Tax Period Approaching Boom for IRS Scams

Posted: November 21, 2007 in IRS scams
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Scam artists work full time all year long trying to devise new schemes to defraud innocent people. Since the income tax season is approaching thieves are spamming out schemes impersonating the IRS. One of the regular scams comes in the form of an email, often very authentic looking, telling the recipient he or she is entitled to a refund and need only fill out a form located on a spoofed site.

There are literally hundreds of versions of this type of email reported to the IRS every year the following example is offered by the people at

Scammers have added a twist to these emails by adding malware to the attachments or spoofed sites. Should the recipient open these attachments or links a Trojan virus could infect the recipient’s system, this Trojan could potentially steal passwords and other personal information stored on the infected computer.

The IRS will very rarely sent an email to a client and would never ask for such information as your SS# or bank account info, really why would they want to know your SS#? I think they should already have that on file!

Be prepared for the up and coming blitz of IRS scams. Again this year the people at have published their “Dirty Dozen” list of 2007 IRS scams..

If you are the recipient of any type of questionable communication from the IRS, trash it and don’t worry, if they really have something of importance regarding your file, you well not be notified by spam.


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