a unique 5-8 digit number that is different than your sign-on password. This access code is required to perform certain banking transactions where you change your personal information such as your address, or make special transfers and payments from your Scotiabank accounts. It is also an optional feature for certain brokerage transactions.
Learn how to secure your Access Code


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