Spam,Scam and all the lambs

Posted: October 24, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Hello folks, yes this is yet another Blog adding to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of sites dedicated to the subject.

How unfortunate that the web has become a new medium for scammers and fraud artists. Having been a user from way back when very few individuals were wired to the service. At the time Bulletin Boards were all the craze.Things change now the craze is all Web 2.0.

As much as I embrace the explosive growth and availability of the net, there is always a dark side to everything. In the case of the internet, you guessed it ! Fraud artists and Scammers; identity thieves Phishing for personal information. Not a week goes by when my E-Mail is not stuffed with Spam and Scams. I now am obliged to have three different E-Mail addresses, one that is available only to business associates, one for personal friends and family and my original which has become a large trash can!

In the future I will be updating on a regular basis, a list of all the scams and Phishing E-mails I receive and please feel free to add to the list.

I will also be reviewing various “Get rich quick” scams. This is gonna be a riot, I’ve seem some real winners. Again, I will gladly receive any feedback and posts about any of these schemes.

  1. Francisco says:

    Buen hoy me llego el mensaje de felicia johnson

    Es Odvio que nadie deja una masa de dinero tan grande,en un banco sin herederos, si es, un empresario debe tener socios y amigos,empleados algun familiar que atienda dichos negosios. es muy estupido la persona quien lo crea, 15.200.000,00 dolares tirados en un banco en algun pais o cuidad africana, es una historia para robar tontos Estupidos.este tipo de de mensajen deben ser bloqueados y estas personas deben ser denuncidas ante las autoridades

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