They Spit in My Voicemail Through VoIP

Posted: November 6, 2007 in VoIP Spam
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Along with the ever increasing popularity of VoIP spamming scum-bags have found yet another medium to exploit; Voicemail.

Most VoIP providers offer the Voicemail feature, this automated service allows users to receive voice messages and access these messages in several ways, be it by a regular landline, or via the internet. The most useful of these methods is that the service will send an E-Mail informing the recipient along with an attachment as a WAV file. Now one has to open the file to hear their message, unlike regular E-Mail where spam-ware filters out most junk mail, that screening process is by passed.
Read more on the subject here.

Hence; a new word in internet vocabulary “SPiT” (Spam over Internet Telephony). Scammers and fraud artists are all on board SPiTing out trash at ever increasing rates, once again consuming more and more of our precious time.

The gates are now open for spamers to potentially instigate large scale attacks on VoIP providers, even cause Dos (denial of service) in some circumstances. Bogdan Materna of voiPshield Systems elaborated on the subject in an article at

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