Spam Using MP3 What Next?

Posted: November 11, 2007 in Pump and Dump, Uncategorized
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In their never ending quest to avoid detection by anti-spam ware, Spammers are now using MP3 messages as a means of proliferating Pump and Dump scams.

Spam E-mail probably sent out by a zombie botnet contains an attachment in MP3 format which is labelled after a famous artist or group; know examples are ” beatles.mp3 “,”bspears.mp3”. When the recipient opens the attachment they are subjected to a message hyping shares in some unknown company; your typical “Pump”. Fortunately , the quality of the message is very poor, all in an effort to avoid detection form conventional spam filters.

The security company GFI Software has recorded one of these messages and judging from the quality of the robotic voice, it is hard to believe that this type of spam will be very effective.

Most of these E-Mails contain no subject title and are just labelled as “FWD” or “RE”, also they contain no text in the body. Still quite easy to spot and thank goodness for that. To date the attachments do not contain any malware. It is doubtful that this type of spam will take on much ampler nevertheless the threat is there, maybe they will try to improve the quality of their product and produce some more realistic recordings and try to dupe us.


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