RBC Targeted by Phishing Again

Posted: November 10, 2007 in Identity theft, Phishing spoofing
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The Phishing element is now going to great lengths to develop “official” looking E-Mails. The latest versions are very well done, bank logo, Spoofed login sites; even links providing information on the Bank’s foray into the insurance market.

The latest version even goes so far as informing the recipient that the bank is improving their security measures and will now require customers to answer certain security questions prior to logging into their site.

Quote from E-Mail:

” Changes to the online banking site
On November 09, you’ll notice some new features when you sign in to online banking. On the Home page, there will be navigation tabs giving you easy access to your other RBC online accounts We advice you to take a tour on the demo. Click below for demo image below:

Changes to the online banking site will affect your online banking account and we have suspended your account until such time that it can be safely restored by you because your RBC online account may have been compromised.

To restore your account, click here 😦 https://www.royalbank.com/cgi-bin/rbaccess/)
Spoofed site “Otisalon.com/images/rbc/update.htlm”
In addition, as you navigate through the site, you’ll see links in the upper right corner giving you quick access to:

Customer Support
Help with this page
Edit Profile
These updates are part of our commitment to finding better ways to help meet your financial needs.”

Last modified: 11/09/2007 20:40:48

Just do not trust any E-Mail of this nature, if you think it is legit, just place your cursor on the provided link and see what the real URL actually is. If you still believe that you are so net savvy well go ahead and punch in a bunch of 000 for your card number and abc as your password. Guess what! ‘Thank-you for logging into our services, you are a valued customer.’

Honestly, one should never go this far, trash any E-mail that asks you to provide personal information. Every credible financial institution will never contact a customer in such a manner. This Royal Bank bulletin is worth a view.


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