TD bank phishing E-Mail

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Identity theft, Phishing spoofing
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I received a very official looking E-Mail advising me that my account had been suspended. It went on to to describe that someone had fraudulently tried to access my account. I was to take immediate action and should log into my account. Naturally, a bogus link was provided for this purpose. The link went to a spoofed site prompting the use to enter card number and password.

These standard phishing E-mails must still work, I have received several this month; 2 for the Bank of Montreal which I was surprised to see since they have added security measures for logging in. The new security measures require the user to identify first an image that the user chose, as well as, answer a security question prior to entering your password. This allows the user to identify spoofed sites. Congrats to BMO and I hope other institutions follow suit.


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