Scam to Divert Hidden Saddam Funds

Posted: November 21, 2007 in E-Mail fraud, Identity theft, Phishing spoofing, Uncategorized
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This email seems a little out of date but, Mr. Azrim seems to thing that some uninformed, recipient will actually fall for his scam and provide him with their personal bank and ID information.

Even if one refuses to divulge personal information, the mere fact of inquiring about the offer will often lead to one’s email address being placed on a list of potential future targets.
In other words; future scams may be aimed at your personal email address adding an element of authenticity to the email. This also makes it harder for anti spam-ware to identify it as unsolicited email.

Once again the typical signs of a scam or Phishing scheme are present. Spelling and grammatical errors; “mananged” , no spaces between sentences. The reply email is to a free yahoo address, the one refered to below as private and personal.

Mr Kasmir Azrim
Received-On: Today 2:25 AM
Subject: assistance needed

Dear Friend,

My name is Mr.Kasmir Azrim and I just mananged to arrive in the United Kingdom a few days ago.I have a business project to propose to you.Please contact me if interested via my personal and private email:

It is in relation to this link:

Mr Kasmir Azrim

This email merits a Flush and nothing less.


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